How to Connect a TV Tuner to a Computer

How to Connect a TV Tuner to a Computer

Sometimes users want to use a home computer to watch their favorite TV channels. And therefore they are interested in how to connect the tuner to a computer? By the way, there are many additional options for connecting a TV tuner or connecting the IP-TV function.

Some tuner features

TV tuners are divided into internal, which can be connected to a PCI slot directly integrated on the motherboard, and external, which are more unique. Because, you can connect a TV tuner of this kind to more reproducing devices. Internal tuners are rarely used on laptops, but are convenient on a home PC if they are often used. External ones during installation do not require intervention in the internal technical system of the unit; they are easily disconnected and removed from the PC. Can easily be connected via USB to a laptop.

Typically, a kit includes equipment that includes a personal antenna. Such an antenna can usually be used only in places with high quality television signal. When buying your favorite tuner, you should not forget that some of them provide for connecting to external AC voltage sources, which can be a serious problem if you need to connect to a laptop on the street, or where there are no outlets.

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Install only the software that comes with the hardware. Do not use programs of unknown developers. In how to connect the tuner to the TV, it is important to use a special jack for connecting a satellite or room antenna. Using the installed program, activate the channel search function and only at the end of this process, delete unnecessary ones or those whose display quality does not match what you want.

How to connect a TV tuner is not limited to this. It is necessary to fine-tune the image parameters: brightness, color gamut, contrast. Make sure the remote control is working. Save the settings and channel lists. Modern tv. tuners are practically limited in their capabilities. The main thing. make the right choice of a device that would suit your goals, for example, transmitting a signal to several consumers at once.

Tuner connection

When choosing a tuner, first of all, you should pay attention to some features. For example, when using modern TVs with LCD or plasma screens, pay attention to the capabilities of the tuner to support the required screen resolution. Learn about the ability to connect digital channels.

  • Before connecting the TV tuner, connect the purchased device to the network (if necessary);
  • then establish a connection with the computer;
  • connect the antenna unit to the corresponding connector;
  • Install the required drivers and software;
  • configure the parameters of their use and operation of the device.
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Connect the tuner to the TV sets. Use the connection channels provided by your devices for this (it is desirable that these are DVI and HDMI channels for obtaining a higher quality image). In the settings menu of each of the television sets, configure the “Signal Source” item. By specifying the required connector.

Most modern tuners also have the ability to connect the tuner to a computer and watch TV channels on the monitor. On the menu “Start” choose team “Run“. To find “TV Signal Settings” and perform channel programming. Channel settings become available. Store channels in memory with a convenient digital value.