How to Go to Cart on Phone

Instructions on how to use the basket on the phone. Where to find the Recycle Bin, how to empty it and delete it from the device, how to access deleted files.

Where is the basket on Android

The recycle bin on the computer works like this. For example, you delete files and folders by pressing the Del key or selecting Delete from the context menu. Data that you kind of

erase, in fact they are not deleted, but are moved to another area of ​​the physical disk. With a lack of free space, it is easy to empty the basket. If this is not done, the files can be restored within a month or more, depending on the settings and the size of the Recycle Bin that the user specified.

Where is the basket located in the Android OS? Unfortunately, there is no Recycle Bin on the phone. at least by default. Respectively. If you deleted files, then you can restore them only with the help of special programs, and even then not always.

Dumpster Mobile App

But there is a great way to fix this flaw. The Dumpster mobile app is the full equivalent of the Recycle Bin. After installing Dumpster, you can safely delete files, clean the Trash from unnecessary files as it is full, store deleted files in the cloud, and much more.

Key features of the Dumpster app:

  • Recovery of deleted photos,s, music (all possible media formats are supported), other formats
  • Superuser rights are not required to install the Recycle Bin on Android
  • Recover Deleted Android Applications
  • Preview (preview) of photos before restoring them to their former place
  • File protection with a blocker
  • Cloud deleted file storage
  • Auto cleaning function: after a set time, the Trash in Android is automatically emptied

Note. By the way, Apple developers implemented the Basket on iOS devices by making concessions to numerous users; they experienced understandable inconvenience in the absence of a mobile counterpart to Recycle Bin. So, there is a separate Basket for applications like Mail and Photo.

Where to download Dumpster for Android

The Dumpster app is available for free download through Google Play Market. The link leads to Google Play, where the full free version of the Dumpster app is available.

The latest version of the Dumpster application was released on December 14, 2017, the number of downloads reached 10,000,000, which clearly indicates the demand for the Basket on Android.

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Dumpster installs on your smartphone as a regular application and can work without root. At the same time, activated Root access will allow more efficient use of the Recycle Bin on the phone.

You can check the Enable root access checkbox by granting superuser privileges on the next screen. If you do not have root rights, it’s time to get them.

How to Go to Cart on Phone

Select files to store in the Recycle Bin

In the settings of the Dumpster Basket settings, you must specify the types of files that you need to take control of: Photos,s, Music, Applications, etc. files.

By default, all the checkboxes are checked, so immediately uncheck the boxes opposite those types that you do not need to store in the Recycle Bin on Android.

After that, the program will scan the memory card and device to add to its database all the files that can move to the Trash. Give your application time to complete this procedure.

Setting the Auto Bin feature

The auto-cleaning feature helps keep your Android smartphone / tablet clean and tidy. At the same time, you will be insured against the sudden deletion of files: nothing will happen to them and you can restore them in an emergency.

In the sidebar, select the Auto Clean section. Here you can set the interval when Dumpster will empty the Trash from files. The maximum storage period is 3 months, but you can also clear files on Android manually.

Delete and restore files from the Recycle Bin

As soon as you delete the file on your smartphone or tablet, it is moved to Dumpster for storage. Files are available on the main page of the application. For convenience, you can use a filter (drop-down menu with a list of file types). There is also sorting by date, size, type and name.

If you click on any file and select Restore, your files will be restored from the Recycle Bin back to Android, in the original folder, as if nothing had happened. Batch file selection is also available. Tap on one file and click on other elements to select them.

How to empty Android trash using Dumpster

If you want to manually delete all Dumpster files. empty the Trash, open the application menu (in the form of three dots) and select the Delete all item. This way you clear the contents of the Dumpster Trash. Be careful: having cleared the Trash, you will destroy all the data placed in the Trash on the phone!

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Note. This feature is available through a subscription (2.9 / month). In the cloud, you can store up to 20 GB of files. With this feature, you turn off ads in the Dumpster app.

