How To Set Zone On Smart Tv

The constantly expanding line of applications for Smart TV, developed by Samsung, is suitable only for smart TV models. However, only Samsung went the farthest and adapted more than 300 applications, and then there are more and more of them.

It will be useful for the reader to master the ability to connect Samsung Smart TV to the Internet through a wifi router. For many, the manufacturer’s instructions seem more than confusing, and the article on connecting Wi-Fi to Samsung will simplify the setup process and save your time. Indeed, owners of smart TVs connecting their devices to the network via wifi will have more advantages than after connecting via a local network. Our step-by-step instructions will help you learn how to configure Samsung to the Internet via wifi.

The advantage of connecting Smart TV to Samsung via a wifi router will be the deliverance of households from the wires under their feet. A sufficient speed of the Internet connection will relieve discomfort during playback, that is, it will protect online broadcasting on smart Samsung from freezing and any interruptions.


To enable the Samsung TV Smart TV browser, you need to connect it:

  1. a local wired network through a twisted pair cable through a TV router;
  2. with wireless Internet, i.e. directly via wifi, if Smart TV Samsung has a built-in wifi adapter;
  3. using a wifi router (USB), setting up the connection through the connection menu, and choosing the necessary options.

To find the desired item, you need to go to the Smart Hub by selecting the corresponding button on the control mouse in its menu. Samsung Apps Store will provide the option you like.

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It is more convenient to connect the TV to the Internet via a direct connection or through a router. To do this, just connect the cable from the network provider to the Ethernet TV connector. If the type of Internet service provider does not support the direct connection function, you need to use a router that will help you correctly manage your home network.

For now, let’s leave the option of connecting a wifi router and a TV to the Internet via a LAN cable (twisted pair). Let’s consider a more rational way and find out how to connect Wi-Fi to Samsung.

Useful Tips

What will help the owner of Samsung Smart TV when connecting the gadget to a Wi-Fi router? If the Wi-Fi response is weak, the diagnostics should be performed using the inSSider program instructions, switching to a more free network channel. If Samsung does not have a built-in Wi-Fi adapter, you should purchase an external wireless device and connect to the web using it. It is important to choose a USB Wi-Fi router model that is compatible with your TV model.

Wi-Fi Connection Steps

Owners of a home network, having already installed a router and configured Wi-Fi on it, first need to check the Internet connection settings on Smart TV. After entering the “Menu”, select the “Network” option, then the “Network Status” key and click on the “IP Settings” function.

How to Set Zone on Smart TV

The status of IP and DNS should correspond to the “Receive automatically” reception. Then make sure that the router uses the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) and is generally allowed on the Internet.

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Do not forget that connecting the router to a Samsung smart TV through a cable will ensure that the connection through it is configured. By disconnecting the cable from your SMART TV, enable automatic setup using a Wi-Fi wireless connection.

Take the remote control and after pressing the “Menu” button in the navigation window that opens, find the “Network” item. In the proposed list, click on the option “Network Settings”. The first step will help you set up your wireless connection using the internal LAN adapter. Clicking the “Start” button, start the search for a Wi-Fi router.

The second step will reflect the search results and a list of the closest route flows to the Wi-Fi network. Having selected your router, click “Next.” This will allow you to check and establish a remote connection.

The third step involves entering the security key that was previously selected to protect wireless transmission, that is, the password is identical to the eight-digit code of the router.

Connection check

After properly connecting to a stable Wi-Fi network, a remote connection will be established.

Internet access is provided by the built-in Smart TV web browser. If the access key is entered correctly, and the wireless connection with the router or router has not been established, then you need to return to the settings and change them.

The cause of this situation may be problems in the operation of the DHCP home network access script, as indicated by the corresponding TV message.

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You can reconnect the Samsung TV via wi-fi remote connection through the administrative panel of your wi-fi router by disabling the DHCP server protocol and changing “IP Settings” to “Manual Input” for Samsung Smart. Enter the network connection parameters according to the settings of your router in manual mode.

Connect to Wi-Fi without DHCP

To set up a network connection on Samsung, you need to specify values ​​in accordance with the gateway address of the router, for example

To do this, enter:

  1. IP Address:;
  2. Type of subnet:;
  3. Gateway parameters:;
  4. Details of the external DNS server from Google Corporation: (or gateway address

After this reconfiguration, the wireless connection should be established.

As a rule, after setting up the TV in manual wi-fi mode, the router finds its Internet network.

Now you should fix the problems in the DHCP session, which ensures the functioning of other home gadgets (laptops, tablets) through automatic access to the Internet. To do this, just consider the IP address of each device and Samsung TV in the adapter by MAC address. Such redundancy will help to avoid conflicts in the work of DHCP, and all gadgets will respond to a single IP address of the router each time you connect to the network.

Set up a Samsung TV to connect to the Internet through a router, it is easy to learn how to connect Smart TV to a local network using a LAN cable. Adjusters recommend using the UTP-5e patch cord, but a manually extruded LAN cable is also suitable.