Computer Glasses Which Are Better

Lenses for the computer are one of the means of protecting the eyes from the negative effects of the monitor. They belong to the category of practical and aesthetic products that do not require special care.

Features of computer-protected lenses: how do they differ from ordinary lenses

The modern ophthalmic market presents many models of contact lenses used when working with computers and other electronic gadgets. Their regular use eliminates the symptoms of irritation of the mucous membrane of the eyes, prevents it from drying out, minimizes fatigue, and relieves stress from the eyes.

Contact lenses for working with a computer have a number of differences from similar optical products used for decorative purposes or for vision correction. The use of conventional lenses leads to uncomfortable sensations and may even increase the negative impact of the monitor on the eyes. Therefore, before buying special lenses, you need to understand how they differ from ordinary ones.

Specialists distinguish such features of lenses for a computer:

  • The material of the products contains a significant amount of moisturizing component. This allows you to attract moisture to their surface, prevents its rapid evaporation and stabilizes the structure of the tear film. As a result, the cornea of ​​the organs of vision remains hydrated much longer than with conventional lenses.
  • High gas permeability. The manufacture of silicone hydrogel lenses provides increased oxygen permeability of products. A high oxygen permeability rate provides nutrition to the cornea in full. This in turn provides a comfortable feeling.
  • The use of special lenses for a computer not only provides visual comfort and relieves visual fatigue from the eyes, but also preserves their health. It is important to correctly and timely select special optical products exclusively with the help of a specialist.

The negative impact of the computer on vision: what is the help of special lenses

Frequent use of digital gadgets leads to a rapid deterioration in the functionality of the organs of vision. Exposure to multiple different factors negatively affects the health of all eye structures.

The negative impact of a computer on vision is as follows:

  1. The muscle tissue of the organs of vision is in a long static position, which leads to their weakening.
  2. Violation of the natural process of moistening the mucous membrane of the organs of vision. This condition increases the likelihood of infection of the eye, there is discomfort, itching, burning and irritation.
  3. Visual overwork. It is provoked by regular flickering of the image, to stabilize which the eyes automatically tighten. Fatigue of the eyes, redness of the mucosa and profuse epiphora appears.
  4. The likelihood of developing “Computer Visual Syndrome” is high. It increases with a decrease in eye accommodation after the age of 40 years. This pathological process has characteristic signs, the manifestation of which requires immediate medical attention.

Optical correctors help minimize the negative effects of a computer on the eyes. Their special structure and materials remove help reduce the load on the organs of vision, and also block the negative effects of the blue-violet spectrum.

The help of special computer products is:

  • elimination of dry eye syndrome;
  • a decrease in the manifestations of the intensity of photophobia;
  • stabilization of blood flow in the eyeballs;
  • reducing the load on the organs of vision;
  • lack of general fatigue;
  • increased performance.

Lenses for the computer provide maximum protection for vision and increase the visual perception of the computer screen. As a result, the possibility of a drop in the level of vision is excluded, which is an important factor in human life.

With and without diopters

Special glasses are an irreplaceable assistant to the organs of vision when working at a computer. Their manufacturers produce these optical products of various kinds.

One of the main advantages of glasses for working at a computer is the ability to use lenses with or without diopters. A characteristic feature of spectacle glasses for a computer without diopters is the presence of interference filters. Their structure has several layers covering the glass by vacuum deposition.

Their main task is to screen out the negative radiation spectrum, which provokes excessive eye muscle fatigue. With the right combination of all the optical parameters of interference filters, the spectrum of visible radiation from the monitor stabilizes to a safe state. In addition, the lenses provide favorable conditions for the eyes, help them relax, relieve tension and increase the working capacity of the visual nature.

If there are vision problems, ophthalmologists recommend the mandatory use of glasses for the computer. To create them, manufacturers use diopter lenses, which also have interference filter layers on their surface. Optical products prevent a decrease in visual acuity, while increasing the contrast of the image.

Specialists distinguish universal models with diopters that have both antistatic and anti-reflective coatings. Such products effectively protect the eyes from magnetic radiation while reflecting the harmful flicker of the monitor, the harmful stream of light and short-term glare. In addition, the intensity of artificial lighting is not important, since lenses with diopters improve the sense of visual comfort.

Which is better to choose contact and spectacle lenses for a computer

Experts identify the following basic criteria for choosing contact lenses for a computer:

  1. High oxygen permeability
  2. Increased hydrophilic properties of products
  3. Terms of wearing means for contact vision correction
  4. Also, when choosing contact lenses for working at a computer, it is important to consider the presence of ophthalmic pathologies.

Lenses for glasses for a computer are selected according to the following characteristic criteria:

  • Computer Lens Coating: BlueProtect, Crizal Prevencia, Mekk BLUE CUT
  • Material: glass, special plastic
  • Type: monofocal, bifocal, multifocal
  • Shadow level
  • Manufacturers: Germany, Switzerland, Japan.

In addition, it is important to consider the type of activity, visual acuity and the duration of use of computer lenses. The most useful for the eyes are products with a replacement period every day.

When choosing protective optical products used to work at a computer, you should not give preference to cheap products, not verified brands. Saving on eye health is irrational.

Review and of the best representatives of contact lenses and lenses for glasses

When choosing optical products for working at a computer, special attention should be paid to the manufacturers of these products. High-quality lenses from well-known manufacturers with appropriate characteristics provide the greatest degree of protection for the organs of vision.

