How to Connect a Tricolor Receiver to a TV

Television Tricolor involves the acquisition of a satellite dish (antenna) and receiver. Professionals will come to connect the plate, because it must be tuned to a specific satellite with maximum accuracy. But you can connect the receiver to the TV yourself. How to connect Tricolor to 1, 2, and even 10 TVs yourself?

  • How to connect a TV to the Tricolor TV receiver: step-by-step instructions
  • How to connect Tricolor using a satellite receiver
  • How to connect a combined system “Tricolor TV broadcast digital channels”
  • How to connect Tricolor TV without satellite receivers
  • How to connect 2 or 4 TVs to “Tricolor TV” based on the GS E501 / C591 system

How to connect a TV to the Tricolor TV receiver: step-by-step instructions

How to Connect a Tricolor Receiver to a TV

When all the cables are laid, the antenna is installed and tuned to the satellite, you need to proceed to the direct connection of the television to the cable.

We offer to consider detailed instructions:

  1. It is necessary to pay attention to the rear panel of the receiver. There are LNB IN connectors on it. Connected to a convector, LNB OUT. For a high-frequency antenna cable, a connector for a power supply, and also, depending on the tuner model, SCART, HDMI, or “tulip”.
  2. Since the model range of Tricolor TV receivers is quite diverse, the set of available connectors may vary. There may be all of the listed outputs, but it happens that there is only one kind. A USB output is needed to update the tuner software.
  3. Next, you need to focus on the differences in the firmware of the receivers. Some of them allow you to broadcast images to all outputs, others. Prompt the subscriber to choose which output the signal will go to. Depending on the technical characteristics of the tuner, there are several options for connecting it to a TV.
  4. So, no matter what cable the subscriber will connect the receiver to the TV, you need to take the antenna cable and connect it to the tuner LNB IN jack.
  5. If you plan to use a high-frequency cable, you need to connect through the LNB OUT and the antenna connector of the TV.
  6. Next, you need to turn on the receiver and the TV. The fact that the receiver started working will be indicated by the inscription “Boot” on the tuner display. When the channel number appears instead of this label, you need to search for channels on the TV until “No Signal” appears. This will mean that the subscriber has connected the receiver correctly.
  7. In the same way, connect SCART. EXT, “tulip”. AV or HDMI cable. Using the remote control from the TV, the desired type of input signal is selected. AV, EXT, HDMI, sequentially pressing the Sourse button (or “TV / AV” on older TVs) until “No signal” appears. The connection was successful, it remains only to configure the antenna.

The most common problem where a connection cannot be made. Improperly selected cable connector, so you need to be extremely careful!

How to connect Tricolor using a satellite receiver

Cheap cables are still bad because they age over time. After a few years, and even after a year, the picture on the TV becomes of poorer quality, or even disappears.

When connecting the Tricolor television, the distribution television network should be built as follows:

  • From the installation site of the TV (TVs), a cable is laid to the installation site of the satellite signal distribution device (this can be a multiswitch or an active splitter).
  • Switchgear. Active equipment, so in the place of its installation it is simply necessary to provide a power outlet with power 220 V.
  • Further from the place of installation of the distribution device, lay 2 cables to the place of installation of the plate. If only 1 cable is laid to the satellite dish, there is no way to lay more, then you can use a polarizing diplexer. It helps to transmit 2 polarizations from the antenna to the multiswitch on one cable (there are restrictions for using a polarizing diplesker along the cable length and its attenuation coefficient).
  • The antenna can only be installed on the south side of the house. In the immediate vicinity of the antenna installation site, there should be no tall trees and buildings.
  • A television outlet is installed near each TV connected to Tricolor; it, like the cable, must be marked “Sat”.
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All other equipment for connecting Tricolor TV is selected by Tricolor specialists. They choose the most suitable place for installing the antenna, install it, configure it on the Eutelsat 36A / 36B 36th east satellite, terminate the cable with F-connectors, connect the cables, install and configure the satellite signal distribution device, measure the signal level and quality in television outlets, if necessary, install and connect satellite receivers and televisions.

How to connect a combined system “Tricolor TV broadcast digital channels”

If there are several televisions in the subscriber’s house and not all are used equally intensively, it is recommended to install a combined system in which the most frequently used televisions, on which you need to have the maximum number of channels used (including in high definition format. Full HD) are connected to the television ” Tricolor TV ”, and those TVs on which there will be enough thirty digital channels are connected only to digital free channels.

