How to Find Samsung Clipboard

The clipboard is a specially allocated RAM that stores fragments of text or files copied or cut by you. Thanks to such a convenient function, you can move the fragments you need to various places, copy any elements of the system with their further insertion. The data exchange function is present in all smartphones and is standard for the Android OS.

Using the clipboard can be quite simple, you need to select the text, it is done like this: hold down on the area of ​​interest of the text until the brackets appear and until the information is highlighted in blue. Then move the sliders so that all the relevant information is inside. Now click copy or cut and you will see the specified data in the buffer. Then in the right place, click “Paste.” It is worth noting that immediately after using the data, the buffer is not cleared and you can insert information an unlimited number of times.

How to Find Samsung Clipboard

Some smartphones have a feature that allows you to copy multiple fragments or files in parallel. Then you can simply paste the data, but there is an option to select the desired, copied item.

Where is the clipboard in the phone?

Since the buffer itself is an element of RAM, it does not seem to be available on the phone, since there is simply no separate file for this role, some models have a special function, but they are extremely rare.

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Despite the fact that there is no separate file, this does not mean that we cannot find out what is stored in the buffer and interact with it. There are several ways that allow you to work with this repository: using a regular editor or a special program.

So, how to find the clipboard in the phone, or rather its contents using notepad:

  • Open the test editor, each smartphone has a standard notebook;
  • On the screen where you can paste text, press and hold until the “Clipboard” button appears;
  • Then at the bottom of the screen you will see a field with various copied fragments. With a long press, a cross appears in the corner of the recording in order to delete the item on its own.

The action is not supported by all smartphones, but you can find out where the clipboard is in the Samsung Galaxy phone and most other models. Also, the method helps only in those gadgets that support multiple copying, otherwise the buffer will only have the last item and you can simply see it by inserting it into notepad.

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How to use the clipboard in Samsung and Lenovo phones using Clipper?

A more universal way to see the clipboard in an Android phone is regardless of the manufacturer, using the Clipper program. Clipboard Manager. It is specially designed for this purpose to interact with the clipboard and customize it.

The Clipper application is useful in that it allows you to add templates to RAM, so the elements that you often use will be stored in the second and subsequent tabs. Thus, you can configure this repository and use a multifunctional buffer with relevant text fragments.

Many users are looking for where to find the clipboard on the phone in order to free up RAM, since the smartphone lags. In fact, this is not always a useful activity, since the buffer does not take up much memory, but in cases when you have loaded a large amount of data there, this function can help you. It is also in the Clipper utility, you can access the removal simply by clicking on the item. The buffer gets clogged not only when copying, but also when watching online movies and using games.

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Thanks to the application, you can find the clipboard in a Lenovo phone, Samsung, and any other on the Android OS. There is another way that allows not only interacting with the buffer, but also reloading it.

Manual buffer restart

The question of where the clipboard is located in the phone arises when it simply stops working or functions with lags. In this case, you need to restore working capacity, the easiest way is to reboot the device, but if this does not help, then you should:

  • Go to the root directory of Android;
  • Delete the contents of the data / clipboard folder;
  • Now go to “Settings”;
  • Select “Applications”;
  • Next, open TestService and click “Stop”, then “Clear Data”;

To perform this action, you need to open root-rights in your gadget.

That’s all, we found out where the clipboard is in the phone, how to use it and interact with it. The clipboard is a very flexible tool, without it the use of any device is not complete, and the correct operation with it allows you to save a lot of time and effort.

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