Why Disconnects Sony Xperia Z5 Phone

Why Disconnects Sony Xperia Z5 Phone

On your android, when you call, does the screen go blank immediately and turn black? If so, then the problem is most likely with the proximity sensor in the phone.

This problem can appear on any phone, for example, sony xperia, mi xiaomi, lumiya, compact, samsung, asus, xiaomi xiaomi, but it is noticed that most often the screen goes blank on sony z3.

over, it happens that it goes out and does not turn on. this is not a joke. If this happens when answering a call or with an outgoing call, then the proximity sensor is most often the culprit.

What is a sensor and how does it work in android? The proximity sensor has several functions, but the most important task is the automatic blanking and display backlighting during a voice call.

This is done by determining what is next to your face and phone. When the phone approaches your ear, the sensor detects your head and the screen turns off so as not to drain the battery and to prevent accidental disconnection of the conversation.

In turn, when you remove the phone from your ear, the screen lights up, so you can disconnect the call or use other functions (numeric keypad, switch the conversation to the speaker, etc.).

When it comes to damage to the proximity sensor, the mechanism described above stops working, so the phone can’t make a conclusion whether it’s currently near the face.

The problem with the proximity sensor usually manifests itself in the fact that the screen immediately goes blank during a call and lights up only after a call, or vice versa. the screen does not go blank, even if you attach it to your face during a call.

Causes of problems with the proximity sensor when the screen goes blank during a call

A problem with the sensor can occur both in software and in purely mechanical damage.

If the problem is with the software, you can often fix it yourself.

For example, by recalibrating the sensor, by restoring the phone to the factory settings, or reinstalling the software.

Screen calibration solves many problems. How to make it a guide is here.

If the problem was the result, for example, a phone crash, then there was probably a mechanical damage to the sensor.

Often this also happens when there is a “tear-off” from the top of the case with the bottom of the phone (in particular, on the Sony Xperia).

Of course, purely mechanical problems are best solved by sending equipment to the service, because replacing the sensor is not easy.

The first solution is when the phone screen goes blank during an incoming call. remove the film or glass

First remove the film or tempered glass from the phone screen. In some smartphones, due to their design, they can close the sensor and cause an erroneous detection distance.

Tearing off the tempered glass can restore the normal functioning of the sensor.

Of course, for some this may seem ridiculous, but Google Uncle or Yandex will give you hundreds of records from their “warehouse”, where users complain about problems with the proximity sensor after gluing poor quality glass.

The second solution if the phone screen goes blank while answering a call. calibration

Sometimes the problem is updating the software, for example, which for some reason contributes to the deregulation of the proximity sensor.

In this case, you can use the free application, which, when installed in several stages, can calibrate the sensor, for example, Proximity Sensor Reset.

It is not difficult to use it. a wizard will guide you through the whole process, and at the end, you must confirm the new calibration, which will restart the phone.

After that, you can make sure that the calibration helped and now the phone screen does not go blank during a call.

The third solution is when the phone screen goes blank during an outgoing call. restoring factory settings

Another option that you can try is to restore the factory settings on your phone.

Unfortunately, this option deletes all data from the phone, so do not forget to copy files, photos, music,s, contacts, SMS and others to a safe place.

Then go to Settings Backup and reset ”and select“ Factory settings ”.

Depending on the brand and installed software version, the factory settings may also be located elsewhere.

After confirmation, the phone will reboot and all data will be deleted, and the device settings will be reset to factory defaults.

When you turn on your phone for the first time, you need to re-enter the settings (language selection, log in to your Google account, etc.).

After completing the operation, make sure that the screen works correctly during a call and does not go out.

The fourth solution, if the phone screen goes blank, turns off the sensor

If your phone is no longer under warranty and all other solutions have not helped, then the sensor is likely to be physically damaged, so that the screen goes blank immediately after the start of a call.

If you do not want to spend money on maintenance, turn off the screen off during a call.

As a result, the screen will constantly light up during a conversation, and you can use the on-screen buttons to activate the speakerphone or remove the keyboard.

The disadvantage of this solution is that when we speak with a lit screen, we can accidentally press the buttons.

In order to be able to disable the proximity sensor, you will need to install a special module Xposed Framework.

To do this, you need to get ROOT (root rights) in order to get administrative privileges,

Your phone’s screen still goes blank. a few proven tips

Some owners were helped by the option of cleaning the speaker mesh. Sometimes there is a motion sensor. Take a small brush and clean everything carefully. all of a sudden it will help you too

There are cases that on Xperia Z3, with a strong pressure on the top of the screen, even a click is heard inside and the problem disappears.

In some smartphones in the call settings there is an intelligent processing option. try turning it off if you find it.

Sony phones very often the screen comes off from the case and there is such a problem. neat gluing solves it.

You can also disable incall ui application in application settings. If this does not help, then in the notification settings, try to enable notifications for this application.

Of course, other reasons cannot be ruled out, but I end here. As the saying goes, he could help with what he could. Successes.