How to Update Payment System On iPhone

How to Update Payment System On iPhone

Any purchases on the App Store are purchased using a personal Apple ID account. Using the data of his account, any user has the opportunity to transfer applications from iPhone, iPad or iPod to a computer, more precisely, to the iTunes program installed on a PC.

Purchasing includes not only applications, but also everything that you purchased in the iTunes Store. Why may you need a transfer of purchases, let’s consider:

  • For example, games and applications were purchased and installed without iTunes, i.e. from the device itself, whether it’s an iPhone or iPad. A new firmware appears or the user decided to play with the jail by completing the transfer of purchases in iTunes, he can safely experiment
  • Reinstalled the operating system, upgraded the PC, or even purchased a new computer, installed empty iTunes. We carry out the transfer of games and applications, and Tuna is again filled with programs
  • We purchased a second iPhone or iPad, created our own separate media library for it, transferred games and applications to it, and synchronized them with the new device

1. To transfer purchases, connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod to your PC using a USB cable
2. Launch iTunes on your computer, in the “Devices” section, right-click on the iPhone and select “Transfer Purchases”, alternatively, you can use the iTunes menu and select: File. “Move Purchases from iPhone”.

The application transfer will begin if your iTunes is authorized using the Apple ID account with which the transferred applications were purchased in the App Store.

After the transfer is complete, the applications of your iPhone or iPad will appear in iTunes, in the “Programs” section. If they appeared, then the transfer was successful. If the applications have not been transferred from the iPhone to the PC, then we read on and delve into the essence of the features of working with accounts.

How to download programs from iPhone to computer in iTunes 12

In new versions of iTunes, the program interface has changed a little, and therefore the process of transferring programs from iPhone to computer has changed a bit. For example, in iTunes 12th version, the transfer of purchases is performed like this:

We try using the example of the Windows 7 operating system. We start iTunes, to call up the menu bar, press the Alt button on the keyboard, now click File. Devices. Move purchases from the “iPhone“.

“Note. Due to the integration of the iCloud cloud service with new versions of iOS, the transfer of purchases in iOS 9 and higher firmware does not include applications. Therefore, the method described above will transfer podcasts, books, etc., but games and applications from iPhone to iTunes can no longer transfer. ”

Transfer apps to iTunes for iOS 9 and above

In order for games and programs located on the iPhone (or iPad) with iOS 9 or later to be copied to the iTunes program installed on your computer, you can perform the following actions:

In the iTunes program panel, click the button similar to a contact, select.
Shopping, click. Applications, now select the applications that we want to transfer iTunes and click on them in the upper right corner (cloud). If you want to transfer all the programs at once, then in the lower right corner we use the button. Download all.

After downloading, these applications appear in the Programs section. It turns out when working with firmware iOS 9 and above it is no longer a transfer from iPhone to iTunes, it is rather a transfer from the cloud to iTunes.

To more reliably save existing versions of the applications of your iPhone or iPad, you can copy the program files to a separate folder (or Flash-drive) directly from iTunes, read the details of this procedure here.

There are cases when, after transferring purchases from the device, iTunes displays a message that some purchased items were not transferred to the iTunes library, because you are not authorized for this operation on this computer.

This means that some applications on your phone or tablet were purchased using some other Apple ID account. Do not forget that one device can work with 5 accounts at the same time, and if we want to transfer to iTunes applications that were once purchased using 5 different accounts, which is very rare, you will have to authorize your iTunes using the data from most 5 accounts.