Application for recording conversations on Android

We will consider mobile applications that allow you to record phone conversations on Android in automatic mode. We list their capabilities and show how to save and then listen to the recordings. Using the links you can download these applications for free and test on your mobile device.

“Call Recording”. Voice recorder application with simple settings. How to set up call recording

  1. Download and install the application from the Play Store.
  2. We agree to the terms and privacy policy by tapping on the button To accept.
    Application for recording conversations on Android
  3. We provide permissions by clicking on the button Allow, checking carefully.
  4. We go into the settings of the Call Recorder application through the upper right menu, item Settings.
  5. Slider Call recording should be shifted to the right.
  6. Recording mode Automatically.
  7. Activate option Record contacts, to record calls with contacts from the address book.
  8. In section Other options Saving Record You can set the record saving mode. Select Save record.
  9. Go to the settings section Record.
  10. Audio format Mp4.
  11. Received files are placed at / sdcard / CallRecordings /. The number of entries is limited only by the available space on the memory card.
  12. You can listen to the recording through the built-in library or using the audio player.

Automatically Save Records to Dropbox Cloud

Note. For storage in the cloud, the Dropbox mobile application must be installed on the phone.

  1. Go to Settings Cloud.
  2. In the window, select Dropbox.
  3. Activate the option Autosave in the cloud and click To come in.
  4. Pressing Allow, give thereby “good” to use Dropbox cloud using Call Recorder.
  5. Sync Records YES.

Some add-ons for using the recorder.

On the main page there are only 2 tabs: inbox and saved. All available recordings of conversations are placed here. In the free version there is also a banner with ads.

Call Recorder allows you to save recordings of conversations in the cloud storage, for example, Google Drive or Dropbox. This is convenient for organizing and protecting files, or in case of a lack of memory in the device.

Recording is turned on automatically (you can disable this mode in the settings). If the manual mode is set, then during the conversation you need to press the record button.

There are 3 operating modes in the auto parameters:

  • Record everything (works by default). When you activate this setting, the application saves conversations from all contacts, except those that were included in the list of ignored.
  • Ignore everything. In this mode, only those subscribers who were selected in the settings are recorded.
  • Ignore contacts. With this option, calls from those who are not on the list are recorded.

In the Pro version of the recorder, recording is activated by shaking the phone. This can be convenient if the automatic start did not work.

ACR call recording. Convenient program with flexible settings

ACR recorder interface is similar to application device “Call recording”. Only here on the main page are more tabs. Besides “Inbox”, there are items “All”, “Outgoing”, “Important” and a button for sorting records. The application also has a basket in which deleted files are located. However, the competitive advantage of this android application. An abundance of various settings (and, in fact, excellent functionality).

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ACR application for recording calls (telephone conversations)

ACR allows you to set a pin code at startup. This is useful when storing confidential data, which in most cases are conversation recordings. Another important feature was the large number of available formats for recording telephone conversations. There are 3GP, AMR, MP3, FLAC and many others to choose from. A total of more than 10 audio file extensions. If necessary, you can set a delay in the start of recording, and outgoing and incoming calls are configured separately. The conversation record is saved in the / mnt / sdcard / ACRCalls directory.

Unfortunately, in the free version of the program, only the automatic mode of recording conversations is available. But with proper configuration, manual switching on (pressing a button in a pop-up window) may not be necessary. This will help the options for saving conversations, which at their end will offer options for actions with the records. You can also choose to automatically delete short audio tracks.

Another important function of ACR was the work with cloud services. The program allows you to send saved phone calls to the network. Unlike the previous application, ACR has support for most repositories. Including OneDrive, WebDAV, FTP or Auto Email. In addition, it is possible to connect to the program via Wi-Fi. For more detailed settings, options for restricting file uploads and renaming entries are available.

Minus ACR. Limited support for android devices. In the program settings, you can see a list of devices that will not work with it.

CallRec great application for recording phone calls on Android

CallRec differs from the previous two in its flexible work with recorded files. There is a built-in editor. It allows you to adjust the received record and send it to other users. Conversations are automatically added to the tab. “Featured”. In addition to this item, on the main page there are sections “All”, “Inbox” and “Outgoing”.

CallRec application for recording conversations on Android

You can start recording in automatic mode or by clicking on a special button in a pop-up window. At the end, the program will ask if you want to save the audio recording to a memory card or android device.

CallRec has many audio recording settings. You can not save short conversations (the minimum duration is also set), pause before recording, you can also enable deletion protection or one of the preset modes for incoming and outgoing calls on the phone:

  • Record everything
  • Do not record audio
  • Record only contacts
  • Record only non-contacts

The principle of operation of presets as in “Call Recording” (we will not repeat).

Conversations can be recorded in one of three formats: AMR, MP4 or WAV. It is possible to change the quality of files. But the developer warns that on some Android devices errors may occur when changing parameters. Received entries are here: /storage/sdcard0/.CVRecorder/

For a more visual demonstration of the program, the developers have created several types of alerts:

  • Disable notifications when recording starts. Useful for very frequent use of the program on the phone.
  • Recording notification modes. Here you can choose to display notifications before or during recording, or you can turn it off completely.
  • Notification of the recording at the end of the conversation.
  • Notification of an error. It is preferable to enable this type of notification to avoid embarrassing situations.
  • Alerts when automatically deleting records. Occurs when the phone memory is full.
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Cube Call Recorder. Voice recorder with Viber and Skype

Cube Call Recorder. Free voice recorder for automatic recording of conversations on Android, as well as calls received on Viber, Skype, Whatsapp and other instant messengers.

