How to Connect a Modem to Android

.Gif “/> This article will show you how to connect a USB modem to your Android tablet. These devices are very popular among travelers because they are much more convenient than bulky laptops. Thanks to the keyboard that connects via Bluetooth, these gadgets Android can even turn into a full computer, suitable for working with text editors.

Problems connecting a modem

With all its advantages, tablets are largely losing to more powerful and functional laptops. For example, you may encounter a situation when you need to connect a USB modem to gain access to the Internet. This is much easier on a laptop than on gadgets such as the Apple iPad, Google Nexus 7, or Sony Xperia Z4. You can connect to a USB modem and a Windows device (Microsoft Surface).

Owners of the Apple iPad are much less fortunate, since there are no ways to connect this device. A USB modem works best on Android devices. But anyway, it will be technically difficult to establish a connection, since it is not officially supported.

Those who are looking for how to connect a modem to a tablet will encounter difficulties. And the first problem that they have to eliminate is that Android does not have a built-in function to support such gadgets.. When a USB modem clings to a smartphone or tablet, it cannot recognize the new device and does not know what to do with it.

The second problem is that not all devices have full-size USB ports. Most of them use a microUSB standard or a proprietary connector. However, there are adapters available at a price. Having purchased such an inexpensive adapter, you can use it to connect a hard drive, a device for reading a memory card and, possibly, a USB modem.

In addition to all of the above, on an Android device root access rights must be obtained. The process to achieve this may vary, depending on the model of gadget used.

How to establish a connection

Before connecting a 4G modem, you need to consider the following: there is no guarantee that the application can connect specific gadgets to each other. Due to the huge number of various tablets and modems, the developers of the program simply do not have time to make the necessary settings for each of them. But the program is free, and it compares favorably with ease of use, so it’s still worth making an attempt.

If you only plan to purchase an Android device, but it’s known for sure that the Internet will be often used, it is recommended to choose a model that provides space for a SIM card. It is not much different from a smartphone, because with its help you can make calls, send SMS and use mobile Internet. Such tablets can be used as a Wi-Fi access point thanks to the tethering function, which is now considered an integral part of the Android operating system. The only problem is the high for models with SIM cards.

It is difficult to imagine everyday life without modern technology. Almost every house has Wi-Fi Internet, however, not all residents of Russia can afford to carry out cable, where there are no equipped communication lines. To solve the problem, you can choose the most convenient and profitable option that will allow you to connect to the mobile Internet. This article describes all the methods of connecting a modem through a modem. Before proceeding to the action, you need to select special equipment to gain access to Wi-Fi.

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Connecting the modem to the telephone network

Before connecting the ADSL device circuit on the subscriber side, specialists examine the local telephone wiring plan. In this case, the total number of telephone sets is determined. To use the phone and get good access to the Internet, you must use a passive frequency separation device. A splitter. Usually a splitter is included with the modem.

ADSL splitter is a separator of voice and data channels. The development in the form of a frequency filter has a single LINE connector at the input, and two PHONE / MODEM at the output. Using the ADSL splitter, the telephone is operating properly.

To connect a modem, you need to perform a few simple steps:

  1. Initially, a splitter is connected.
  2. To properly connect the phone to the Phone connector, you will have to use a splitter, as well as a router via DSL.
  3. The next step is to connect one or more computers using a cord. To do this, use a special router.
  4. The router is connected directly through an outlet.
  5. At the end, the system starts up.

Note! Network device diagnostics are carried out for 3 minutes.

The next step is tuning, which is carried out automatically. Activation of ADSL router is not required. For identification, a login with a password is used.

Connecting a computer with a modem

You can learn how to install a modem on a computer after purchasing the appropriate device. Initially, the hardware configuration of the computer and the device is determined. Usually change the position of the switches that are located on some PC boards. If you connect the device to the computer incorrectly, then system crashes will occur.

Note! To connect via USB modem, you need to determine the type of device. It is divided into two categories: internal or external.

An external device is connected to any computer COM port. Some devices do not have a COM port. After purchasing an external device, you will have to connect the power. The output connector of the power supply must be connected through the mating connector on the device itself.