Digital channels are broadcast from Ostankino as part of three multiplexes:

  1. RTRS 1 (Russia 1, Match TV, Russia 24, NTV, Channel 1, Russia K, Carousel, Channel 5, TVC, OTR);
  2. RTRS 2 (Muz TV, TNT, World, Star, Friday, TV-3, Home, STS, Spas, Ren TV);
  3. RTRS 3 (Match! Arena, Match! Game, Match! Fighter, My Planet, Science 2.0, Russian Novel, Russian Best Seller, Russian Detective, History, Cartoon, Sundress, Country, Amusement Park, IQ HD, 24 Doc, 24 Techno, Mother and Child, NVT, Trust, Euronews, First Music, Cinema House, Time, Telecafe, 365 Days, TNT Comedy, Many TVs, HD Life, STV, India, Comedy, A-Minor, Interesting Cinema, Kitchen TV, Auto Plus , Our football, Life news).

In order to implement the system, it is necessary:

  • Install satellite and digital terrestrial antennas;
  • From the satellite dish you need to lay two cables to the switchgear and one. From digital terrestrial antenna;
  • Each cable is connected to one device;
  • The digital terrestrial signal must be made more powerful (amplified) before being connected to the switchgear. To do this, an amplifier or mini head station is installed (which is more preferable).

As a result of the work performed, at each branch of the switchgear there will be both a satellite signal “Tricolor TV” and a digital broadcast signal. It will be distributed on a distribution network to each TV.

To watch Tricolor TV channels, you need to install the Tricolor TV receiver or CAM module.

On other televisions, you can watch digital channels for free.

How to connect Tricolor TV without satellite receivers

If the TVs in the subscriber’s house are mounted on the wall with a bracket, and there is no place to install the Tricolor TV receiver, or the subscriber wants to control the Tricolor TV only with one remote control from the TV, it is proposed to install the Cam module (conditional module access DRE-Crypt MPEG-4) or headend.

In this case, the distribution network is being built in the same way as for connecting Tricolor TV on satellite receivers.

  1. A special TV interface through a television network must be connected to a plate.
  2. Cam-module is installed in the CI-slot of the TV, in the TV menu you need to register the settings for broadcasting television “Tricolor TV”.
  3. Connection “Tricolor TV” made successfully.
  4. Satellite TV channels are controlled via a remote control from the TV.

Connecting the television “Tricolor TV” using a television satellite headend. The task is not easy, and even more expensive. In this case, the signal from the dish (satellite dish) will be fed to the headend, in which it is converted to digital cable format DVB-C.

  1. From the headend through a distribution television network, the signal will be fed to the antenna input in the television.
  2. You need to configure the channels on the TV by the usual channel search through the main menu.

How to connect 2 or 4 TVs to “Tricolor TV” based on the GS E501 / C591 system

If there is a need to connect two, four, six or more TVs (mini-hotels, cottages with multiple families and more), then you can really save by using the GS E501 / C591 system.

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In 2014, the General Satellite company developed and released a set of Tricolor TV equipment for 2 TVs. GS E501 / C591. Such a kit will cost not much more than a kit for one TV. The option of connecting 4 TVs using two GS E501 / C591 systems is considered the most profitable.

But, the connection scheme of the Tricolor TV GS E501 / C591 system is slightly different from the one described above. This must be taken into account when laying cables.

  1. To install the Tricolor TV GS E501 / C591 system, the plate is installed as for simple equipment.
  2. The converter is used by QWAD. With four independent outputs.
  3. From the converter to each GS E501 receiver, you need to lay two coaxial cables of the marking САТ.
  4. GS C591 receivers connect to the GS E501 receiver through a Category 5e UTP cable (twisted pair).
  5. If the subscriber’s house has a computer network. SCS, then category 5e UTP cable is not necessary to lay, since the signal can be transmitted over the SCS home network.

You made a long-awaited purchase and thought about how to connect a new Tricolor receiver to a TV without any problems? The manufacturer is interested in making his device as accessible as possible in terms of connecting out of the box. Consider the algorithm for connecting the receiver to a TV and satellite dish.

Features of old and new models of receivers

All Tricolor prefixes have letter designations:

  1. Cable connection. Abbreviation C on the box.
  2. Ground receiver. Letter T.
  3. Satellite receiver. S.
  1. HDMI cable.
  2. High-frequency antenna output.
  3. Tulip.
  4. SCART wire

Receiver Connection Diagram

The old generation of consoles has an antenna output and SCART. Some modern models only have HDMI. Before you purchase equipment and connect it to the provider’s network, you should compare all the pros and cons, ask the consultant about the speed with which the device is turned on, as well as its technical characteristics.

All devices of the provider are pre-configured and do not require additional manipulations, however, difficulties can arise in the hardware plan, for example, the lack of necessary adapters.

The connection procedure can not be called complicated or confusing: any specific knowledge and tools are not required here. The main thing is to follow the instructions and do not forget about safety. Let’s figure out how to connect the receiver in different ways.

