How to Disassemble Power Bank Proda 20000 Mah

A person quickly gets used to all the good. So our generation is accustomed to touch phones, tablets, iPads and other gadgets so much that the discharged battery of one of them can literally lead to a heart attack. Being in the very heart of the city crowd, we are afraid to lose “connection with the world” and are reflexively looking for a socket into which you can plug the phone in for recharging. But what if there are no sockets nearby?

What is a Powerbank?. External battery with solar panel

There were moments in my life when I just dreamed of a spare battery for the phone. Therefore, having learned about external solar batteries. batteries, I bought Solar Power Bank 20000mAh Silver.

How to Disassemble Power Bank Proda 20000 Mah

In general, the thing is very useful, especially for those who do not part with the phone for a minute. In fact, a powerbank is an external battery with a solar battery, which reliably stores electricity in reserve. Of course, the price-quality parameters of the chargers will differ markedly in direct proportion to the quality of energy-saving elements and on behalf of the charger manufacturer.

The maximum energy reserve, written on the bank itself, is 20,000 mAh, although in reality everything can be a little different, but more on that later.

As written above, I bought a budget model, but there are more expensive ones. However, there are a number of problems that can be traced both in expensive models and in cheaper ones. And therefore, you should carefully consider several important nuances that should be followed when choosing Solar Power Bank.

Specifications powerbank. applications and reality. Reviews

The first thing to consider when buying a powerbank is the actual battery capacity. Device manufacturers often overestimate battery capacity. I don’t know why they are doing this. whether for advertising purposes, or simply playing “fool”, but the real situation is that these parameters never coincide with vital indicators. Let’s look at simple examples. The manufacturer indicates 10 ampere hours in the parameters, and the battery of your device requires only two. “ABOUT! the future buyer thinks, (I thought so too). yes, I can charge my unit five times! ”. no, I answer. you won’t. Do you know why? Yes, because the battery absorbs 3.7, and gives 5V. Feel the difference? The reality is that the universal mobile battery produces, at best, 80% of the declared capacity. My Solar Power Bank, by the way, is a pleasant exception. All 20000 mAh as stated! Therefore, when buying, the number indicated by the manufacturer is best divided into two. so you will be much closer to the true state of things. Charging for phone with solar battery

Having a device in your pocket that is capable of delivering the necessary amount of energy to your tablet or phone at any time is cool. And to have the same device, which, moreover, can be recharged from the sun even cooler. as I thought, choosing a universal mobile battery. Well, to a certain extent, I was right.

Any powerbank to which a solar battery is attached remains an ordinary battery, and the only difference is that it can be charged by sunlight. There is a significant minus in this. if during the day they did not have time to charge the battery, then at night nothing shines for you, both literally and figuratively.

In fact, as my calculations and simple testing showed, to charge this external solar battery for a phone from the sun, you need at least four days, that is, about one week of sunny weather. The grain of the problem lies in the size of the solar panel, which is too small. The size of the device allows you to put it in your pocket, but for a full charge, the size of the solar panels is small.

It often happens that a power bank device with a solar battery is additionally equipped with a flashlight, like mine, for example, which is not so bad. Two outputs, according to the manufacturers, are capable of delivering one and two amperes, respectively. But, as practice has shown, both outputs most often give out only one ampere, so it does not matter which socket to plug the charging cord into. I checked this moment by charging the phone alternately through both outputs, and the charging speed remained the same.

The main battery. lithium-ion polymer batteries. are similar to those that are installed on most phones. A significant minus is the fact that in case of failure of the battery, it will not be possible to replace it. In simpler powerbank models, 18650 batteries are installed, which is not so difficult to replace. The advantage of lithium-ion batteries is a faster return of electricity, but their volume may differ in a smaller direction from the specified parameters. Another positive quality of batteries is the ability to store energy supplies for a long time, that is, they will not be discharged just like that.

