How To Use Huawei Wireless Headphones

If you have not yet taken part in the “Wireless Headphone Revolution”, which has quickly become global, then you probably feel that the world of technology is pushing you to take this important step. and more new smartphone models are being launched onto the market without a 3.5 mm headphone jack.

How to Use Huawei Wireless Headphones

Don’t think that wireless headphones are something that only tech-savvy users can use. Today, absolutely anyone can purchase a bluetooth headset for themselves and enjoy music from mobile devices. And most importantly, when you feel the real benefits of wireless “ears” and the ease of using them, you are unlikely to want to return to your usual wires.

In this article, we will give general instructions in which we will tell you how to use JBL wireless headphones of different models, although when buying products of this brand in the box there is always a brief instruction manual, including in Russian.

First Bluetooth headphone connection

The buttons that you need to press on the headphones to turn them on and prepare for pairing (as well as the time for which these buttons need to be clamped) may differ for different models, however, the pairing process always happens according to this plan:

  • Open the settings menu on your smartphone and enter the Bluetooth menu.
  • Turn on the bluetooth module on your phone.
  • Take your headphones (on-ear or in-ear, this does not matter) and turn them on.

Depending on the model, you will need to press the physical button for one second on one of the headphones (such as the JBL T450BT), the touch button (JBL Free X), or the power button on the power supply, which is located on the headset wire (JBL T110BT). For details on your model, see the instructions for use. Some of the headphones, even when turned on, are able to automatically connect to a mobile device. For others, you need to press the appropriate button for a couple of seconds. The LED indicator will turn on, it will flash, indicating that the headphones are ready for pairing.

  • Return to the Bluetooth menu that you opened on your smartphone. In the list of detected devices, you will see the name of your model.
  • Tap on the line with the name of the headphones. In just a second or a little longer, the connection should be established. Sometimes the first time you can’t connect, try to repeat this process.
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If you do not see your headphones in the list of detected devices, do not worry. With high probability they are still there. Some manufacturers make it so that when scanning their devices are prescribed in an incomprehensible way. This may not be the name of the model, but some abbreviated name, an intricate code consisting of letters and numbers, or some kind of strange name.

In the Bluetooth list on the smartphone, several devices can be displayed at once. Among them may be other smartphones, tablets, wireless speakers, TV, etc. Including your headphones. However, until you click on these lines, the connection process will not start. You can turn the bluetooth headphones on and off several times to track what appears and disappears from the list along with your actions.

So, pairing happened, in the status bar next to the name of the headphones appeared “Connected”. Now you can turn on the music and receive calls.

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How to control wireless headphones

Depending on the type of wireless headphones, the controls may vary. In-channel “plugs”, such as the JBL E25BT or JBL T110BT, have a separate unit, which is located on the wire connecting the right and left earphones. As a rule, on this unit there is a power button, a status indicator and the buttons “” and “-“. The main button in the center of the unit performs several functions: turning on / off the headphones, accepting / resetting a call received on the phone, starting / stopping music playback, switching tracks. The plus / minus buttons are used to adjust the sound volume level (when playing music or during a call).

The same control principle (buttons and LED indicator) and on-ear wireless headphones (JBL T450BT, JBL T460BT), only the elements are not placed on a separate unit, which is attached to the wire, but are located directly on the body of the left “ear”. True, in these two models, the Jibiel headphone power button is separate from the keys with which you can control music playback, increase / decrease volume / answer calls.

Reconnecting the bluetooth headphone to the device

Most bluetooth ears can automatically connect to a smartphone that has already been paired with before. It is enough to simply turn on the headphones and, if the phone is in the “blue-tooth” coverage area, there is a connection.

Sometimes there are situations when you need to manually re-pair devices. The cause may be errors in the operation of BT-modules or something else. In this case, simply open the Bluetooth menu in the settings of your phone, find the name of the headphones in the list of devices and tap on it. It will take a few seconds to mate again.

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Reset the pairing of Bluetooth headphones and another device

There are many reasons why a user may stop using wireless headphones paired with a particular smartphone. Perhaps the time has come to change either the “ears” or the smartphone. Still often enough to reset the pairing is necessary for technical purposes, because it happens that both the phone and headphones need to be rebooted.

To reset the connection, enter the familiar Bluetooth menu from the phone, find your headphones in the list and click on the additional information icon next to them (usually this is a small letter i circled in a circle). A new window will open in which various options are displayed to configure the headphones. To reset, the “Forget this device” item is required. Tap on this item removes the headphones from the list of available devices. The next time you want to use a headset, you’ll have to pair it as if it were a new device (see “Connecting Bluetooth Headphones for the First Time”).

In general, using bluetooth headphones is very easy. They give completely new sensations that cannot be obtained from wired accessories. The product line from JBL will satisfy the most demanding user. Perhaps the only point that can be considered an inconvenience is the need to regularly charge the wireless headset. For this, a special cable is included with the headphones, and if it is TWS, a special case is designed for charging and storing “plugs”, which also needs to be recharged from time to time.