Applications From The App Store Do Not Download, Update, Or Download. There Is A Solution!

Apple devices are admired by many. Impeccable lines of the case, beautiful interface, quality applications. But even owners of iPhones and iPads periodically encounter problems such as freezing application downloads from the App Store. Below we will analyze the reasons why applications are not updated, applications are not downloaded or downloaded, as well as simple step-by-step instructions on how to deal with this.

The essence of the problem, signs and causes

It’s rather unpleasant to watch how the application tries to load into a smartphone for an hour. Especially when its owner wanted to spend some pleasant minutes playing a new game or working in a useful program. And especially if you have nothing to occupy yourself or is running out of time, and the application is absolutely necessary. An iPhone becomes a useless piece of plastic or aluminum. But a few simple ways can fix this.

How to understand that application loading is frozen

The icon turns gray, the installation process wheel freezes. The application does not respond to user actions. Another sign. an error appears when you try to download the application from the App Store. This can happen with both an iPhone and an iPad. The solutions are the same for all Apple gadgets with any version of the OS.

What to do when it is not updated, the application from the App Store does not download or load: step-by-step instructions. Problem: the application from the App Store does not load

So, a step-by-step algorithm, like “bring an iPhone to life”. Follow all the steps one by one without jumping from beginning to end. Each next step can be a solution to the problem.

Solution: wait for work to end on Apple servers. Solution: check internet connection stability

Check your internet connection. You may argue that judging by the icon, wi-fi is operating at full power, or the 3G / LTE icon is clearly on. But this is not a sign of complete order.

Communication may be poor, but full power does not guarantee the absence of other network problems.

What to do: launch the Safari browser and load any page on the Internet. If the page is fully displayed, it means that the connection is really functioning stably. Go to the next step.

Solution: stop, then resume downloading the application

If the application still has a gray icon, it makes sense to pause the download.

What you need to do: Click “Pause” on the application download (tap on the application icon). Now click on the icon again. Sometimes it helps, and the application restores the download.

Pause the download, then resume again

Solution: switch to airplane mode

Unexpectedly, the following method may solve the problem. You should switch to “On Air” mode, just for a while.

What you need to do: from Springboard, perform a gesture from the bottom up, then select the airplane icon. Airplane mode will turn on. After a couple of seconds, turn it off by tapping the icon again.

In some cases, it helps to solve the problem of frozen applications.

Solution: uninstall the application

Didn’t work out? Uninstall the application. In fact, it is very simple.

What actions to perform: click on the gray hovering icon and hold it, the icons will begin to vibrate (go into edit mode), and a small cross will appear on the left of the icons. Click on it, the application will be deleted. Go to the App Store again and try installing the program again.

Delete the application by clicking on the cross in the corner

Solution: parallel launch of the second installation

Another non-standard way, a little secret that few know about, is the parallel installation of the second application. Indeed, it can revive the first.

Another way to solve the problem

Solution: re-authorization on the App Store

What else to do? For example, log in to your Apple ID account.

Press the exit button, then log in again.

Solution: reboot the device

Have you tried rebooting the device? If not, take a chance.

What actions to perform: Press and hold the power key (“Power”) until the iPhone turns off. Then turn it on again. Check the application icon. After turning on, the download may resume. Alternatively, try another reboot method. “hard”. Hold simultaneously two keys. power and “Home” (“Power” and “Home”). After restarting the smartphone, check the application icon again.

Hold down the power key

Solution: PC Sync

Is the “stubborn” application still hanging? Sync your smartphone with iTunes on your personal computer.

What to do: connect the gadget to the PC on which you must first run the iTunes application. The Apple ID accounts on the smartphone and PC must match, otherwise nothing will work. Check if this is not the case, log in on both devices with the same account. Sync devices.

Sync devices to resolve the issue.

Solution: reset

If the application is so necessary for you that you are ready to go to reset the settings, then continue reading. However, back up your device first. You are now ready to reset your settings.

What to do: first reset the network. To do this, go to “Settings”, then to “Reset”, and then click “Reset network settings”. Check out the app. Is not downloading? Complete a factory reset. Go to the same item “Settings”, then “General”, then “Reset”. and “Reset all settings”.

Start by resetting your network

Solution: switch to DFU mode

If this does not solve the problem, the last method remains. Put your smartphone in DFU mode.

What you need to do: connect your iPhone or iPad with a “harmful” application to the computer running iTunes. Now attention:

  1. Hold down the power and Home buttons (Power and Home), hold for several seconds (usually ten), until the device starts to reboot, hold still, waiting for the Apple logo to appear.
  2. Once the logo appears, release the power button, and continue to hold the Home button until another logo appears. the iTunes logo.

Follow the instructions to enter DFU mode correctly

If this does not help, it may be worth abandoning the installation of this application, because such manipulations with the device can in the future lead to its unstable operation and malfunctions. Look for alternatives to the application.

By the way, you can just wait.

Applications are not updated on the App Store

Sometimes Apple gadget owners are faced with such a problem.

One of two ways will help:

  1. You need to update iTunes, to do this, synchronize the gadget and the personal computer, then simultaneously press Command and R on the keyboard, this will start a forced update.
  2. Clear cache. To do this, go to the “Add-ons” tab in the iTunes settings, then find the “Reset cache” button in it. After these manipulations, the problem must be solved.

Clear cache to fix the problem

Avoiding similar problems in the future: tips and tricks

Of course, no one is safe from such a problem. There are too many possible causes that may cause problems downloading applications. General recommendations that should be followed in this case:

  • Before downloading the application, pay attention to its size. If it is rather big, make sure that everything is in order with the Internet, then start the download;
  • read the news or ask your friends if there were any notifications from Apple about server outages;
  • If you tried all the methods and reached the most radical. reset, think about whether you need this application. Perhaps there are alternatives in the App Store, try choosing another one or returning to the download later, because the “hard” methods for solving the problem cannot go unnoticed for the device, in the future it may result in failures in its operation.

In general, the problem is not so global as to prepare for it in advance. One of these methods will help in any case.

The problem of freezing application downloads is an unpleasant surprise for many users. However, it is worth a little understanding of the reason. and eliminating it will not be difficult. Step-by-step instructions covering all options for solving the problem will provide undoubted practical help.