Be that as it may, a charger with a solar battery can be very useful for those who love hiking. enough to send a SOS signal of energy that the unit absorbs in a day. And just using a spare battery on a long trip or flight is very convenient.

The right PowerBank choice is the key to saving. Solar Power Bank 20000 mAh

The modern man in his daily activities uses many different electronic assistants: a phone, a tablet, a laptop. These devices are constantly with us. They provide us with communication, access to mail, favorite sites on the Internet. Unfortunately, all these devices have a significant minus. the battery life is limited. Therefore, in order not to be left without communication at the most inopportune moment, the owners of mobile gadgets buy power bank. There are no problems with choosing such devices, but the external battery itself also needs to be charged. And if you are in the country, on a hike or on a tourist trip through the wild? Then come to the aid of a solar power bank. They will help out in cases where it is not possible to get to the electric network, and it is very necessary to charge a mobile phone. This article will discuss how to choose a solar-powered power bank. And also give some examples of devices with a capacity of 20,000 mAh.

The principle of operation of external solar batteries

An external solar battery differs from conventional power bank in the presence of such an element as a panel with photo cells. The rest is the same brick with indicators and ports on the case. Manufacturers of such devices complete them with many adapters and an adapter for charging the power bank from the network. Depending on the purpose of the bank, it can have one or more USB interfaces for charging gadgets. The rest of the model may differ from each other in minor elements. Some external batteries have digital indicators that indicate the degree of charge, others can be equipped with flashlights, wireless access points, as well as other “utilities”.

Solar powered external battery

The “solar” power bank, like a standard external battery, needs to charge the battery cells. Usually these are lithium batteries. over, they are charged from the network much faster than from solar cells. In order to be able to charge the device from the network, a power connector and a network adapter are required.

Solar power bank works as follows. It is necessary to ensure that sunlight enters the photocells. They will convert solar radiation into electrical energy and charge the battery cells. This process is slow because the area of ​​the solar cells and their power are small. The process of charging a power bank with a capacity of 20,000 mAh will drag on for several days. So, whenever possible, we recommend charging the battery from a wall outlet. Photocells are useful when charging is required on a summer cottage, on a camping trip.

After charging the elements, you can charge the gadgets. An external solar-powered battery can charge a smartphone’s battery in a few hours. Much depends on the USB interfaces, or rather, on the current that they can give to charge. But this process is still slow.
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Main features of solar power bank

Now, let’s look at the characteristics that you should pay attention to when buying an external solar battery. This list includes electrical parameters, interfaces, equipment, aesthetics, design and materials. The following are the main parameters of a bank:

  • Capacity;
  • Charging current;
  • Ports
  • Ways to charge the device;
  • Design, materials, aesthetics;
  • Value added (various additional chips).

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Typically, the value of the capacity of an external battery becomes an object of manipulation by marketers. So that the capacity cannot be considered in isolation from the voltage at the output and the device that is charging from the power bank. Let us explain what this means. Battery capacity is measured in ampere-hour (Ah) or milliampere-hour (mAh). Read more about the dimension of ampere-hour. In addition to the capacity value, the following point should be taken into account. For example, charging a phone requires a voltage of 5 volts, and the nominal value of lithium cells (usually used in power banks) is 3.7 volts. To provide the necessary voltage, a boosting circuit is made, on which there are losses of electricity. And in reality, half of the declared capacity for charging devices is used at best.

So, better look at the stored energy. It is related to capacity by the following relationship:

1 watt-hour = 1 ampere-hour 1 volt

A simple example. Two power bank with a capacity of 20,000 mAh. One has an output voltage of 12, and the other 20 volts. So, here the first has a stock capacity of 240, and the second 400 watt-hours. As you can see, the difference is significant. A voltage of 5 volts at the output is enough for smartphones and tablet PCs (there are models requiring 9 volts), for netbooks and laptops, 19 volts are required (in some cases 12 volts).
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Charging current

An important parameter is the current, which is able to give a power bank to charge devices. The gadget charging time directly depends on this parameter. Universal models are equipped with several USB ports that have different charge currents. You just have to use this or that port depending on the device that is charging. Smartphones and music players charge well from the 1 A port, tablets. 2 A, laptops. from 2.5 A (better than 3A).