If the internal modem is built into the PC, then it is installed on the computer motherboard. Then the device is connected to a telephone line or telephone.

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Connection via external / internal modems to the telephone line and the telephone set is carried out in the same way. For this, two RJ11 connectors are located on the rear panel of the device. One connector is designated as LINE, which means “line” or WALL. “wall”. Its purpose is to connect the device to a telephone line. The other connector is referred to as PHONE.

As a rule, a special cable is supplied with the modem, which serves to connect the device to a telephone line. The 4-line RJ11 connector is not used when connected to a standard telephone jack. Since a regular city telephone line has only two. To carry out all these actions, you will have to find or purchase an adapter.

Important! Middle wires connect to the telephone line and telephone. There are extra wires (2). As a result, they remain unconnected.

After completing these steps, you must pick up the phone. No need to turn on the power of the computer. If a long beep occurs, there will not be any special problems.

Next, you need to turn on the power of the computer and device (external). Before completing the action, you should check the operation of the phone a second time. If the machine does not work, check the connectors and cables.

If the computer’s power and the external device are connected successfully, then the device itself is checked. A communication program is launched that will allow you to connect the device to another device.

As a rule, programmers recommend using communication programs. Among them, BITCOM or COMIT can be distinguished. They come with a modem. No less popular is the Terminal application. This is the standard configuration of the Windows 3.1 operating system, as well as Windows for Workgroups 3.11.

USB modem connection

For those who are constantly in the room where telephone lines are drawn, and do not know how to connect the modem to their computer and configure the Internet, this can be done using a wired ADSL device. The telephone line will always be free. ADSL communication rates are lower than cellular, but connecting a laptop through a wire is not always convenient.

Important! When choosing equipment, you need to familiarize yourself with the tariffs, access speed and coverage area.

The modem is connected to the laptop via a USB port. Initially, you will have to connect the laptop to the network and wait for the download process to complete. Next, you need to connect the phone, move the ON / OFF button to the ON position, which is located on the front panel of the device. If you have an installation CD at hand, then you need to insert it into the drive. In this case, you will need to restart the computer. Having accepted the terms of the license agreement, the system suggests choosing the installation location for the program. If there is no installation disk, then the program will download automatically.

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Sometimes, after installing the program, a shortcut appears on the desktop. Therefore, many do not know how to configure the modem correctly on the computer in order to deliver Wi-Fi quality. In this option, you need to click on the selected option twice and enter the data provided by the provider. You will need to launch a new browser and use the connected USB modem. If suddenly the shortcut does not appear on the desktop, then you need to open the device manager and run the diagnostics. Then you need to select the “Interview”. By clicking on the button, the diagnostic process will complete successfully.

Note! The next time you have to go to the section “Network and Sharing Management”.

The option is on the control panel. If the setup starts, then you will need to enter a username and password to connect.

Internet connection via wired modem

ADSL is currently a rare type of connection. Connecting the Internet via a modem using an Ethernet cable. To successfully submit Wi-Fi, you first need to connect the device to the network card.

Some people prefer using a landline phone. The best alternative is a splitter. An urban telephone line should be connected at the entrance. Among the 2 connectors, you must select 1 wire designed for the phone, and the second Line connector.

Configuring a modem to connect to the Internet

Many are interested in the question of how to connect to the Internet through a modem. Initially, you need to open any browser installed on the computer using the IP address. When setting up the network, follow the standard instructions.

The next step is to expand the Advanced Setup menu tab. After going to the “LAN” page, select the “Add” option in the “Static IP Lease List” section.

Note! After the new page opens, you need to fill in the fields, taking into account all the data received earlier from the Wi-Fi router. Having successfully completed this action, it is necessary to save the settings.

The final stage is accompanied by disconnecting the modem from the computer.

To connect to the Internet you need to use a patch cord. Next, the ADSL device and the Wi-Fi router are connected. If the user has installed a router, then the cable must be connected to the WAN port. If an ADSL device is supplied, then any unidentified LAN interface can be connected.

In conclusion, it should be noted that in order to get good quality Internet, you should choose a modem tariff plan with a high data transfer rate. To do this, you need to purchase a router of decent power.