How to Connect a Speaker Via Phone

How to Connect a Speaker Via Phone

Have you purchased a Bluetooth speaker? Congratulations on your good purchase! But now you need to figure out how to connect the Bluetooth speaker to your phone or tablet. And this is done quite simply, as this article will prove.

Types of Bluetooth speaker connections

To begin with, we note that manufacturers of portable speakers have some standardization. That is, they use several popular connection methods. Usually these are two of the following methods:

  • Bluetooth connection. The so-called “blue tooth” is present in every smartphone, tablet, laptop and many mobile phones. Therefore, this method is universal. And he does not require wires, which could be stumbled over. But the same method is also the most energy-intensive.
  • Connecting via audio cable. Has been used less and less recently. However, some manufacturers still do not forget about the corresponding connector. Not for nothing: it is through the wire that sound is transmitted in the best quality.

It is extremely rare that manufacturers of wireless speakers introduce some other method of receiving sound. For example, someone can use Wi-Fi for these purposes. But this method will not be universal, because not every device can transmit sound over Wi-Fi. Therefore, let’s leave the additional speaker and smartphone synchronization methods out of brackets, concentrating on the two most popular connection methods.

Wired connection

If your speaker has a 3.5 mm mini-jack, then you’re in luck. If available, the sound quality will depend only on the implementation of the speakers, and not on the stability of signal reception and the Bluetooth version. However, you should make sure that it is an input, not an output. There are two ways to do this:

  • Look at the speaker housing or in the operating instructions. The word “AUX” should appear near the 3.5 mm jack. This means that it is designed to connect an audio cable.
  • Try connecting headphones to your speakers. If music plays in them, then this is an exit, not an entrance. If there is no effect, then you have an audio input. How to make the speaker play without connecting to a smartphone? Insert a memory card with music, or activate the radio. Of course, if only the portable speaker provides these functions.

When using the cable, you are somewhat limited in the movement of the speaker. You will have to move it along with the phone. But on the other hand, the sound is transmitted through the wire in the maximum volume, without distortion and loss. And the smartphone’s battery charge will be consumed very slowly, as in the case of listening to music using headphones.

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Wireless connection

If you bought a bluetooth speaker, then you will definitely want to use it without attracting a cable. As mentioned at the beginning of this article, Bluetooth is most commonly used for wireless audio transmission. The version of the “blue tooth” does not play a big role. Basically it only affects the energy consumption and range. If Bluetooth chips of different versions are built into the column and smartphone, then there is nothing to worry about. They all have backward compatibility.

It’s easiest to wirelessly connect your bluetooth speaker if it and your smartphone are equipped with an NFC chip. If it is available, just attach the column to the back of the phone, and then the devices are synchronized automatically. You only need to confirm this action by clicking the “OK” button.

If there is no NFC in one of the gadgets, you will have to make a manual connection. At least for the first time. This is done as follows:

  1. Turn on the wireless speaker.
  2. Go to the notification panel on your smartphone.
  3. Hold your finger on the Bluetooth button. You can also go to the appropriate section through the “Settings”.
  4. Here you need, firstly, to activate Bluetooth, if before that it was turned off. To do this, use the corresponding switch located at the very top of the section.
  5. Click the Search button. If you have just activated Bluetooth, the search for nearby devices may start automatically.
  6. The screen of the smartphone should display all the Bluetooth devices that are currently turned on and are nearby. Click on the one that in its name resembles the model of your bluetooth speaker.

The system will start the synchronization process. It is possible that you will be required to enter a digital code located somewhere at the bottom of the column. Or you will be asked to perform some actions with the device. Say, hold the power button for three seconds. But much more often, for successful pairing, you do not need to perform any actions at all.

In the future, the connection to the column will be carried out automatically as soon as it turns on. Of course, for this you need to have Bluetooth activated on your smartphone.


Many owners of wireless speakers are thinking about what type of connection is more convenient. It seems to us that it is better to use Bluetooth. But remember that sound is transmitted through the air in a compressed form, unless the speaker with a smartphone supports the AptX profile. However, portable speakers most often have compact dimensions, and therefore they are physically unable to reproduce sound in maximum quality. Therefore, we advise you not to worry, using the wireless method to connect.