Review of the best representatives of contact lenses:

  • Lenses of the Acuvue Oasys For Astigmatism and Acuvue Oasys models. Made of silicone hydrogel. The permeability of 146 units. Effectively moisturize the cornea of ​​the eye, eliminating signs of fatigue with prolonged exposure to the computer. The average cost of 1 package per 30 lenses is 1350 rubles.
  • MyDay daily Disposable from the CooperVision brand. The product structure contains a minimum amount of silicone. This provides intensive hydration and oxygen permeability rates of up to 100 units. Designed for one-day use, which prevents the accumulation of protein deposits on the surface of products. The price of packaging in the amount of 30 pieces is from 1980 rubles.
  • Optical products Dailies Total 1 from Alcon is one of the best representatives of lenses for working with computers. The material of manufacture is a special water gradient with a moisture content of 80%, a gas permeability index of 156 units. The lenses are not felt in the eyes, there is no symptomatology of dryness and irritation, regardless of the pastime on the monitor. The cost of one package No. 30 is 1483 rubles.
Computer Glasses Which Are Better

Review of the best representatives of lenses for glasses:

  • Refined spectacle lens BLUE CUT SHMC with multi-coating SPH from 0.00 to ± 6.00. Representative of single-focal polymeric lenses with multilayer multi-coating. Provide reliable eye protection from blue-violet light and glare of the monitor. They are characterized by high strength and the presence of a protective layer against abrasion, water droplets, antistatic and dirt. The cost is from 1730 rubles.
  • Gunnar Safety glasses are made using unique technology. The closest possible location of the lenses ensures a decrease in air circulation between the glasses and the body. As a result, increased humidity in the eye area. They have a slight plus in the range of 0.25 and anti-reflective coating. The price of goggles with lenses from Gunnar is from 6200 rubles.
  • Non-stigmatic eyeglass lens BLUE CUT UV420 SHMC SPH from 0.00 to ± 6.00. For the manufacture of products used material CW-420, which provides the minimum thickness among other types of similar products. Characterized by a multi-layer superhydrophobic SHMC coating with a reinforcing layer of HC. Also has anti-reflective coating and filter U420 BLUE CUT. The price is within 1280 rubles.

Manufacturers of optical products for working at a computer manufacture their products in various price categories. This allows you to choose high-quality protective lenses for each customer.

How to use them correctly when working at a computer

There are basic rules for using computer lenses. Their observance will allow not only to preserve the health of the organs of vision, but also can significantly increase a person’s working capacity. Regardless of the type of contact lens used, you must:

  1. If you experience the slightest discomfort while working at the computer, you need to remove the lenses and immediately drop eyes with moisturizing drops.
  2. Every hour it is recommended to go outside for 10-15 minutes, to saturate the eyes with oxygen.
  3. After working at the computer, the lenses must be removed.
  4. Do not exceed the wearing time of optical products.
  5. To store optical products of this group, use universal products with additional moisturizing components.
  6. During antibacterial or hormonal therapy, wearing lenses must be discarded.
  7. When diagnosing inflammatory processes of the eyes, wearing lenses for a computer is possible only with the permission of a doctor.

Proper use of lenses will eliminate the appearance of negative consequences from wearing them. The likelihood of developing ophthalmic pathologies of any etiology is also minimized.

Tips Tricks

Experts identify a number of recommendations that significantly help the organs of vision when working at the computer:

  • Adjust the brightness of the monitor depending on the light intensity of the room.
  • Control the natural blinking of the eyes.
  • Regularly, take half-time breaks every half hour, during which to conduct exercises from visual gymnastics.
  • The distance between the monitor should not be less than 55 centimeters.
  • Observe the water-electrolyte balance of the body, excluding dehydration of the mucous membranes of the eyes.
  • Take vitamin complexes, the pharmacological action of which is aimed at the activity of the organs of vision.
  • Systematically undergo preventive examinations by an ophthalmologist and, if necessary, carry out maintenance therapy.
  • In a room with a computer, monitor air humidity, and at its low rates, use special humidifiers.

These tips and tricks for working in computer lenses will provide reliable protection of the organs of vision from pathologies. In addition, maintain visual acuity for a long period of time.


  • Elena, 28 years old. By occupation, you have to spend 8. 10 hours at the computer. I use lenses for the computer Dailies Total 1 from Alcon. Eyes always look healthy, do not feel discomfort and vision does not deteriorate. I recommend to people who are careful about their health.
  • Alexander, 43 years old. He worked at the computer with glasses first. But, the modern ophthalmic market has created a practical and convenient protective tool for the organs of vision in the form of lenses. I use one-day products of the brand Acuvue Oasys. Images have a clear contrast, despite the length of stay at the monitor, there is no fatigue and tearing.
  • Elvira, 36 years old. After using lenses for a computer, I noticed a positive effect, which was manifested in the restoration of a normal state and a decrease in eye fatigue. The symptoms of the “irritated eye” of the organs of vision disappeared and even a little recovery of vision. Efficiency has increased, management has increased in position. So computer lenses not only preserved the health of my eyes, but also influenced the improvement of my life.

The right choice of optics for the computer and the strict implementation of the doctor’s recommendations for safe operation with gadgets provides reliable protection for the organs of vision and eliminates uncomfortable sensations.

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