How To Set Up Xiaomi Wireless Headphones

How to Set Up Xiaomi Wireless Headphones

Xiaomi AirDots headphones are a really popular product because they produce good sound quality. over, their price is much lower than that of many competitors. Because this product was waiting for xiaomi fans, as well as ordinary users who want to get good headphones.

This English user manual for Xiaomi Airdots will help you deal with all their functions.

How to connect headphones Xiaomi Airdots

First you need to enable pairing mode. To do this, just take both headphones, and touch to their touchpad. It is located on the outside of the device. When the white indicator lights up, the user can start pairing.

Next you need to work with the phone. Go into bluetooth settings, and update the list of available devices. Headphones will be called MI AIRDOTS BASIC_R. Just click on the name of the headphones, after which the pairing will take place.

It is worth noting that the right earphone is the main. The phone connects to it, and the right earphone transmits a signal to the left. But if desired, the user can freely switch between the headphones, and work with them separately. In this case, you need to select the right and left earphones separately. This can also be done in the bluetooth menu.

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Switching tracks on Xiaomi Airdots headphones

Unfortunately, Xiaomi did not take care of us and did not add the function of switching tracks using the headphones themselves. But with an additional application and a short instruction, this can be configured independently.

  1. Install the MacroDroid app
  2. Add a new macro: Data Entry. Media button. Long press
  3. In the Actions section, select Media. Multimedia management. Emulate a media button. Following. Next, you need to select an application for playing music
  4. In the Constraints section, select Communication. Bluetooth status. The device is connected. Redmi_Airdots_R
  5. Save macro

Playback Call Control

Using headphones is very easy. They have special gestures, which allow you to receive calls, switch music and so on.

  • With a single touch, the music will stop. If at that moment an incoming call was made to the telephone, the call will be accepted;
  • Double-tap to call the voice assistant;
  • To cancel the call, you need to hold the button for a few seconds;
  • When a call comes in, you can turn off the microphone. To do this, make a double touch.
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Headphones support different assistants. It can be either Siri or Alice. It all depends on your phone.

While turning the headphones on and off, the user will hear a female voice. He will utter strange Chinese words. You can disconnect the headphones in the same way as you can connect them. Just touch both sensors and wait for the red indicator to turn on.

If you remove the earphone from your ear, the music will continue to play. But if you put the headphone in the case, music will stop. Due to the fact that the right earphone is the main one, music is turned off if you put it in a case. But if the left earphone gets into the case, the music will continue to play.

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