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Power Bank Charging Options

Be sure to choose a model so that there is the possibility of charging from the network, and not just from the solar panel. If there is a USB port for charging, this is good, but a network connector is required. The solar battery will help out in nature, and at home it is better to charge from the mains. Otherwise, charging may take a long time.
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Equipment. Design and build quality

It’s hard to give advice about design. Here, each is his own master, but the following can be said about the materials. Most solar power banks are made of plastic. And this is enough in most cases. A metal case may be required if you take an external battery with you on the road, hiking, etc. Naturally, such models will cost more. There are also protected power banks that do not allow dirt, dust, water. Such features also add value to the product.
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Additional features. Examples of solar power bank 20000 mAh. Universal Smart Power Box 20000 mAh

Quite popular model with a capacity of 20,000 mAh. Using the solar panel, you can charge battery cells even from artificial light. There are two USB ports that allow you to charge a couple of gadgets at once.

Smart Power Box 20000 mAh

The following features of the external Smart Power Box 20000 mAh external battery can be noted:

  • The power bank case is made of aluminum alloy. The device is lightweight and compact;
  • The solar battery will help out in a campaign, on fishing and a seasonal dacha;
  • The manufacturer reports that the Smart Power Box 20000 mAh is made of environmentally friendly materials.

And briefly the parameters:

  • Capacity ─ 20,000 mAh;
  • Charging current ─ 2.1 amperes;
  • Country ─ China;
  • Case color ─ white;
  • Dimensions ─ 210 by 110 by 30 millimeters;
  • Weight ─ 314 grams.

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Power Bank Remax Vanguard 20000 mAh

The large capacity of this external battery will allow you to charge your smartphone, tablet and player on the go without any problems. There are two USB interfaces with a voltage of 5 volts. Output current 1 and 2.1 amperes. You can charge two gadgets at the same time.

Power Bank Remax Vanguard 20000 mAh

To charge the device there are 2 micro USB. If charged after one, the process lasts 10-12 hours. If you charge through 2 ports, then the device will reach its full capacity in 4–5 hours. The entire filling of the device is enclosed in a durable aluminum housing. The production is organized at an enterprise in Hong Kong. As a complement, a flashlight working on 2 bright LEDs is offered.

The Power Bank REMAX Vanguard RP-V20 20000 mAh solar-powered is an excellent solution for tourists, fishermen and those who often travel on business trips.
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Remax Proda 20000 mAh

Model Proda Power Box will charge almost any tablet and phone, regardless of size and operating system. For charging, there are 2 ports with an output current of 1 and 2.1 amperes. From one, you can charge your smartphone from another tablet.

Remax Proda 20000 mAh

Nothing prevents charging two devices from Remax Proda 20 000 mAh at the same time. Using power bank is very simple. Connect the device to the gadget with a USB cable and the charging process is started. The degree of battery charge can be monitored by a digital indicator. An additional feature is a flashlight.

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Difficult choice

In most cases, users need a power bank model with USB and micro USB interfaces. A power of about 3–5 watts is enough to charge most of the smartphones and tablets sold on the market. If you are going to charge the laptop battery, you need a power bank with a voltage of 19–20 volts at the output. In this case, the charging current should be 3 amperes.

As for design and materials, it is already a matter of taste. If the external battery will be used in hiking, it is better to take with a metal case. The dimensions and weight of the power bank directly depend on the battery capacity, the size of the photovoltaic panel and the presence of additional functionality.

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Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 20000

Xiaomi brand is famous in the domestic market primarily due to smartphones. But the company does not stop there and is constantly expanding the range of its devices. In this review, we will talk about the external battery Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 20000.


