How To Make A Dark Theme On Huawei

How to Make a Dark Theme on Huawei

The dark theme for Huawei and Honor phones is in demand among modern users. It is stylish and comfortable, visually looks more aesthetically pleasing and practical. Themes based on dark colors have more expressive application icons, widgets, status bar. All modern flagships come by default in dark color or shade. If your smartphone supports light or color, and you want to change it, then use the guide below.

. About the black theme for Huawei and Honor

Dark colors on smartphones are pre-installed in advance. This applies not only to the modern shell of EMUI 9, but also to other phones with the Android operating system. Starting from Android 4.4, Huawei and Honor provide their customers with the ability to change the main system color. This option is built in by default.

At the XDA forum, Developers unveiled a version of Deep Black, which allows you to change the base system shell of the phone from white to black. The author of the idea is a user with the nickname “maurydes”.

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The main features of such a shell for the smartphone Huawei and Honor:

  • Significant battery savings
  • does not bother the eye;
  • distinct images of icons and inscriptions.

Below is an example of how the black design looks on Huawei.

Battery saving is due to the fact that the dark pixels of the AMOLED screen are deactivated. Since this type of display requires additional battery consumption, savings when using a black color immediately positively affects the charging frequency.


To change the color of the design, you do not need to download additional applications. Everything is done in the “Settings” section. You go to the display settings, and select the “Themes” section there.

It is possible to get into this place by holding an empty place on the desktop. After a short vibration feedback, the editing window opens. It will be possible to select a desktop image, an image of the lock screen, colors.

How to make a dark theme on Honor and Huawei

It is free and takes a couple of seconds of time. Let’s take a step-by-step look at how to enable a dark theme on Honor and Huawei:

  • in the “Themes” section, select Deep Black, or another that you like;
  • Turn on Wi-Fi or mobile data;
  • Download Deep Black (to download you need to click “Download” next to the name);
  • open;
  • below, click the “Install” button.
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After a couple of seconds, the display will change the color setting to the selected one.

To optimize the operation of the device, you must reboot it. Then all textures and stylized icons will immediately be able to plunge. The design of the phone can be changed an unlimited number of times.

If this solution does not suit you, it is possible to install another third-party application for a black theme. But they all weigh a lot, and this will affect the operation of the phone. Braking will be especially noticeable if the RAM is 3 Gb or less.