Satellite dish connection

The procedure will require cable and a pair of type F connectors. The latter in a good half of cases are bundled with the receiver. If the cable will be laid around the house, then the most affordable option in the person of RG-6 will do. But when the wire for the most part goes outside, it is better to take more reliable, as well as expensive options, such as RK-75 or SAT-50.

After laying the cable, its ends must be cleaned:

  1. Using side cutters, align the end of the core, biting it 1-2 mm.
  2. We cut the insulation by 1 cm.
  3. We lay the braid along the cable.
  4. We remove the insulation left from the central core, stripping 2-3 mm.
  5. We wind the connector.

We connect one end of the cable to the unit on the Tricolor satellite dish, and the other to the receiver (LBNin interface). The connectors on the equipment must be threaded, so there are usually no problems with the connection.

Connecting the receiver to a TV

This is a modern connection format. A good braided cable eliminates any signal loss or signal conversion. The output content is obtained with the same scan and bit depth of sound as it leaves the provider. In addition, Tricolor is slowly starting to abandon the outdated MP2 and MP4 codecs, and their place is taken by high-resolution.

To connect, just insert the connectors on the receiver and TV. The latter can be equipped with several outputs. Most often they are numbered. After connecting it is necessary set the appropriate signal source in the TV menu: HDMI port 1, 2, 3, etc.

HDMI. The optimal format for connecting the receiver to a modern TV

Coaxial RF

These interfaces were equipped with equipment 10 years ago. Broadcasting is organized in analog format therefore, the quality of the output image is not the best. The maximum you can count on is a 360p scan. We connect the cable to the TV and receiver. The output is labeled Cable / ANT. In the TV menu, select the RF interface as the signal source.

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Component (RCA)

The people call the RCA interface “tulips”. Among other analog connection formats, component is considered the most effective. The maximum scan is 1080p, which is more than enough for most classic TV models.

The interface forks into three multi-colored veins. Each needs to be connected to the corresponding output on the TV and receiver. A set of hardware ports is referred to as ComponentVideo. Sometimes, instead of color, there is an alphabetic marking: Pr, Pb and Y. In the TV menu, set the signal source to RCA port.

For older TVs without HDMI, it’s better to choose RCA


It universal analog interface, which can be seen on almost every TV. In terms of image quality, it is slightly inferior to the “tulips”, but superior to RF-video. The maximum image scan is 480p.

For connection, the port is used — a composite minijack, somewhat similar to the audio interface: we insert the connector all the way onto the TV and receiver. In the menu we set the signal source. AV.


The interface can often be seen on game consoles and DVD players. Modern receivers and proprietary equipment from Tricolor, including, are no longer equipped with such ports. S-offers a high quality picture, but an additional cable is needed to connect the equipment.

The fact is that the interface transmits only a signal. That is, to organize the sound, you need to connect speakers or headphones (3.5 mm minijack), which is not very convenient. Select the S-signal source in the menu.

This is what the S-port looks like


It outdated interface type, which is almost never used, and modern receivers are not equipped with them. The port transmits both sound and picture, and in decent quality. To connect, just insert the connector into the corresponding grooves. The latter have a specific structure, therefore, incorrect docking is excluded. When SCART is connected, the TV itself determines the signal source, so there is usually no need to configure something in the menu.

Connecting two TVs to the receiver via a UTP cable

Consider the procedure using the example of Tricolor branded equipment: E521L and GS С5911 consoles, where the first will be the leading one. From the satellite dish you have to stretch two cables to the corresponding ports. LBNin 1 and LBNin 2 on the E521L.

  1. In the menu of the first TV, select the desired interface as the signal source (HDMI, RCA, etc.).
  2. We perform the initial setup of the E521L (detailed steps are indicated in the user manual that comes with the receiver).
  3. We connect the devices to each other with a UTP cable through the ETHERNET port.
  4. We connect the GS C5911 prefix to the TV and carry out the initial setup by analogy with the E521L.
  5. In the menu of the first TV we find the item “Network Settings”.
  6. We choose to connect to a server called GS C5911.

If in the “Network Settings” there is no column with an additional prefix, then click on “Search” and wait until it appears.

Connection scheme Tricolor on two TVs

Connection via Wi-Fi router

This synchronization format allows you to broadcast the signal to mobile gadgets. Tablets, smartphones and laptops. The connection procedure is similar to the previous method, with the only difference being that an intermediary appears between the consoles. A Wi-Fi router.

Synchronization also takes place via a UTP cable. As the server, select the name of the router, not the GS C5911 prefix. To view content on mobile devices, you will need to install proprietary software. “Play.Tricolor”.

Summing up, it should be noted that connecting the receiver to the TV is not difficult, since the kit always has detailed step-by-step instructions, in addition, as noted earlier, today this process is as simple and automated as possible.