How To Set A Clock On A Phone

They say they do not watch happy hours. Nevertheless, in the pace of our eventful life, this instrument has a very important role. And each of us strives to have him nearby to perform many everyday tasks. A watch on a mobile phone is especially convenient, allowing you to abandon their not always comfortable wearing on your hand. Having bought a new phone, we can be puzzled by the need to put a dial with a display of the current time. How to set the clock on the main screen of your phone, and what actions are needed for this? We will tell in our material.

Clock on the smartphone screen as a widget

As you know, it is most convenient to use the clock on a mobile phone in the form of a widget. a mobile application designed to work continuously on the home screen of our phone. The most popular widget clocks and widgets for displaying weather, allowing you to conveniently track the time and weather forecast for today.

A clock widget is available on the system from the earliest versions of the Android OS. Usually, a standard Google clock widget is used, which is preinstalled into the system, and you can install it on the main screen or remove it from there at any time.

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Let’s take a look at the ways that will help to install the dial on the phone screen, if it was not there initially. Or for some reason they disappeared from your device.

The way to set the dial on the phone

The procedure for setting the time on the phone screen is the same for most Android phones and consists of the following:

  1. Pick up your phone and press and hold the icon-free space on the main screen;
  2. A special menu will appear, in which the option “Widgets” will be available. Tap on her;

Tap on “Widgets” In the list of widgets that opens, find “Clock”. Usually, several clock widgets are grouped under this label. Tap on the “Clock”;

How to Set a Clock on a Phone

In the list of widgets, click on the clock. A choice of several widgets with dials opens;

Choose your favorite widget. Long press on the widget you like, and without lifting your finger from the screen, drag it to the desired location on the main screen;

Place the widget on the screen

  • If you want to resize the widget, then long-click on this widget on the main screen. White markers will appear. borders, moving which you can either reduce or increase the size of the image on the phone.
  • Third-party clock widgets for smartphone screen

    In addition to the standard clock widget, you should also pay attention to third-party applications installed with Play Market and Ep Store. In particular, we recommend that you pay attention to the following alternatives.

    Clock Widget. a program to display the time on the phone

    The Clock Widget widget allows you to display time to the second on your phone. It can be used both on the desktop of your device and on the lock screen. Several different widgets are available, including weather, news, and clocks. You can use this application to include all of the listed widgets.

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    Widgets can be changed in size, choosing the length and width of your choice. They will look neat in any format you choose.

    Stylish “Clock Widget” on the screen

    Onca Clock Widget. an application that helps you set the clock on the screen

    “Onca Clock Widget” is an application with the function of scoring time. Thanks to this option, you will not need to be constantly distracted by the screen of your phone. A pleasant voice assistant will inform you about the current time with a given frequency.

    For the widget to work, there is no need to make any settings after installation. But you can personalize the widget by choosing its size, design and layout. Choose between digital and analog clocks, set them on the home screen and on the lock.

    “Onca Clock Widget” has a function of scoring time

    ZenClock. the most beautiful dial for your phone

    “ZenClock” is an unusual and beautiful watch that displays time accurate to the second. You can install the widget on your desktop, and customize it to your liking by changing its color, size and selecting various add-ons. You can put any photo from the gallery of your phone as a background.

    Minimalistic ZenClock for time display

    Minimal Clock. a clock widget with individual settings

    The “Minimal Clock” application allows you to configure a convenient widget with the exact time displayed on the screen of your phone. The application has many individual settings. During the installation of the widget, you can preview its visual.

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    You can also select the actions that the widget should perform when you click on it. Thus, the application can open an alarm, settings or any application installed on your phone. Choose the design you like. Change the font, background, and color of the theme. You can select any photo or picture from the gallery of your mobile device as a background.

    Minimal Clock widget displays time to second

    The ClockQ. a dial for the lock screen on the phone

    The app “ClockQ. Digital Clock Widget” allows you to install and place a convenient and beautiful clock widget on both the main screen and the lock screen. In the application settings you can choose the theme and color of the application design (white, black or multi-colored dials available) The widget can display a low battery indicator.

    The widget can display a low battery indicator

    You can choose between Roman and regular numbers. The functionality of the application allows you to change the mode of the second hand. It can be ticking or floating. This parameter is relevant only for analog clocks.


    In our material, we examined how to set the clock on the main screen of your mobile phone. And also what applications can be used as an alternative. If the functionality of the standard clock did not suit you, pay attention to the programs listed by us. And conveniently track the time on your gadget.