How To Enter Huawei Engineering Menu

How to Enter Huawei Engineering Menu

Why an Android device needs rooting and what features it provides is known to a fairly large number of users, which cannot be said about the hidden advanced menu of hardware settings, also called the engineering menu. Few people know about these settings, and even fewer mobile device owners can use them. What is the Android engineering menu and why is it needed?

The Android engineering menu is nothing more than a special routine designed for developers to test the operating system and device sensors. The interface of this program is represented by a set of options that allow you to change the hardware configuration of the mobile device. With it, you can get comprehensive information about the hardware of the gadget, test the processor, RAM and physical flash-memory, wireless modes, configure the camera, display, microphone, speakers and much more.

Entrance to the engineering menu

All this, of course, is good, but how can I enter the engineering menu if the Android interface does not have the corresponding option? Entering the advanced hardware settings menu is carried out using a special code entered in the line for dialing a telephone number. The menu should open immediately after entering the last character of the combination, but in some cases, you may need to press the call button.

There is nothing complicated in the procedure itself, however, it should be borne in mind that there are codes for different models of mobile gadgets. Below we have provided a list of codes for the most popular manufacturers.

The engineering menu codes in Android are universal, however, their correct operation on phones with “left” firmware is not guaranteed. You can also use special programs to access the Android hardware settings, for example, MTK Engineering Menu or Mobileuncle MTK Tools.

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Such applications are especially useful on tablets whose firmware does not provide for a “dialer”. The interface and the set of available options in these programs are slightly different, however, to deal with them will not be difficult.

Whatever method you use, you should exercise maximum caution when working with the engineering menu. Before you begin, it is strongly recommended that you record all the values ​​of the original parameters in order to be able to restore the settings. It is unacceptable to experiment with the engineering menu just to find out what comes of it, so you can put your device into disrepair!

To get a list of engineering codes for a specific phone model, you can use the special application Secret codes, available on google play. On some models of mobile devices, for full access to the engineering menu, root privileges may be required.

What can be changed using the menu

You know how to get into the engineering menu, now let’s find out what settings you can use to make it. The possibilities are more than wide. The menu sub-program supports changing the speaker volume and microphone sensitivity, the settings of the built-in camera, audio settings, GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modules, turning off unused frequencies to save battery power. You can also test the key components of your device and an external memory card, configure I / O operations, determine the exact temperature of the processor and battery, and the level of harmful electromagnetic radiation.

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Another useful feature is to gain access to the recovery mode. an analogue of the BIOS on computers, which in turn contains a whole set of settings. The features of the recovery mode include resetting the device to the factory settings, updating the firmware, creating a backup of the operating system, gaining access to root rights, and deleting confidential user data. It is not possible to list all the engineering menu options within the framework of one article, the more sensors and components in a phone or tablet, the more extensive it will be.

Increase the phone volume through the engineering menu

And now we will demonstrate working with hardware settings using the example of one of the most popular operations and learn how to increase the volume on Android through the engineering menu. So, go to the menu using Mobileuncle MTK Tools or enter the “magic” code, then find and open the Audio subsection. If you entered the menu through the Mobileuncle Tools program, this subsection will be located in the Engineer Mode section of the higher order; in other cases, it is usually located on the Hardware Testing tab.

In the Audio subsection, the following options will be available to you:

  • Normal Mode. normal mode that works when a headset is not connected to the device.
  • Headset Mode. a headset mode that turns on when headphones or speakers are connected to the smartphone.
  • LoudSpeaker Mode. speaker mode. It is activated when the speakerphone is turned on, provided that a headset is not connected to the device.
  • Headset_LoudSpeaker Mode. speaker mode with a headset connected. The same as the previous one, but with headphones or speakers connected.
  • Speech Enhancement. this mode is activated when talking on the phone without using the speakerphone.
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There may be other settings in the section, for example, Debug Info and Speech Logger, but it’s better not to touch them. We select the mode for which we need to change the volume level (let it be Normal Mode), select Type in the list that opens and indicate for which function we will change the volume. The following functions may be available:

  • Ring. volume setting for incoming calls;
  • Media. setting the speaker volume when playing multimedia;
  • Sip. sound settings for Internet calls;
  • Sph. sound settings for the speaker;
  • Sph2. sound settings of the second conversational speaker (there may be no option);
  • Mic. change in microphone sensitivity;
  • FMR. FM radio volume settings;
  • Sid. it’s better not to touch this parameter, otherwise there may be problems with the interlocutor’s voice.

Selecting a function, scroll through the current list, set the desired Value (from 0 to 255) and click to apply the new Set settings.

To change the volume level, you can also use the predefined templates. the Level option. Most phones have seven levels, from 0 to 6. It is advisable not to touch the Max Vol setting, just as you should not set too high values ​​for Value, otherwise the sound in the speakers will begin to wheeze. Other modes in the Audio subsection are similarly configured.

For the new settings to take effect, some smartphones and tablets require a reboot.