How to Increase Samsung J2 Prime Memory

Last year, the South Korean manufacturer greatly expanded its range of budget devices. Such phones have long been in high demand, especially during the holidays become hits.

This article will discuss the device Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime. The price of this device has already fallen slightly. Belongs to the device budget devices. “Filling”. on the Middle level. The operating system is the “Android” version six.

How to Increase Samsung J2 Prime Memory


The gadget in question in the article is sold in a company box. She is white. On its back surface you can see all the legal information about the manufacturer, as well as the technical characteristics of the smartphone.

The kit includes a phone, charging, cable for connecting to a computer and documentation. The charger is designed to deliver 1 A. The phone does not have a quick “recharge” system for the battery.


The review of Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime should be continued with the description of the device appearance. In general, the design is very similar to all other gadgets in the Galaxy J. line.

The case is made of plastic. The structure has roughness and roughness, due to which the device will lie well in the palm of your hand and will not slip out. All keys and ports are in places familiar to all users of South Korean gadgets. This can be understood by looking at the specifications of the Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime. Below you can easily find the connector for charging and synchronization, as well as a microphone. Above is the headphone output. He is a standard minijack. On the left side there is a button for adjusting the volume of the device, but on the right there is a button for turning on / off.

Under the cover you can see the battery. It is removable type. There are three slots here: for SIM cards and an external drive. This decision was liked by many buyers, since most often in most smartphones a memory card is inserted instead of the second “SIM cards”.

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Even with the fact that the device belongs to the budget segment, it received a good build quality. Backlash and creaks are not noticed.


Smartphone Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime works with a regular 5-inch screen. Based on IPS type matrix. The display resolution for such a diagonal is small. only 960 by 540 pixels. Viewing angles are not impressive.

The sensor is capable of working with two simultaneous touches. In the sun, the information is readable, but not as good as we would like. Contrast and brightness. on the highest level.

Performance and memory

The device runs on a processor from MediaTek. It operates on 4 cores, the frequency of which is 1.44 GHz. Of course, there is a graphics chipset. Its frequency is 600 MHz.

RAM was 1.5 GB. Only 400 MB is available to the buyer after the phone is fully loaded. The internal storage is capacious. 8 GB. You can install a memory card.

Communication features

The Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime review continues with the fact that the phone works with wireless networks. The frequency range is no more than 2.4 GHz. Working with Wi-Fi signals is average in speed.

Built-in navigation module. He does his job well. The device also has bluetooth support. Its version. 4.0.


The phone in question in the article works on the “Android” version six. Additionally installed shell TouchWiz. This is indicated in the official specifications of the Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime. The shell received a slightly updated interface, and some functions were trimmed. We are talking, for example, about changing the settings of the color profiles of the display, as well as other proprietary options.

Even with the fact that some features were cut from the system, it is difficult to call it easy and easy to learn. In addition to this, it impresses many customers with how much it consumes RAM and internal memory.

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The phone does not have a function for adjusting the brightness of the screen. However, there is a special regime called “On the street”. Thanks to him, the brightness can be raised to a maximum level.

Buyers note that the operating system is fast, there are no complaints about it. It works well, smoothly. Problems and failures are not observed.


Like most gadgets from Samsung, this budget phone has two cameras. a front camera of 5 megapixels and a main one of 8 megapixels. The menu is intuitive, both a child and an inexperienced adult will cope with it. This was stated by the manufacturer, announcing the characteristics of the Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime at the presentation.

The front camera has a wide-angle lens, flash. The owners note that she does an excellent job with her tasks.

Battery life

The phone works with a 2600 mAh battery. Even though the battery did not differ in its power, the chip is not very demanding in energy. However, the smartphone did not differ in special characteristics of battery life.

Two power-saving modes are built-in. as indicated in the specifications of the Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime. Users note that with active browsing through the browser, the phone will last about 8 hours. You can spend the same amount of time with the turned on in 720. If the screen is off and the player is in maximum mode, then the person will be able to use the phone for 40 hours. At maximum load, the device will work for no more than 4 hours.

Advantages and disadvantages

Among the positive aspects, buyers note a well-functioning GPS navigator, a good chipset and the usefulness of all pre-installed applications. In order to increase the battery life, the system itself was optimized. Games show good performance. There is a separate slot for the memory card in the Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime. The main camera pleased many.

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What are the flaws buyers notice? Unpleasant impressions were due to the plastic case. Permanent memory is too small. There is no light sensor. The screen has a small resolution, given that its diagonal is capable of producing better pictures. There is an air gap between the display and the glass installed for protection. shooting is poor. The cost, when compared with Chinese manufacturers, is great. calling is also of poor quality.

Who is the phone for?

The device performs well in games. Satisfied will be those people who care more about how many frames per second the device produces, rather than the number of pixels per inch. The price of the Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime ranges from 7 thousand rubles.

In addition, those users who value high-quality software will certainly be completely satisfied. However, if the quality of the camera, the resolution of the display and the assembly of good materials are important, then you need to bypass this device.


If you compare the smartphone Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime with any other “state employees”, it should be noted that the device has balanced characteristics. For example, the screen is not the best, but the cameras are good. The operating system is fresh (at the time of release), and overall performance is not bad.

The described gadget is suitable for those who do not want to spend money on an expensive smartphone made by a Chinese manufacturer. The phone from Samsung shows excellent performance and has average performance. Of course, there are some flaws, but many buyers turn a blind eye to them.