How to Connect Music Center to Samsung TV

Music centers appeared on sale in the early 1990s. These were powerful sound machines with a radio, cassette deck and CD drives. Despite the fact that cassettes cannot be found on sale anymore, and CDs are rapidly going out of fashion, the music center is not outdated even today: a high-quality amplifier with speakers can well sound both a dinner party and a loose party. How to connect the music center to a computer, TV or laptop?

What is a music center

As a rule, a music center is understood to mean devices for reproducing sound from different sources combined in one case, as well as an amplifier. Cassette decks and CD drives are a thing of the past, but power amplifiers and speakers continue to improve. The large speakers that the music centers are equipped with today operate in the power range from 90 to 150 W and satisfy the requirements of the most demanding music lover. The frequency range of the emitters has significantly expanded; their acoustic characteristics have reached perfection. That is why many people are trying to connect other home equipment to the music center. a TV, computer, DVD player.

The old centers issued 10–20 years ago did not stand aside. Through standard AUX, line-in or microphone inputs, it’s easy to connect a tablet, phone or laptop to the music center. Your favorite music will sound in the apartment, in the office or in the country. Switching is usually not a big problem. It is only necessary to observe accuracy and the simplest safety rules. Consider the most commonly used in practice ways to connect to the music center.

How to output computer sound from a laptop

Most of the “computer” speakers do not differ in high sound quality, and the built-in “tweeters” of the laptop are designed to play system sounds. To enjoy the movie, enjoy your favorite songs or multimedia presentation, it is better to output the sound card signal to the music center.

To connect the computer to the music center, you will need a special cable with a 3.5 mm Jack connector on one end and two RCA (tulip) connectors, usually white and red, on the other. The principle of connection is that the linear input of the music center is connected to the linear output of the sound card of the computer. To do this, the Jack 3.5 mm plug is inserted into the socket on the computer (usually green), and two tulip connectors are inserted into the corresponding sockets on the body of the music center. In most devices, the line input needs to be activated. enable the LINE-IN or AUX mode, check according to the instructions of the center.

If the audio system does not have a RCA line input, a cable with two identical 3.5 mm Jack connectors at the ends will help to connect it to the computer. Such a wire connects the output of the sound card of a computer or laptop to the Jack jack on the front panel of the music center, marked as AUX, or IN. When switching, it is recommended that both devices be turned off.

Before turning on the sound, it is recommended to lower the volume of the music center, and then gradually increase the sound from zero to the desired value.

Both the primary and secondary line inputs must be activated in order for sound to enter the amplifier. Check the instructions for your center.

How to amplify TV sound

For ten years now, the main federal channels have been broadcasting in stereo. To make your favorite series sound brighter, it is recommended to connect a TV to the music center. Depending on the model of the television receiver, you will need an RCA-RCA, RCA-Jack or Jack-Jack cable. To connect the TV to the music center:

  1. Turn off the TV and music center.
  2. Find the AUDIO-IN connectors on the TV, pick up the adapter.
  3. Connect the cable at one end to the TV.
  4. Stick RCA Tulips into the music center.
  5. Route the cable carefully.
  6. Turn on appliances.
  7. Activate the center line input.
  8. Check for sound.

Most TV models have RCA line outputs, labeled AUDIO-OUT. If no such connectors are found, sound can be output through the headphone port. the Jack jack is often located on the front of the TV. Please note that the sound volume in this case will depend on the setting of the control on the TV.

How to listen to music from a smartphone in the music center

The music recorded in the smartphone will sound in its entirety if the signal is output to the speakers of the music center.

Traditional wired phone connection

Absolutely all phones have only one sound output. to headphones. To connect the devices, you need a Jack-RCA cord. A single 3.5 mm Jack plug is inserted into the jack on the phone. And two RCA “tulips” on the other end of the cord are connected to the line input of the music center. When you turn it on for the first time, it is recommended that you reduce the sound level to a minimum.

Modern alternatives: wireless connection via bluetooth (Bluetooth) or Wi-Fi

In some new generation stereo systems, the phone is connected using a wireless connection, it can be “bluetooth” (Bluetooth) or Wi-Fi. Some models are equipped with a phone jack on the dashboard. The smartphone simultaneously plays music and charges. The center with it can work as an alarm clock.

Unfortunately, music centers with such a connector depend on the phone model. you cannot connect an Android phone to the device for an “iPhone”. And blame for this should only manufacturers that produce non-standard devices. A detailed description of the capabilities of the center is given in the instruction manual.

Electric guitar connection

Any guitar must be connected through a special amplifier, musicians call it “combo”. Without it, the sound will be terrible. get a guitar amplifier so as not to torment yourself or others.

If a courier with an amplifier is stuck in traffic, but I really want to try out the new “Stratocaster”, it’s possible to connect a guitar to the music center. To do this:

  1. Take the adapter from the big “jack” (6.35 mm) to the “tulips” RCA.
  2. Turn a big jack into the guitar pickup.
  3. Insert both “tulips” into the linear input of the center so as not to think which column is correct.
  4. Keep the volume on the center to a minimum.
  5. Activate the center line input, if necessary.
  6. Take a chord while increasing the volume.

A guitar is a monophonic instrument, so sound will come from only one speaker.

How to make an MP3 player play through speakers

A portable MP3 player connects to the music center through the headphone output. To do this, you need an adapter with Jack 3.5 mm to RCA connectors. In addition, you can send a signal to the microphone input, connecting it with the sound output from the player.

