iOS 12 Quickly Discharges After Updating

When upgrading to iOS 13 / iOS 12 / iOS 11, the iPhone began to heat up very much, and then the battery runs out quickly, sometimes when using it happens so often. In this article, we’ll talk about the causes of iPhone overheating and overcharging the battery too quickly, as well as troubleshooting tips.

What other problems cause the iPhone to heat up

In certain situations, the smartphone heats up in the event of a breakdown. This mainly happens in the following cases:

1. Software malfunction.

2. When using an iPhone, some applications are used at the same time.

3. When charging a mobile phone, the battery heats up if a universal charger is used.

4. Heated iPhone and in cases of battery failure. The battery loses its capacity, which leads to an increase in energy consumption.

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5. In standby mode, this phenomenon is difficult to explain either by high load, or by any other processes. In this case, it is often sufficient to replace the battery.

6. The gadget freezes or brakes.

Fix iPhone heating with Tenorshare iCareFone

If the phone starts to overheat and the battery runs out quickly when working or charging, then maybe the new iOS firmware is not installed correctly on your device. You must reinstall the system. Tenorshare iCareFone, this operating system recovery software is a professional utility.

iOS 12 Quickly Discharges After Updating

Download and install Tenorshare iCareFone on your computer, connect your iPhone to your PC and click on “Other Tools”. Ios system repair on the main window.

You need to download the appropriate firmware package before recovery. Click “download” and start downloading.

After downloading, click “Fix Now” and restore the operating system. When the operations are performed, your device will restart and the overheating is resolved.

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Forced reboot

The first option and the simplest one is forced reboot, this is a really effective method, you just need to press and hold the Home button and the power button at the same time until the Apple logo appears on the screen. If you have an iPhone 7 and 7 plus, then you need to hold the power button and the volume down button. Make sure you hold both buttons at the same time.

Device reset

Does restarting not help? Then you can try to reset all the content and settings of the device, do not forget about the backup and its subsequent restoration. Find out where they (copies) are located here.

Go to setup

Go over the settings. Geolocation, the Internet (especially mobile and especially in the area of ​​unstable reception) can also have a strong effect on the heating of a smartphone or tablet.

Service center

And the last option. Damaged “guts” of the gadget. There is no way out. Straight to the service center.

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So what to do if the battery gets very hot on the iPhone after upgrading to iOS 12. I hope these methods can help you. If you have any other problems, please contact us.

Update 2019-09-20 / Update for Problems and Solutions with iOS 11