How To Find Your Vodafone Phone Number

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Check invoice and service package

The cost of services, the number of free minutes, SMS and GB of Internet can be found in the conditions of your tariff plan on the tariff page.

SMS, free minutes, traffic volume, etc. The volume of services provided in the tariff plan can be found here

Always in touch

Be always in touch and do not miss a single call with free missed call alert services!

  • “They called you”. helps you not to miss an important call. With this service you can find out who and when called you while you were out of network coverage or when your phone was turned off.
  • “There is a connection”. It will help you find out that a previously inaccessible subscriber whom you could not get through to has appeared on the network again and you can call him.
  • “I’m on”. with the help of this service you can enable or disable to inform other subscribers about their appearance on the network (by default. allowed).
  • “The line is free”. It will help you find out that a previously busy subscriber has finished the previous conversation and you can call him.
  • Day / Night Mode. allows you to enter a ban on the delivery of notifications of missed calls at night. from 23:00 to 7:00 (by default. allowed).
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Using USSD commands and SMS to configure services:

To manage services, you can use the convenient voice menu. To do this, call the number 380501200000 or 284 and, following the voice prompts, go to the corresponding menu (menu-3-2).

Connecting / Disconnecting / Checking the status of services is free.

Services are provided free of charge to all subscribers of the operator’s network on an ongoing basis. For the correct operation of the services, check the correctness of the established call forwarding to the service number 380501200020. If you have a call forwarded to another number, the Always Connected services will not work.

Information about missed calls is stored for 24 hours from the time of the call. If during the day you did not turn on the phone, information about missed calls will not follow.

With an outgoing call, you can see “call forwarding on” on the phone’s display. This does not affect either the quality of the connection or the financial condition of your account. It is impossible to cancel the appearance of this message and the forwarding itself caused by the work of the Always Connected services.

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Additional services and services

Not sure which USSD request to get the information you need? Dial 133 # and use the tips to find the code you need.

How to Find Your Vodafone Phone Number

Want to know which content service subscriptions are activated on your number? To do this, just send a free SMS request with any text to the number 2828. If your number has active subscriptions, you will receive a response that will indicate the name of the connected services and information on how to disable them. For example: Weather in Kiev, to disable send SMS with text stop to number 5645.

If you do not have active subscriptions, you will receive a message with the text: “No active subscriptions.”

On the issue of disabling some archive services that are not displayed when requesting a number 2828 , please contact the contact center