How to access the server on the phone

05/18/2017 | 11:43 | Joinfo.Ua

How to access the server on the phone

Earlier we told you how to bypass the lock on VK from a personal computer. However, today the topic of how to log in to VKontakte from a phone in Ukraine remains relevant if mobile operators are already performing ban on Russian social networks. This is described in more detail by Joinfo.Ua, referring to

VK input from the phone with a little trick

Blocked sites can be circumvented with a little trick. How to do it from phones and tablets on Android and iOS? Everything is simple. Go to the browser you use, often it’s either Opera or Chrom. In the settings menu, select the mode of saving traffic and activate it.

In some cases, these manipulations allow you to access blocked social networks through a browser.

Vkontakte. Login using VPN

As you know, most users of social networks still prefer to log into them using applications on their smartphones, so the “browser” method will not work for them. Well, in this case there is a way out.

Google Play has kindly provided the opportunity to install Opera VPN. After downloading and installing, enter the application. Everything is very clear. Change the region, for example, to the Netherlands. Thus, you log in to VC from another country.

However, it should be noted that the Ukrainian version of Google Play may not already have such an application. The reason is too many installations. In this case, we recommend using a fairly good and fast Turbo VPN program. It is easy to recognize it in the list of proposed applications for the image of a rabbit.

Download and activate the application easily and affordable on all Android. After installation, just like in Opera VPN, select another region. Get ready for the two downsides of using Turbo VPN. The first is advertising, and the second. Sometimes you have to “run the rabbit” again, probably due to Internet crashes.

VKontakte entrance

Some time after blocking the VK, the developers of the social network took care of their Ukrainian users and introduced a new function directly in the application. Only, it should be noted that users of the updated VK application for Android can use this feature.

To do this, go to the VK settings, go to the “Basic” function, and move the slider to the “Use Proxy Server” field. After that, you can safely delete any VPN you have installed on your smartphone if you don’t want to “clog” the memory with unnecessary applications. Thus, at least, you can easily get rid of intrusive advertising.

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VC input from iPhone

The short describes all the actions that are suitable for absolutely any smartphone, including the iPhone. To enter the VK you only need to install the VPN application.

Hello everyone! Today I will show you server Hypixel for Minecraft PE. I consider he is one of the best server I have ever seen. Also he is great reputation for Minecraft computer version. So the huge advantage of this server is a lot amazing minigames. For example you can see Simon Says, Sky wars, Survival games, Brawl and so on. So do you want find the bug free place for playing in Pocket Edition? You have to try it.

Support Minecraft PE 1.1

Minigames Hypixel PE Minecraft server

How to choose minigames?

When you appear on the server you can see the mobs and on their heads you can see the name of minigames. Do you want some? Just tap on it.

Now I I want little bit describe you what the mini games you will see.

This is my favorite. You and your enemy appear on different little islands. Your goal is kill your enemy. I recommend you as often as is possible try to knock them off. So if you will be the last hero you win.

Well you have to build some structures on some theme and you have 5 minutes. Then everyone vote who has the best building. What the theme can be? Different. For example you have to build a sword or ender dragon.

In this game you have to follow the instruction which you will see on the middle of your screen. For example: break a glass block, click on the flower or something like that. If you do it right. You will won!

Here you need kill the other players as much as possible and don’t die. Basically this is kind of PVP mode.

Here you need try to find a chest with loots. Be the last man standing to win.

Here I show you the best servers Minecraft PE. You can get working server IP address to join and information about it.

Hi everyone, today I want to tell you about the Hypixel server for Minecraft PE with mini-games. Previously, this server existed only on a PC, but not so long ago it was made for PE.

What can you write about him? A decent, high-quality server that has been working for a very long time, and I can say that it deserves your attention. But it is better, as always, to play in person, and then draw conclusions for yourself: whether you like it or not.

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Server Advantages:
1. There are mini-games such as: Sky Wars, Build Battle, Simon Say, Brawl and Survival Games.
2. A beautifully designed spawn.
3. Minimum lags.
4. A lot of fun.

I’ll add from myself that at the moment he is one of the best in the world! It is played by people from all over the planet, and often I see on youtube channels positive information about the hupixel. So join our large and friendly team.

The long-awaited official Hypixel server has reached the pocket version of Minecraft! Five different types of mini-games and over 10,000 players are playing right now!

How to enter the server?

All you have to do is add the server itself to the game and connect to it.

IP server: pe.Hypixel.Net

When you go to the server, you will see the inscription that you need to enter a password, but I will say right away that this is not necessary yet! The server is in alpha test and much will be in the future.

So when you go to the server, then immediately go play mini-games: 3

Let’s start with the Pocket mine program which you can download at the end of the news, with its help you can create your own Internet server for the Pocket Edition game. Previously, you had the opportunity to only play on the local network or on other people’s servers, now you can play on the Internet and anyone can connect to your server.

I would like to immediately warn you that creating a server is a rather troublesome task, which will take some time and require the mandatory presence of some `tools` about which you will learn below.

1. Connect to your Wi-Fi router and go to its settings;

2. To enter the settings of the router, you need to enter its IP address in the browser line. You can find this address or link on the back of your router or in the instruction manual. You will also need to know the administrator username and password in order to enter the control panel.

3. The first thing we need to do is share ports. To do this, we will need to enter any port consisting of 5 digits, which can be entered arbitrarily, as well as bind one IP so that the router does not connect us to others. We need all this because it will throw us different IPv4.

To do this, go to the section `IP Bindings and Mac Addresses`. Next you need to find out the Mac address of your phone, you can find it by going to Settings = About the phone. A poppy address will consist of five paired digits separated by a colon and will look something like this. XX: XX: XX: XX: XX

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Now go to the ARP table in it we find our Mac address, and next to it you will see IP and remember these values. After that, go to the `Binding parameters`, find the` Add` button there and enter the data that you remembered, and do not forget to check the box when adding addresses.

After that, we need to share the ports, for this we go to the section `Forwarding = Virtual servers` and press the button `Add`.

Now we need to fill in the lines, as shown in the image below. Enter the port, take the standard Minecraft PE. 19132 and insert into the line `IP-address:` the address that you bind at the very beginning. After that, we just need to save everything and we end with setting up the router.

Now we need to deal directly with setting up our server on the phone, for this we download the Pocket Mine program and run it. After you launched it, you will be prompted to download the basis for your server, then act at your discretion.

Now we are setting up our server. You can see an example in the picture below.

We don’t change the port, enter the name of your server, which you can think of yourself and check the box against Advanced. Now you need to scroll to the very end of the list and allocate RAM for your server. Everything will depend on the power of your device, but we do not recommend allocating more than 60%.

Further we see the item `View Distanse`, it is responsible for the range of drawing chunks and we strongly recommend leaving this option unchanged.

Now click `Save` and start our server.

To connect to your server you will have 2 ways.
If all devices are in the same Wi-Fi router zone, then you can simply rewrite the address from the IP adress line. We write down the port and go.

The second way. Go to the site copy there the IP that he determined (this is your IP) and enter it into Minecraft with the same port.

You can also install any plugins on it, for this you need to go to the Plugins tab and install what you need. All plugins will be configured automatically.

All commands work on the server as on a PC. Good luck with your creation, friends!