How to Get a Card Number Via Phone

Sberbank of Russia plastic cards are issued to customers for access to their current account. A bank card has its own 16- or 18-digit number (in some cases, a 19-digit code is assigned to plastic). It differs from the customer account number.

  1. Why do I need a card number?
  2. When can I provide a card number?
  3. How to find out your Sberbank card number?
  4. Cards with numbers on the front side
  5. Card number in the agreement
  6. Find out the card number by phone
  7. Information about the number when visiting the office of Sberbank
  8. Get a number through Sberbank Online
  9. Other methods
  10. Can I find out the number of someone else’s card?
  11. Security and Privacy Policy

How to Get a Card Number Via Phone

Why do I need a card number?

If the client’s bank account is essentially a person’s wallet in which he stores his money, then a plastic card is a tool that provides access to this wallet. With its help occurs:

When can I provide a card number?

Card number is not classified information. It, unlike other plastic data, can be communicated to third parties. For example, when transferring money from card to card, the person is asked to indicate the details (in fact, the number of the plastic card) and the name of the owner to make sure that the addressee is correct. This is safe provided that the card is protected additionally (request CVV2 code of the card, one-time password in SMS) and other information (secret code, code from SMS, plastic validity period) the client does not tell anyone.

How to find out your Sberbank card number?

In some cases, the card holder does not know its number. In the presence of plastic indicating all the numbers (sometimes only a part is indicated) this is not difficult. But sometimes the card is missing, and its details are needed. There are several ways to find out your card number.

Cards with numbers on the front side

The easiest way to read the card number on its front side. The period of validity of the plastic and the name of the client (if the card is registered) is also indicated there. On the back of the card you can see the CVV2 code, necessary for making online purchases and other data. But if the card number is not completely indicated, then there are several more ways how to find it out.

Card number in the agreement

In the event that it is not possible to read the card number, you should find the contract that the bank issued when it was drawn up. With careful reading, a person can easily find the information he is interested in.

Find out the card number by phone

Sberbank hotline provides round-the-clock technical support for customers. This is another way to find out your card number. Having made a call to the toll-free number 8-800-555-5550, a person, having passed the standard procedure of customer identification, can find out from the operator data on his plastic card, account status and other necessary information. This option is convenient when only a phone is at hand.

Information about the number when visiting the office of Sberbank

Having visited any branch of the bank, the client will certainly be able not only to find out his card number, but also to perform any other actions that are not available for execution via phone or the Internet. To do this, you must have a passport with you.

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Get a number through Sberbank Online

You can also find out your card number via the Internet. For customers who actively use the Sberbank Online service, it will not be difficult. Entering your personal account, a person can see the numbers of all his cards.

Other methods

There are also other options. The client can find out his card number by writing an email to Sberbank. For appeals and applications of citizens there is a separate e-mail: sberbank@sberbank.Ru. It is at this address that you should send your request for a card number.

Can I find out the number of someone else’s card?

It’s not difficult to find out the number of a Sberbank card if you are the owner of this plastic. But sometimes situations arise when you need to get someone else’s card number. This need is not always caused by some insidious plans to receive other people’s money, and sometimes it is simply connected with the desire to give a person a gift in the form of a certain amount of money.

Sberbank protects its customers. For security reasons, the card information was not disclosed to third parties. You can find out the treasured figures from the person himself by inventing some kind of trick or by asking directly.

Security and Privacy Policy

Do not let anyone know about this sensitive data. If attackers find out the card number, the name of the owner (often required on online shopping sites), the CVV2 code, and the validity period of the card, then the financial loss of the card holder can be very serious. Especially if the cardholder does not immediately notice the loss of money. If the card is credit, then its holder will also have to repay the debt to the bank.

It is recommended that all customers timely notify the bank of a change in personal information, in particular, of a change in the mobile number to which the card is attached. After all, sooner or later, another person will receive the same phone number and, if desired, will be able to redirect money to their mobile account.

It should also be remembered that any banking information published on the Internet poses a potential danger to humans. Posts on social networks or forums indicating the card number, full name of the person and mobile phone plays into the hands of scammers. They very often respond to such notes. Under any pretext, attackers can call and offer to provide secret card data or tell a code sent by Sberbank in SMS. Often, such people appear to be bank employees.

