How to Connect Network Cable to TV

A few days ago, an instruction was published to connect the TV to the Internet via Wi-Fi, you can read it po-wi-fi-na-primere-lg-32ln575u /. Today I want to prepare an article and talk about how to connect the TV to the network via a network cable.

How to Connect Network Cable to TV

A cable connection can come in handy in two cases: when your TV does not have a built-in (or external) Wi-Fi module, and when you do not have a Wi-Fi router (or there is simply no way to connect to a wireless network).

We will consider two connection methods:

  • Connect directly using the LAN cable that you most likely have at home (the cable that the provider laid).
  • And connection through a router.

In both cases there is nothing complicated.

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I will show on the example of the LG 32LN575U TV.

Connection through a router

For example, you have a router, and the TV does not have Wi-Fi. We can simply lay a network cable from the router to the TV.

Our router must be connected to the Internet and configured.

We connect one end of the cable to the router, to the yellow connector (I apologize for the quality of the photo).

On the TV, connect the other end of the cable to the network connector (RJ-45). It’s better if the TV is turned on.

It should be something like this:

If all is well, then immediately after connecting the cable, a window should appear on the TV with a message that connected to a wired network (it quickly disappears).

Everything, the Internet on the TV is already working! You can use all the features of Smart TV.

Connection directly by network cable from provider

Here, almost everything is the same as in the previous method. If your provider uses connection technology “Dynamic IP” (you can check with support), then just connect the cable to the TV and everything works.

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But if technology PPPoE, then it’s already a little more complicated. For example, on my LG 32LN575U there is no way to configure such a connection. There is already only one option, install the router and raise the connection on it. And already by cable, or via Wi-Fi to connect the TV.

But, as far as I know, for example, some Samsung TVs can raise a PPPoE connection. See the specifications, check with the manufacturer.

We set static IP and DNS on the TV

It may be necessary to set a static IP and DNS when connecting via LAN (the provider can also use this technology), this can be done. Showing how # 128578;

Go to Smart TV and select the network icon (you can also through the settings).

Press button Set up connection.

Choose a button Manual setup.

The cable must already be connected!

Choose a button “Wired”.

Next, set the desired IP and DNS manually. Push Ok.

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The TV will build a network map and display the result of an Internet connection. Like this (your card may differ, this is normal):

Click Done. All wired network with static IP is configured.

The provider makes binding by MAC address. Where to watch MAC on TV?

If your provider is binding on the MAC address, and the Internet is already tied to a computer, for example, then connecting it to the TV will most likely fail. It is necessary that the provider changes the binding to the MAC address of the TV.

In this case, we need to find out the MAC address of our TV. This can usually be done in the settings.

The LG 32LN575U tab Support. Inf. about product / service.

That’s all. If you have questions, ask them in the comments! Good luck!