Compare Iphone Se 2 Vs Iphone 6

Compare Iphone Se 2 Vs Iphone 6

recently, information was received about the release of a new budget smartphone from Apple. iPhone SE 2. The release is scheduled for the first quarter of 2018, namely for the month of March. I think many users are looking forward to this date, because the predecessor of this smartphone is very popular with the public. It was stylish, powerful, affordable, and most importantly new (the release took place on March 21, 2016).

And now Apple is about to release a sequel to the side branch. In this article, we compare the iPhone SE 2 vs iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6S, which are the main price competitors for this smartphone, which smartphone is better and why.

iPhone SE 2 vs iPhone 6 / 6s: Design

I think each of you imagines what iPhone 6 looks like. However, the iPhone SE 2 doesn’t even stand next to these two models. Its design can resemble the six only in size, because the screen, rear panel and sidewalls are completely different.

Let’s start with the iPhone 6. It has rounded edges (compared to previous models), which gives a fairly large increase in convenience when using it. Outwardly unaesthetic strips on the back of the smartphone, which despite their appearance perfectly fulfill their role. Slightly convex chamber.

On the front side, we see the classic top and bottom panels with the “Home” button, 4.7 ″ screen, speaker, camera. This smartphone is compact enough with a size of 138.1 x 67 x 6.9 mm and a weight of 129 g (however, many thought it was too light).

Let’s move on to the iPhone 6S. Externally, its design is identical to the six, but it is bigger and heavier. Its size is 138.3 x 67.1 x 7.1 mm, and weighs 143 grams. The changes are not significant, but when used, the difference is immediately visible.

So we went to the iPhone SE 2. If you start with the case, he received it from iPhone 7, but without rounded edges. Otherwise, the back is similar to the 2016 model. iPhone SE.

The front side is fundamentally different. This device will receive a 4.2 ″ bezel-less screen, the lack of a Home button and slightly smaller ears at the top of the screen compared to the iPhone X. Its exact size and weight are unknown, but most likely its dimensions will be smaller than that of the iPhone 6s.

Which phone is more powerful?

Here we will try to compare all the technical parameters that the user looks at when choosing a smartphone. This is the camera, display, RAM, internal memory, processor, battery, all that would affect the performance and durability of the smartphone.


Everything is quite simple here. Each smartphone is equipped with a processor of different generations, namely the Fusion A8 (iPhone 6) vs Fusion A9 (iPhone 6S) vs Fusion A10 (iPhone SE 2). We will try to briefly analyze their advantages and identify which processor is more productive.

iPhone 6 is equipped with a Fusion A8 processor. it is Apple’s 64-bit 2-core ARM microprocessor from the Apple Ax series, with a frequency of 1.1. 1.4 GHz.

In turn, it is not difficult to guess that the iPhone 6S is equipped with a Fusion A9 processor. it is a 64-bit 2-core ARM microprocessor with Apple ARMv8 architecture from the Apple Ax series, with a frequency of 1.8. 2 GHz.

iPhone SE 2 has gone a bit ahead by borrowing a processor from iPhone 7. It has a 64-bit 4-core ARM ARM microprocessor in 2016 with Apple’s ARMv8-A architecture from the Apple Ax series. It is worth noting that 2 cores with a frequency of 2 x 2.34 GHz are the main ones, and 2 x 1.1 GHz are auxiliary.

Does the iPhone SE 2 have an advantage over sixes? Definitely, according to the company, the new processor is 40% more powerful than the previous one, which is a big leap in the smartphone industry.


iPhone 6 / 6s come with a 4.7-inch Wide-Format Multi-Touch LCD and IPS technology. Despite the fact that such screens have been used for many years, their main disadvantage is the LED backlight used. a panel the size of the screen itself, which emits white light when the screen is on. It is energy consuming and this is its main drawback.

PPI. pixels per inch

In turn, iPhone SE 2 can get a clear advantage not only in comparison with the iPhone 6, but also with other existing models in general. This will be possible if Apple introduces TFT-LCD technology in a side branch. This technology will make the picture brighter and reduce battery power consumption.