Question answer

On a smartphone with Android 4.4.4 was Dumpster 1.0,508 (Recycle Bin for deleted files). Everything seemed to work. Maybe I didn’t immediately notice (because I didn’t pay attention), but now from the Recycle Bin the previously deleted files are not restored to the original folder. Upon recovery, they remain in the basket! And in no way can they be returned back.

Reinstalled Dumpster 1.0.508, installed other newer versions of Dumpster. Nothing helps. During this time, I updated the version of Android and deleted the “.thumbnails” folder. This folder appears in the phone’s memory in the DCIM folder. This problem rarely occurs and its cause is not clear. The.thumbnails file, which should be a database of thumbnails of images from the gallery, is increasing in size. On Android devices, there is a folder called.thumbnails (“.” before the name hides the folder in Android). This folder stores all thumbnails of the gallery even after deleting files.

So if you took piquant photos and then deleted them, then you know they are still stored in remote corners of the system folders!

Answer. Thanks for the detailed description of the problem. Yes, indeed, the files that you deleted in the so-called “Shopping cart” on Android, stored on the device, depending on where you installed the Dumpster application or defined in the location settings of the Dumpster Trash. Files are stored on the phone in unencrypted form (by the way about security), including pictures, photos, image thumbnails. While you reinstall Dumpster several times, you reduce the chances of returning photos, since most likely you install software in place of deleted files (if they are deleted, but not stored in the Dumpster folder).

I would advise you not to look for the problem in Dumpster, but to try to restore the photo using resuscitators like Undeleter for Android. If the photos were deleted on the memory card, then everything is solved even easier (see answers above).

I downloaded the “call recording” program. I deleted a lot of unnecessary and accidentally deleted an important conversation. I would like to restore it, but I can not find the basket. How to recover a recording file? Yes, it would not hurt to find out where the Basket is on Android. Phone Android Lenovo.

Drowned the phone, all the photos ands were on it. I bought a new one today, I thought about restoring everything from the Cloud Basket, and more than 60 days passed there. Tell me, can I somehow restore it?

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Shortcuts to remote programs on the tablet are not deleted. When you click Trash does not appear, it is also impossible to move. Even resetting to factory settings did not help. Tablet Irbis, Android 4.2

On Android, through the total, the commander deleted the files, when the deletion occurred, he wrote deleted in the trash, climbing each one. folder, did not find where he deleted it all, looked everywhere weight. The size of the deleted files was 2gb. everything was in one folder. I need to delete to the end, since there is no place at all. How to find and carry out the removal to the end?

The phone was updated to a new android by auto-update, and accidentally rebooted (battery ran out), as a result, the update took effect and the photos ands themselves were placed in the basket. Previously, they were on a microsd card inserted into the phone, when pressed “recover from recycle bin”, files disappeared in an unknown direction, neither in the trash nor on the map, cloud storage is disabled. Neither the phone, nor the card reader with Windows, nor the camera, as if it had simply been inserted, now does not respond to the card. Help return very important data and where is it now?

When automatically updating the software on the phone, all photos ands from micro-SD to the Trash are deleted. When you click in the basket to restore them, they disappeared completely. Micro-SD is not detected on any media, even on a computer. How can I recover important files? Maybe there is a program or what?

In Google photo in the Trash tab there are only deleted photos and there are nos that have recently been deleted from Votsap. They must be there!

On Android, I deleted and downloaded the application again”Google Photos”, as a result of which all files from the Recycle Bin were gone. Please tell me, is it possible to restore them?

The phone was very buggy and all thes that were in the Recycle Bin were deleted, or rather, when I want to restore them back, it says that this type of file is not supported. I do not know what to do. Is it possible to restore them from the Recycle Bin?

I had photos for 2016, they were stored in Google, then I don’t remember deleting them or not, but I really want to restore the photos from 2016, naturally they are not in the Google basket, how can I restore them?