Cube Call Recorder. Conversation recorder

Even if it is not planned to record mobile and stationary calls, it supports automatic recording of telephone conversations in applications such as Hangouts, Facebook (Messenger), Telegram.

Unfortunately, at the moment, recording of VoIP-telephony is not supported by the program on all Android devices. View a list of compatible smartphones / tablets here. https://goo.Gl/YG9xa.

Features of Cube Call Recorder:

  • Great sound quality. The application records the conversation in the highest possible bit rate (quality) for the mobile device;
  • Ease of use: just set up the recorder once, and all calls will be recorded automatically when the conversation starts until they end;
  • Auto record setting for specific contacts only. You can customize the list of preferences by selecting contacts from the address book;
  • Setting up the list of exceptions: similar to the previous paragraph, you can select the contacts, the recording of negotiations with which should not be conducted;
  • User recording of telephone conversations: by pressing the corresponding button. Convenient for saving certain fragments of the conversation
  • Built-in file manager for managing recordings: play, copy, quickly delete or share with other users.
  • Record a telephone conversation can be stored on a memory card and in the cloud Google Drive (pro)
  • Pincode Access Protection (pro)
  • Support for various audio storage formats. MP4 et al. (Pro)
  • Automatic removal of unnecessary conversations after a predetermined time (pro)
  • Masking mode (Cube Call Recorder does not appear in the notification panel, the program is not in the application list on the phone)

Frequently asked Questions

Why does the recording application not work on my phone?

The Call Recording application (and the like) does not work on all phones. This is due to the security policy of the Play Store and the manufacturer itself.

It is recommended to test the free version (you can download it from the links above) before purchasing the full version of the product.

Why do I need to record conversations?

Recording a telephone conversation is useful in many situations:

  • Audio recording is excellent evidence in case of asserting rights in court;
  • During business negotiations, the recording captures important facts: you can return to a fragment of the conversation.

Is audio recording of calls legal?

Recorded conversations can be of family, private value.

It is illegal to record other people’s conversations or without the consent of the interlocutors (see 138 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). Recording your conversation with the other party is legal. Accordingly, the use of recording programs is completely legal.

How to restore conversation records on the phone after resetting the factory settings?

Read this collection of questions and answers. Most likely, it will not be possible to recover from the internal memory. Try DiskDigger app for Android.

Is it possible to remotely listen to recordings of telephone conversations? And if so, how to disable this feature?

Negotiations are heard from the special services (if authority is given to this). Listening by private individuals of other people’s negotiations falls under the Criminal Code article, therefore, is illegal.

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When recording a conversation, the application writes: “unknown number”. How to make the names recorded in the phone book registered.

The developer most likely introduced such restrictions in order to anonymize the contacts. Try installing and testing other applications from the list.

Not all phones / firmwares have built-in capacity to record telephone calls.

This is because it is prohibited and, although not in all countries, but the manufacturer often does not pay attention to it and does not add this function to its phone, although it is often in demand.

Therefore, I recommend the TrueCaller application you can download below, and it is better than in the Google market.

I have no ads. This is the best free application for recording telephone conversations on android, although not all versions. I checked on Samsung, xiaomi, Huawei and Honor for automatic recording. It worked great.

What phones does the Android application for recording calls work on?

It can be said at all except Android 9, although it can also be done in it to make the recording work.

Google removed it in version 9. With the versions below, application developers have dealt with this problem.

Unfortunately, on Android Pie, Google has blocked all new, unofficial methods of recording voice calls in the new version of the system.

At the same time, he does not do it with malicious intent in many countries, recording calls is illegal or limited by many restrictions.

The company probably does not want to participate in any lawsuits, and although it does not allow recording calls, it probably does not want to be charged with negligence in this matter.

Nevertheless, the situation can be changed. To do this, you need to reflash your android phone with official firmware, but not Russian, but Asian. There it is allowed and the Russian language in the phone was, and will be.

You can still get the root of the law in a different way. This modifies the system, which restores the recordings of conversations by third-party applications.

The so-called rutting system, providing the user with more rights, basically provides complete freedom when adding new functions. Only rutting is not what ordinary mobile phone users should do.

This increases the security of the system and can lead to its malfunction. In addition, some applications, including many banking applications, may not work on such an unlocked device.

According to rumors from sources that are difficult to assess in terms of reliability, Google is expected to present an official API for recording on Android 9.

It is intended to take into account the legal provisions for recording conversations in all countries.

Brief description of my conversation recording application

The fact that it was installed by 250 million people is much that speaks of. The application not only makes notes, but also ensures the security of connections.

In it you will find an intelligent messenger: free chat with friends, identification of each SMS, spam blocking and more.

This is the best caller ID in the world to recognize anyone who calls you and if necessary, records the conversation.

Also provides full support for two SIM cards. This is just a brief description. You will find many more interesting things in it. Give it a try. Recommend! You can download below. Successes.