Huawei Band 3 Pro Does Not Turn On

Honor Band 3 is a popular and sought after device. This is a lifesaver for a modern person. The device is functional and is sold at a relatively affordable cost. The article describes the features of the device, its primary options and characteristics.

Honor Band 3 instruction in Russian

The main advantageous feature of the device is the availability of detailed instructions in Russian in the kit. Each user can easily learn and understand how to use this or that option. After the first study, it becomes clear that the autonomy of the device from model to model becomes higher, and at the same time, the cost can be kept at the proper level.

If you believe the instructions in Russian, it appears that the battery life of the bracelet will reach one month. The device’s screen is small, but it is black and white. Despite this, numerous options are allowed to use with comfort and convenience. Testing the novelty, checking the fixed promises from the manufacturer, understand that they are justified.


The gadget Huawei Honor Band 3 has functional and technical characteristics. Among them, users and instructions distinguish:

  1. PMOLED brand screen, touch control, monochrome image 0.91 ″, parameters 128 × 32.
  2. Protection against moisture and dust, equal to the degree of IP57, which allows you to swim in the bracelet.
  3. The strap is removable.
  4. The device is compatible with Android 4.4 and iOS 8.0 and higher.
  5. Connection via Bluetooth 4.2.
  6. Among the sensors, an accelerometer is noted, an option is a gyroscope, an indicator of natural heart rhythm.
  7. There are no cameras for filming and accessing the Internet, the same applies to a microphone with a speaker.
  8. Indication is carried out by means of a vibration signal.
  9. The battery operates at 100 mA / h.
  10. Weight is 18 g.

The characteristics are predominant, which makes such a gadget universal and popular.


There are many optional features in the device. The device considers steps taken and calories burned during the following activities:

  • run;
  • walking around the city;
  • moving by bike;
  • swimming.

The owner may not take the gadget with him to workout. He is left in the locker room. Information is stored on the Honor Band 3 fitness tracker, and as soon as communication via Bluetooth is restored, the information is synchronized.

The gadget monitors the owner’s dream. According to the owner’s movements, the gadget measures the rest period and measures the quality. There is a smart alarm clock at your disposal. It should be configured to search for a comfortable phase of rest and in a given time period. The alarm clock itself will recognize the period suitable for waking up.

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How to turn it on?

Starting the device into operation is simple and straightforward. The screen displays the time and parameters previously configured by the user. To quickly and easily turn on the gadget, you just need to turn your hand. Using a gesture, the display shows the necessary parameters.

After the device is launched, its owner receives notifications received in the current time mode from the phone. Sometimes there is a slight delay, but usually it is slight. After switching on, a person feels a vibration passing through his hand.

This is an ideal opportunity not to miss messages even at the most difficult moment and in the noisiest environment. After turning on the gadget on a single charge can work up to 30 days. If you keep the heart rate monitor active, the device will work for about 10-12 days.

How to connect Honor Band 3 to the phone?

To carry out such an operation, you will need to perform the simple steps that are prescribed in the Honor Band 3 instructions:

  1. Huawei Wear is installed on the smartphone.
  2. The gadget turns on and you need to check a similar process.
  3. The phone turns on Bluetooth.
  4. The application starts.
  5. In the list of available devices, a category with a bracelet is selected.
  6. Confirmation of pairing using the built-in touch button on the device.
  7. Data is entered. weight, full height, gender and date of birth.
  8. If necessary, you should wait a while until the utility updates the original firmware on its own.

After performing such an operation, the user will be able to configure such useful options as a smart useful alarm clock, be able to set the exact time and choose the style that the clock will be displayed on the screen.

How to turn off?

The question of how to turn it off often arises in situations that are directly related to the time the device is in active mode. As soon as the gadget runs out of charge, it automatically turns off. You don’t have to do any special actions.