But, for us it remains a mystery whether the company will leave this technology to the main branch or not. As for the screen size, in comparison with the iPhone 6 / 6s it loses by o.5 ″, however, due to the lack of frames, this will not be so noticeable.

PPI. pixels per inch


The camera has a separate role in the life of every person. There are a huge number of points that you want to capture and a good camera at hand is what you need at this moment.

Today, the iPhone 6 has an 8 megapixel main camera with f / 2.2 and a front camera of 1.2 megapixels with f / 2.2. The main camera is equipped with a face recognition system, the possibility of frame-by-frame shooting and shooting at speeds of 30, 60, 120, 240 frames per second in a resolution of 1080p.

The iPhone 6s camera has more impressive settings. The smartphone is equipped with a 12 megapixel main camera with f / 2.2 and a front 5 megapixels with f / 2.2. The main camera supports shooting in 4K (at 30 frames per second), a face recognition system, Live Photos and frame-by-frame shooting.

In turn, the selfie camera received Retina Flash (a special mode of operation of the main screen, in which the desired brightness level is independently selected based on the analysis of the level of light and the environment) and the ability to shoot in HD.

The iPhone SE 2 camera is identical to the iPhone 6s camera, however there is a slight change, namely the aperture of the main camera. f / 1.8 like the iPhone 8.


iPhone 6 has 1 GB of RAM and several variations of internal memory: 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB, 128 GB. Does not support memory cards.

In turn, the iPhone 6s received an additional gigabyte of RAM (only 2 GB), but the internal camera variations remained the same: 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB, 128 GB. Memory cards are also not supported.

iPhone SE 2 has 2 GB of RAM, but the variations in the internal memory are several times less. Only 2 options: 32 GB, 128 GB. Memory cards what? That’s right, not supported.


By today’s standards, the iPhone 6’s battery is pretty weak. The smartphone is equipped with a 1810mAh Li-Ion battery. Saying that it’s not enough and the phone dies within a few hours during active use makes no sense, because everyone has encountered a similar problem.

Apple made a rather strange decision regarding the iPhone 6s battery. Instead of increasing capacity, they reduced it by 5%. The current iPhone 6s is equipped with a 1715mAh Li-Ion battery. In our opinion, this is an ambiguous decision, because the iron has become more powerful and more energy-intensive, as a result, the phone’s lifespan has sharply decreased.

Unfortunately, the iPhone SE 2 battery loses the above models. Its capacity is 1700mAh, which is very small with more powerful iron. However, if Apple decides to introduce TFT-LCD technology in its budget smartphone, energy consumption will drop significantly, which will give the device a significant advantage.

iPhone SE 2 vs iPhone 6 / 6s: Color

This is far from the parameter that you need to focus on when buying a smartphone, but not to mention it will be wrong.

Currently, iPhone 6 is available in Gold, Silver and Cosmic silver.

iPhone 6s is available in exactly the same colors as the previous version, however, interesting enough has been added to the color scheme. Rose Gold.

To date, the exact color of the iPhone SE 2 is not known, but most likely the new phone will be made in Silver, Black and White, like any classic model of this smartphone. However, there is an assumption that, specifically for this smartphone, the company will combine Gold and Rose-gold, which will give a more aggressive and vivid combination.

iPhone SE 2 vs iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6S: Price

Before comparing prices, we note that the iPhone 6 / 6s are quite old smartphones by Apple standards. As a result, their price will be much lower in comparison with the just released (albeit budget) smartphone. For a more honest and simple comparison, take smartphones with 32 GB of internal memory.

Currently, the average price of an iPhone 6 for a 32 GB version is 421.

The price of the iPhone 6s is much higher. 609.

In turn, the price of iPhone SE 2 is between these two smartphones. 540.

I think the majority had a logical question why a new smartphone with better hardware is cheaper than the iPhone 6s. This is influenced by many factors, including the dimensions of the smartphone, screen size, manufacturing technology, etc.

What to choose?

I think this question is no longer relevant, because the iPhone 6 / 6s are the old models of the company. They have weak iron in comparison with new products, they cease to be supported and produced on a large scale. Therefore, the choice is obvious, but the decision is yours.