Can I put a music center in the car

Those who spend a lot of time driving a car tend to equip the car with a good audio system. There is no better companion than your favorite music. It is very real to use the music center for this purpose. The only obstacle is the lack of an alternating voltage of 220 V, from which the audio center usually works. For modern electronics, there are no barriers that cannot be overcome.

Attention! Using abnormal equipment in a machine can be dangerous. Securely fasten the case, never control the audio system in motion.

Converters are available for sale that provide a transition from 12 volts to 220. The only thing to remember when using such a transformer to power the center is that when the engine is off, the battery is quickly discharged. As practice has shown, it is best to use the audio system while driving, when the engine and generator rpm exceed 2000 per minute.

How to install a subwoofer in a stereo system

A subwoofer is a special speaker that produces low-frequency sound waves in the range from 20 to 120 Hz. This acoustic device is often used in cars, it serves to play low bass. Since there is no stereo effect at low frequencies, the sound is not localized, but this creates a unique sounding atmosphere.

If there is a desire to upgrade the music center and connect a subwoofer to it, you need to read the manual for the center. Often on audio systems set up a special output, designated SUB. If there is no such output, the subwoofer can be connected to any line output. The circuit inside the device itself will “select” the sounds of those frequencies for which it is intended to be reproduced.

Active or passive subwoofer

The active subwoofer is equipped with its own amplifier, it is connected to the center line output. You can adjust the operating frequencies and volume on the device body. If the subwoofer is passive, then it connects to the gap between the center output and the regular speakers. The passive version is not equipped with an amplifier and is quite sensitive to the location in the room. It can not be located in corners or niches, this makes the sound extremely echoing.

USB flash drive connection

Modern music centers of the new generation, without exception, are equipped with a USB port. Through it, you can listen to audio recordings stored on information storage devices such as “flash drive”.

How to Connect Music Center to Samsung TV

If the center is not the newest and there is no USB port in it, the usual car FM-modulator, or transmitter, will help to get out of the situation. To do this, you need a small electric current transformer that converts the voltage of 220 W to 12 W. Usually it is made in the form of a car cigarette lighter. An FM transmitter with a USB input is connected to it. The tuner displays the frequency at which the modulator transmits the transformed signal.

Another option that will help combine new technologies with the center, without a USB input, is to connect it to a computer via the “AUX IN” output, as described above. Each computer has several flash drive slots that you can use to play a sound signal. The playback quality with such a connection will be significantly higher than when connecting a car FM modulator.

Connection of color and light music

A good addition to the music center is a color music device. Accompaniment of the sound row by the flickering of lamps of various colors creates a beautiful halo and indescribable atmosphere. In order to connect the color-music installation to the center, you need to use the adapter cord equipped with an RSA or DIN standard plug. If connection to the linear output is not available, you can modify the cord by creating a parallel connection to one of the channels.

Another way to connect light music is to connect directly to the speakers with crocodile clips. This method is possible if the cables going from the center to the speakers are located in an accessible place. Otherwise, you have to resort to soldering.

There are also color music installations equipped with a built-in microphone that “listens” to music and transfers its vibrations to the lamps. This installation does not need to be connected, just place it directly from the sound source and plug it into a power outlet.

Connecting a Wired and Wireless Microphone

Many audio systems feature karaoke. In order to use it, you need to connect a microphone to the center. This is done very simply: insert one end of the cord into the jack indicated by the MIC symbol or microphone icon.

Amplifier for Wireless Microphone

There are also wireless microphone models that give the performer greater freedom of movement. To connect to the same socket, you need to plug in the linear output of the receiving module, and insert the power elements. batteries or accumulator into the microphone itself.

The radius of action of such a microphone can reach from 10 to 50 meters.

Connecting a turntable

It may seem strange, but today the trend has revived. recording music on vinyl discs. Players of “giant” records began to appear on sale, working on the basis of digital reproduction of analog sound recordings.

Digital players of the new generation are combined with all modern audio systems and computer technology. Such a player is easily connected to the music center via a line input.

Connecting old record players to modern equipment is often technically difficult. To do this, it is necessary to solder the connectors of the connecting cords, and the music center must have a line input function.

Mixer Connection

Among other things, the music center is able to work with a mixer. This makes it possible to customize the sound according to playback needs. For example, when combining playing the guitar with singing, you must adjust the strength of a particular sound stream.

To make this possible, a microphone and a jack from the instrument are connected to the mixing console. Then the mixer through the line input is connected to the music center.

Depending on the model of the mixer and the rest of the audio equipment, the connection is made by various connecting cables, which are described in the technical documentation.

Additional antenna for the music center

One of the weaknesses of the first generation music centers was antennas with low sensitivity. This was due to the fact that far from every outback of our vast Motherland there was a stable FM-band signal. By trial and error, craftsmen found ways to improve signal reception, invented various types of antennas. In practice, a simple copper conductor up to 5 m long gives a good result. One end of such a cable is stripped and connected to the standard antenna jack, the other is laid along the wall.

Another proven option is to make a copper frame with a side of 60–70 cm with your own hands. By experimenting, you can find the best place to place such an antenna.

When connecting various acoustic devices to the music center, you must remember to observe personal safety rules. The main recommendation when connecting the cables is to completely disconnect the devices from external power sources.