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How long have you been using a portable speaker? Are you comfortable with her sound? And have you had any problems connecting? We would like to get your opinion in the comments.

Want to enjoy your favorite music on your mobile device, but not enough volume and bass? Not sure if you can connect speakers to your phone via bluetooth? Read our instructions and you will learn how to connect speakers to your phone in three different ways:

  1. Via bluetooth
  2. Using a USB and AUX cable (if the speakers do not have their own power supply)
  3. Using an AUX cable (if the speakers have their own power supply)
  1. Method 1. Via Bluetooth connection
  2. Method 2. Connect speakers to the phone via USB and AUX?
  3. Method 3. Through the AUX cable
  4. If the speaker is not connected by telephone

Method 1. Via Bluetooth connection

Consider how to connect a Bluetooth speaker to your phone. This method is very convenient, since you do not have to use wires when connecting.

In addition, unlike ordinary speakers (for example, from a computer or music center), Bluetooth speakers usually have a small size and stylish appearance, such as this small model from Nokia:

A big plus is the compatibility of almost all wireless speakers and smartphones with each other, regardless of manufacturer. For example, you can easily connect a Sony Bluetooth speaker to a Samsung phone.

Connecting bluetooth speakers on smartphones with Android and iPhone are carried out in the same way:

  1. Turn on the column and activate Bluetooth on it (if it does not start automatically);
  2. On the phone, go to the “Settings” menu (or “Settings”);
  3. Open the Bluetooth section;
  4. Move the slider of the same name to the right to activate a wireless connection and start searching for available devices;
  5. After the list of devices is displayed, find the name of your column in it and click on it for several seconds to connect, and the column should make a sound or change the color of the indicator (depending on the model);
  6. Try playing music on your phone. The sound should play from the speaker.

If you have models from JBL, then you can connect two speakers to the phone at once!

Method 2. Connect speakers to the phone via USB and AUX?

If the speakers do not have their own power supply (for example, some ancient Sven speakers) and can only be powered via USB, then you will need an adapter from regular USB to mini or micro USB (depending on the model of your phone), a USB cable and AUX cable.

Connection is carried out as follows:

  • Insert the adapter into the telephone jack and into it the USB cable from the speakers. Connect the other end of the USB cable to the speakers themselves. Thus, the phone will be used as a power source
  • Connect the devices using the AUX cable.
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With this connection method, it is better to use speakers with an amplifier so that there is no extraneous noise and low-quality sound.

Method 3. Through the AUX cable

To connect using this method, it is necessary that the speakers have their own power source (battery or plug for connecting to an outlet). The procedure is as follows:

  1. Enable Columns
  2. Insert one end of the cable into the headphone jack on the speakers
  3. Insert the other end into the 3.5 mm jack on the phone
  4. An icon or caption should appear on the display of the mobile device with the text “Audio Connector Connected”.

Done. You can enjoy the music!

If the speaker is not connected by telephone

If the speaker is not connected to the phone via Bluetooth, or the connection is established, but the sound is not coming from the speaker, then try the following recommendations:

  • First reboot your phone (helps a lot)
  • Make sure that the Bluetooth mode on the speaker is accurately activated. Usually this can be seen by the indicator on the speaker, but for the sake of fidelity, see the instructions.
  • Make sure there are currently no other Bluetooth connections (such as headphones). The phone can only connect to one gadget at a time.
  • Some speakers have a “weak” Bluetooth module and work only in close proximity to a smartphone. To eliminate the effect of this fact, try connecting two devices at a minimum distance from each other.
  • Reset the column. Usually it is done by simultaneously pressing several buttons. The combinations on different models are different, so see the instructions for your speaker.
  • If the connection has occurred, but the sound does not go, then try to disconnect, and then, in the phone’s Bluetooth settings menu, click on the speaker’s name, and then select “Forget this device“. After that, search for available devices again and try to connect.
  • Try connecting your smartphone to another device. If he also does not connect to it, then most likely there is a software malfunction. In this case (if rebooting or updating the system did not help), reset the phone to factory settings.
  • If none of the above helped us, then there may be a malfunction in the operation of the Bluetooh module of one of the devices. In this case, it is worth contacting specialists.

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