How to Transfer Photos From Smartphone to Laptop

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Now even the simplest push-button phones have a camera, not to mention smartphones. Very convenient, the “camera” is always at hand. It is easy and simple to take a photo, only the screen size, with age, seems small, I would like to consider a larger photo, or share it with relatives and friends. There is a desire to transfer photos from the phone to the computer. I will try to tell how to do it.
There are a lot of models of phones and smartphones. In each case, there are peculiarities of connecting and transferring photos. It is impossible to tell about each model, I will try to explain the general principles that will help you solve this problem.

Modern phones have universal charging, which is connected via a microUSB. USB connector. We need to connect to the USB port of the computer. On older phones there were various connectors, often suitable only for this phone model, connectors. But if there is a connector from the phone. USB, then it is also suitable. Here is a picture of the types of USB.

To enlarge the picture, click on it with the left mouse button, return to the previous size. again

Under the numbers 1. USB, 2. miniUSB, 3. microUSB.
We connect the cable to the phone, the other side connect to the computer. After the first connection, the operating system tries to automatically install the necessary drivers (as we recall the driver is a program that connects our device, in this case the phone, and the computer’s operating system). An icon appears on the taskbar,

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the picture is marked with a red frame, here is a larger one, the same picture. If you click on it, a window will open in which we see the installation progress.

The example shows the connection of the smartphone LG Leon.

After installation, a new icon appears in the “My Computer” window. “LG Leon”, the picture is circled in red.

After clicking on it with the left mouse button, a new window opens, in which we see two disks.

You may have one if no memory card is inserted. In our example, this is “Internal memory and CD card”. Open the folder “Internal memory”. Here we see a lot of folders. We are interested in the DCIM folder, this is the folder of the camera of the phone.

We open it. There are service folders and the “Camera” folder

Open it, here are photos from our photo module.

If, as with us, the files go in the list, click “View” and select

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“Small Icons” or “Large Icons” (For details, see how to change the view in Lesson # 6. Folders and files.)
Further, standard actions. right-click on the photo we selected, select “Copy” in the menu that opens, go to the computer’s folder “Images”, or right on the “Desktop” click on the right mouse button again. select the “Paste” menu item. Our task is completed, the photo from the phone was transferred to the computer.

If you have a memory card in your phone, and the phone’s settings indicate the storage of photos on it, then there will be no photos in the DCIM folder in the phone’s internal memory. All of them will be saved in the same folder. DCIM on the CD card.

Now consider another case. When you connect the phone to the computer for the first time, a driver installation error occurs or the driver is installed and the phone does not appear in the “My Computer” folder. You can try to go to the phone manufacturer’s website, find the necessary driver and install it manually. But this is a rather difficult task, and not everyone will be able to do it.

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What to do in this case? Is there any other solution to the task “Transfer photos from phone to computer”. Yes there is, if the phone has internet (via WiFi or mobile). We go into the email on the phone (I hope you already have a mailbox, if not, you can create one. the instructions are here.) And write a letter to yourself, attach the photo or several you need and send it. In the inbox appears the letter you sent. On the computer we go into the email and save the attached photo on the computer.

If you have Wi-Fi, then using the additional SHAREit program, you can very easily transfer photos from a smartphone to a computer in a few clicks. Step-by-step installation of the program on a computer and smartphone, and the exchange between them is described in detail here

Another option for transferring photos from phone to computer using Bleutooth technology is described here. There are also details about bluetooth technology and how to connect the phone to a computer.