With the release of this model, the manufacturer went to certain innovations and experiments. So, it is worth noting the departure from the aluminum case. Preference is given to a plastic base, which made it possible not only to increase the overall aesthetics and attractiveness of the device, but also to reduce its weight.

Case color. white with a glossy perimeter. Fingerprints are not visible all the way. Even with prolonged use, including in traveling conditions, no problems with the appearance are observed. Plastic is quite resistant and durable to external influences, so there is no need to worry about scratches and defects.

Ergonomics and connectors

The Mi Power Bank battery also pleases from an ergonomic standpoint. Even when used on the go, it holds firmly and securely in your hand. The build quality is not satisfactory. everything is soundly fitted, there are no backlashes, and the body deflections are not noticed. The dimensions are optimal for this capacity. they are identical to the dimensions of the smartphone by 5.5 inches diagonal, which makes it possible to place it on top of the charger when connected.

The power button is located at the top right side, service data is reflected on the lower edge, on top there was a place for two USB and microUSB ports, which is located between them. Visualization of the state of the capacitance is carried out by means of pre-installed diodes. It is worth saying that the screen in this model would clearly not be superfluous. on it it would be possible to display not only charge indicators, but also other data regarding the operation of the device. True, its implementation would entail an increase in the cost of the device.


This xiaomi battery operates on the basis of lithium-ion batteries located inside. Each of them has a capacity of 3350 mAh, a total of six pieces.

Charging is possible, both one and two USB ports at the same time. Each of them is capable of delivering a current with an index of 2.1 A. An important aspect is the excess of the total current strength at two ports and the output of the value beyond 3.6 A is unacceptable.

The device independently determines the type of device integrated with it, adjusting the parameters of the output current under it in an individual mode. A rather convenient and useful innovation, which not only eliminates the problems with self-regulation of parameters, but also eliminates the failure of connected devices.

The voltage level for each port shows excellent stability regardless of the loads going on it. The indicator here somewhat goes beyond the declared 5 V, although this was done intentionally and is quite typical for high-power charging units. It is not worth worrying about harming a rechargeable gadget. the manufacturer has provided for this aspect and has taken care of comprehensive protection.

Pleased with the presence of protection against excessive voltage. over, it acts both at the input and at the output. There is also monitoring of short circuits, as well as the functioning of battery components. A typical kit, which for devices of this type is a kind of standard and good manners.

It should be noted and the option of online charging. Previously, it was absent, but in this model Quick Charge 2.0. Implemented and allows you to charge with the least time. That’s just it concerns only the bank itself, with regard to integrated devices and devices, this function is not relevant. Well, it remains to hope that the manufacturer will heed the wishes of users and solve this problem. over, there are more and more devices with Quick Charge support.

But the possibility of transit charging is implemented here at the highest level. The essence of the technology is that even when charging the power bank itself, it charges all the devices connected to it without problems.


Thanks to its impressive capacity, this external battery will be able to charge even the most powerful smartphone that exists today without any problems and efforts. Yes, and to replenish the power of the tablet, you can use it without any questions. the capacity for this is enough.

The device also demonstrates good results when interacting with laptops, provided that they support charging via USB. For example, the brand new MacBook, according to the manufacturer, can be charged 1.2 times.

The choice in favor of this device will be justified and preferred when going on vacation or on a long trip. It is capacious, but at the same time very compact. But those who plan to use it in the home / study / work format should take a closer look at less capacious and cheaper models.

Advantages and disadvantages

Speaking about the strengths, the following can be noted:

  • High-quality assembly;
  • Solid materials and components;
  • Excellent ergonomics and tactility of the case;
  • Small size and moderate weight;
  • Transit charge option;
  • The presence of Quick Charge 2.0.

As for the flaws, it was also possible without them:

  • Not the best implementation of charge indicators;
  • Lack of display;
  • Using fast charging for plug-in gadgets is not available.