How to Connect Redmi Airdots to a Laptop

Connect Redmi AirDots to a computer or laptop via Bluetooth wireless network, for which you will need a built-in module or an external adapter with support for the technology of the same name.

How to Connect Redmi Airdots to a Laptop

How to connect AirDots to a computer?

If you connected wireless headphones to another device, you will need to untie them first:

  1. Go into the Bluetooth settings.
  2. Find “Redmi AirDots” or “AIRDOTS BASIC_R” in the synchronized list.
  3. Open the menu of auxiliary functions (its launch varies depending on the OS used).
  4. Click “Forget / Remove Device”.
  5. Refresh the list to make sure the headphones disappear from it.

This operation is necessary so that during the connection of the headset, it does not try to synchronize with several devices nearby. Otherwise, there is a chance of a malfunction and distorted sound signal transmission. An exception is when a user disconnects Bluetooth on a smartphone upon returning home to connect to a computer.

After fulfilling the above condition or synchronizing the earbuds for the first time, do the following:

  1. Remove both headphones from the case.
  2. If they are in active mode, hold down the headset buttons for 10 seconds until the indicators light up in red.
  3. Press the buttons again with your fingers for 2-3 seconds. The right and left earphones will synchronize, which will be indicated by a white glow of the indicator.
  4. The completion of the operation will accompany the sound from the right liner, after which its indicator will continue to light white with less frequency. The indicator on the left earphone goes off.
  5. Do not put the headphones in the case until the connection to the PC occurs.
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To connect to a computer or laptop running Windows 10:

  1. Open Start.
  2. In the lower left corner, select “Options.”
  3. A window will open from where you need to go to “Devices”.
  4. In the “Bluetooth and other” tab of the device, activate the wireless connection by clicking on the corresponding toggle switch.
  5. In the list of devices available for connection, select “Redmi AirDots_R”.
  6. After a few seconds, the connection will be established, and the warning indicators on the headset will turn off.

Attention! If you could not connect the headphones the first time, untie them from the device and repeat the steps described above. On other operating systems, the path to setting up bluetooth looks similar.

AirDots Headphones Cannot Connect

When after several attempts, the headphones do not connect to the laptop, disappear from visible devices or lose the active connection during use:

  1. Turn off the headphones by removing them from the case.
  2. Hold the keys on both ears for 15 seconds until a triple flicker of the white LED occurs.
  3. Return the headset back to the case to charge.
  4. Go back to “Bluetooth and others” on the computer and connect the earbuds.
  5. Confirm synchronization between devices.
  6. Test their performance by running a song.
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On a PC, the control keys do not work at all or use a single touch to pause the music player.

Important! The quality of signal transmission depends on the distance between the headphones and the Bluetooth adapter installed in the PC. The reason for the breakdown of active creation is a busy connection (the computer communicates with several devices) and frequency noises, for example, in cafes or other public places.


Xiaomi Redmi AirDots Wireless Headset connects to any device with multimedia features, including PCs and laptops. Problems with synchronization are often caused by connecting to multiple devices.