How to Install Sd Card on Phone

Probably there is not a single smartphone user who would not encounter the problem of lack of memory on this device. This usually happens when installing applications and starting updates, that is, when the user is interested in upgrading the smartphone. Of course, you can limit yourself to installing applications, but why use a smartphone only as usual “dialer”? It’s easier and more efficient to purchase a memory card (SD card, microSD), insert it correctly and determine the status of the amount of memory contained in it with respect to the smartphone’s memory.

How to Install Sd Card on Phone

How to insert an SD card into a smartphone

Depending on the manufacturer and model of the phone, microSD can be inserted in the slot located inside the phone’s body behind the battery, or in a special tray on the left side of the device. To insert a memory card correctly, follow these steps:

slide out the card tray (this is often done with a paper clip key) or remove the back cover of the case and remove the battery;

raise the special tab designed to hold the card (if any);

insert the card correctly using the outline of the slot or tray as a hint;

lower the holding tab (if any);

slide in the tray or replace the battery and close the back cover of the case;

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turn on the phone again.

What is a file system mount, and how to run it on Android

Inserting an SD card into a smartphone is not enough: it is important to determine its status as a storage device in relation to the internal memory of the smartphone. To do this, you must mount the file system, that is, start the system process, which prepares the use of a specific partition (in this case, the SD card) by the device’s operating system.

In modern Android phones, the file system is mounted using the special Adoptable Storage function. First you need to determine the type of storage, which will be used as a memory card. You have two options:

use microSD as a removable drive with the ability to move all the data on it to another device;

combine the card with the internal memory of the smartphone to expand its total capacity (when you place the card in another device, all data from it will be lost).

When choosing the first option after inserting the card, it is enough:

wait for notification about connecting the SD card to the smartphone;

click on the “Tune”;

select storage type “Removable (option: “portable”) storage device”;

If you want to combine the internal memory of the smartphone with an SD card, then after the offer to configure it, select the option “Inner memory” and also confirm this decision.

Regardless of the option you choose, after mounting the file system, you may receive a notification that the card is slow and that this can lead to poor performance of the entire device. This information can by and large be ignored. But keep in mind that when choosing a drive, it is better to give preference to microSD class 10. These cards write at a speed of at least 10 Mb / s (and in practice it is usually even faster, not to mention reading, which by default is faster than writing )

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What causes the incorrect removal of the memory card

Removing an SD card, as well as installing it, requires a certain sequence of actions. Incorrect removal of the card leads to:

smartphone software malfunctions;

damage to the microSD itself;

damage to the card slot;

irretrievable loss of data stored on the card.

These are serious consequences that may entail contacting a service center and the associated costs. Therefore, even such a simple process as it seems to remove the SD card, you need to pay due attention.

How to remove the memory card safely

Removing the SD card purely mechanically requires the steps opposite to installing it in the phone. However, this is not enough to safely remove the media. There are 2 ways to remove the memory card without the risk of unpleasant consequences.

First way

Suitable in cases where among the settings there is a person responsible for safely removing the SD card. The algorithm is simple.

Go to the menu “Settings”.

Among the settings, find the section “Memory” and open it. You will see information about the memory card.

Scroll through the section and find the item in it. “Remove the sd card”.

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Read the information that appears in the warning window. It will concern possible data loss from the card. If your SD card was turned on as an external drive when mounting the file system, all the necessary data will be saved when it is turned off. If you choose to use it as an internal memory, then all data from it will be lost if you move it to another device.

Wait a few seconds: during this time the card is unmounted. You will see a notification that it can be removed.

Carefully remove the card from the slot.

Second way

Used if the phone’s settings do not include one responsible for safely removing the memory card. The procedure here is even simpler.

Press the power button and select “Shutdown”.

Wait a few seconds: during this time, the operating system will automatically disconnect the applications associated with the card and unmount the SD card itself.

Carefully remove the card from the slot.

Keep in mind that until you put the memory card back in the device, some smartphone apps may stop working. This means that application data was stored on the drive. Reconnecting the memory card, you activate these applications and will work with them as before.

The above recommendations will help you competently perform the steps to insert and remove a memory card, as well as enter it into the memory system on your smartphone. Do not forget that even simple manipulations with the smartphone require you to be known for accuracy and following the procedure.