There are several rules for the operation of the gadget, which directly affect the quality and time of work:

  • when all built-in options work, the device will work in full mode, that is, within 10 days;
  • If you turn off continuous heart rate monitoring, the energy consumption level will decrease by 10%. In this situation, the charge will last about 15 days;
  • when you turn off sleep monitoring and the option to automatically turn off the display, you can additionally save up to 10% of the time.
Huawei Band 3 Pro Does Not Turn On

So, if you need to disable the gadget for some reason, this can only be done through a complete discharge. You can speed up this process by activating all the built-in functions on the Honor Band 3 nfc.

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How to restart Honor Band 3?

If you need to update the information on the bracelet, you will need to reboot it. For this purpose, the user must perform simple steps:

  • turn on the display, time should be shown on it;
  • examine the amount of charge;
  • if it is a little, it is necessary to wait for full discharge;
  • turn the device off and on again.

After performing such actions, the device restarts completely. After that, the resulting failures in the form of the wrong time or other problems come back to normal.


All bracelet settings are made exclusively through the application. The interface for their implementation is simple and straightforward. In pre-downloaded software, you can make many settings:

  • counting and control over the main parameters;
  • notifications of results achieved and the day passed;
  • incoming calls.

After the settings, you can use the device as efficiently as possible. This contribute to its unique characteristics. As soon as the phone receives a call, it can be adjusted. If you press the button once, the call will be skipped.

The owner is able to quickly and efficiently configure not only notifications and calls, but also choose training sessions and take readings on them. Among the main types of activity can be noted running, moving on a bicycle, classes on a treadmill. All this is reflected immediately after the application was connected.

App for Honor Band 3

  • actual heart rate indicators;
  • statistics on the steps taken;
  • data on sleep and overall activity.

By launching and setting up the downloaded application on the phone, the user will be able to carry out such important manipulations in a couple of minutes as setting the training mode, setting goals, maintaining the trajectory of jogging and cycling. The main thing is that the smart tracker has a full charge.

How to use?

Using the watch is very simple, as its interface is very clear and simple. Here are some simple manipulations that allow you to use the smart tracker in full:

  1. Pressing the gadget button brings up a screen with standard options.
  2. When you hold the button on the device, information on the selected activity type will appear.
  3. After switching on, the total number of information screens will be displayed at the top of the screen. You can scroll through them with a simple press.
  4. On the option with the displayed pulse, the owner can set the forced heart rate measurement.
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It is necessary to be prepared for the fact that such a device is not very suitable for professional athletes. The reason is that the display does not show the heart rate parameter in continuous mode.

Honor Band 3. all about firmware

A well-designed gadget firmware is updated simultaneously with the installed application. Here, the user can always control the version of the update and, if necessary, roll back. This is a useful operation that is required to return to previously accumulated reporting data.

If you follow the skin and regularly carry out version updates, you can get clear synchronization with your smartphone. So that the next firmware does not complicate the operation of the device, you need to have at least versions of Android 4.4 or iOS 8.0 available. And even greater results can be achieved by using phones of brands Huawei and Honor. In this case, the device and the application will not have problems and failures, the alarm will work properly and all other options.

Honor Band 3 does not connect to the phone. what should I do?

There are several common reasons that prevent the application from syncing with the purchased wear gadget. Among the most basic methods of correcting the situation are:

  1. Checking the device for fake tracker.
  2. It is important to monitor the correspondence not only of the application, but of the Bluetooth option. If the version is downsized, there will be no connection between the purchased tracker.

If everything is in order with the version matching, a simple reboot of nyx b10 is carried out, and then just turn it on. As such, there is no such option, to cancel the early operating mode, you will need to turn off the device, reboot and restart it. If you have questions about this operation, we recommend that you watch a special.

To summarize

The described Mi Band is modern and functional. The cost does not exceed 3 thousand, and in this parameter he has no serious competitors. According to the list of options provided, the gadget is not inferior to professional devices. You just need to put on a nyx device and you can measure the pulse, control time and workouts, use the alarm clock, and if it’s nfc, then pay for purchases. No less attractive is the appearance of the pro device. The bracelet is suitable for men and women.