How To Set Up Call Waiting On Huawei

You can change the ringtone, vibration settings, quick answers and call log settings on your phone.

How to change sound and vibration settings

  1. Open app “Telephone”.
  2. Click on the icon “Yet” ” title =””Settings.
  3. Open section Sounds and Vibration.
    • To select one of the available ringtones, click Ringtone.
    • To make the phone vibrate on an incoming call, press Vibrate on call.
    • To make the phone make sounds when dialing, select Dialing sound.

    How to change the format and order of names in the call log

    Important! Contact names cannot be changed in all languages.

    How to Set Up Call Waiting on Huawei
    1. Open app “Telephone”.
    2. Click on the icon “Yet” ” title =””Settings.
    3. Select Contact mapping.
      • To set the sorting of calls in the log, click Sorting.
      • To configure the display of contact names in the journal, click Name and surname order.
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      How to change quick answers

      If you cannot answer the call, send a message with an automatic answer. Here’s how to configure its settings:

      1. Open app “Telephone”.
      2. Click on the icon “Yet” ” title =””Settings.
      3. Click Quick replies.
      4. Select an answer from the list.
      5. Edit the text.
      6. Click OK.

      How to change other settings. How to use teletype and RTT during a call

      To add message support to phone calls, follow these steps:

      1. Open app “Telephone”.
      2. Click on the icon “Yet” ” title =””Settings.
      3. Select Specialist. capabilities.
      4. Click “Real-time Text (RTT)”.
        • To allow incoming RTT calls but hide the call button, select Hide.
        • To display the RTT button during a call, select Show during call.
        • To keep the RTT button displayed continuously, select Always show.

        If your phone does not support the RTT function, you can use teletype instead. Click Teletype mode and select the desired parameter:

        • To talk on the phone without message support, press Teletype Off.
        • To exchange messages, select Full-featured teletype.
        • To send messages and hear replies, click Teletype with the ability to hear the interlocutor.
        • To speak aloud and receive replies as messages, select Teletype with voice.
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        Tip. Check with your service provider if your device and tariff plan allow you to use teletype and RTT function.

        How to disable the search for nearby places

        To find places nearby in the app “Telephone”, give him access to location information.

        1. Open app “Telephone”.
        2. Click on the icon “Yet” ” title =””Settings ” title =””Places nearby.
        3. Select Places nearby at the top of the screen.

        Tip. If in the section “Google Account” you will see the message Allow access to the location, click on it.

        How to make calls while in another country. How to change the country of residence

        application “Telephone” automatically determines the country of residence by phone number. If you want to change the country of residence, do the following:

        1. Open app “Telephone”.
        2. Click on the icon “Yet” ” title =””Settings ” title =””Challenges ” title =””Dialing with tips.
        3. Click Default country of residence.
        4. Select a country.
        5. Click Save.