Financial advice and professional advice

In life there are enough situations when there is an urgent need to find out the card number of Sberbank of Russia, for example, it could be a loss or loss of your card.

And the card details are necessary so that you, by calling the bank hotline, can quickly block this card, and thus protect your money from theft.

The options for how to find out the card number opened with Sberbank of Russia are the same for all types of plastic cards issued by this bank. This applies to salary cards, pension cards, personal cards, and credit cards (here you can find out more about the advantages and disadvantages of Sberbank credit cards).

List of ways to determine your Sberbank card number

  1. The first method is the easiest. The card number can be found on the envelope with the PIN code that you were given when you received the card at the Bank branch. If you have lost this envelope, use one of the methods listed below.
  2. The second method is suitable for those who have access to the Internet. You can find out the card number and its account using the Internet service of Sberbank Online Bank, which you can enter at http://esk.Sbrf.Ru. The necessary information is in the “Maps” section.
  3. The third way will help you find out the number of your Sberbank card, if you have the opportunity to use the phone. To do this, you must contact in person by telephone the hotline of the bank (8 800 555 555 0). I think you will agree that this number is quite simple and easy to learn from memory, so that you can use it if necessary. Pay attention to one important detail, before the operator of the Bank’s Call Center informs you of the card number and account, he will have to identify you as the full owner of this plastic.
    He can do it only if you give the correct answer to the special “Secret Question”. Therefore, in order to easily get the information you are interested in, you need to firmly remember the answer to this secret question.
  4. The fourth method is suitable for those who could not correctly answer the secret question and cannot use the official website of Sberbank of Russia on the Internet. In this case, you need to personally contact the specialists of the nearest branch of the Bank and have a civil passport with you.
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It should be remembered that the card number does not apply to information by the Bank, the disclosure of which may contribute to the loss of money from the card, so it is quite simple to find out using the above methods.

But if you forgot the PIN code from the card and lost the envelope where it is written, unfortunately, the bank will not be able to tell you this information, since this information is strictly confidential and even the bank operators do not have access to it. In this case, it makes no sense to look for the answer to the question of how to find out the PIN code of the card, and immediately contact the Sberbank branch, where you will be reissued your plastic card with a new code.

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For this, you must always write out your data and store it.

For some operations with a bank card, the data placed on it is not enough. You may need a personal account of Gazprombank card, details of himself. We’ll tell you how to find out the details of the Gazprombank card and the bank itself for such operations.

Details for transfer to Gazprombank card

For non-cash transfer of funds, you may need:

  • Details of your Gazprombank card, including a 16-digit number and a 20-digit current account;
  • Gazprombank details for transfer to the card.

The latter include:

  • BIK. Identification code 044525823;
  • TIN. Personal taxpayer number 7744001497;
  • Full name. Bank GPB (JSC);
  • Correspondent account. 30101810200000000823 in the Central Bank of Russia in the Central Federal District;

How to find out the details for transferring to a bank card

Gazprombank details for transferring to a card are available to everyone on the official website. For example, the details are given for transfers in rubles, the site also has information for transfers in foreign currencies.

Details for the transfer to the Gazprombank card in rubles

There are other ways to find out the details of Gazprombank. Information is not confidential, so you can easily get it:

  • In the department;
  • Via the telephone number of Gazprombank;
  • Through an ATM;
  • Find her online.

Please note that if you forgot the PIN code of Gazprombank card, it is impossible to find it out by the above methods. It does not apply to card details.

Getting your card details for transferring funds is more difficult. This is more closed information. Only the owner of the plastic can recognize it. We will tell you more about how to get and where to see the details of a Gazprombank bank card.

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How to get your Gazprombank card account number

Gazprombank bank card number and account number are different concepts. The first can be viewed on the plastic, the second consists of 20 digits and is tied to a specific client.

The current account continues to operate even after the card is blocked or expires. It is necessary to transfer salaries, social benefits, sometimes to replenish credit cards from third-party services, in other words, when crediting to an account.

In most cases, a 16-digit number printed on the front of the plastic will be enough to transfer funds to a Gazprombank card

You can find out the account of Gazprombank card:

  • In the contract signed during the execution of plastic;
  • Through the Internet;
  • Through an ATM of Gazprombank or at an employee in a branch;
  • Via telephone with the operator after confirming your identity.

To find out the personal account of a Gazprombank gold card (or any other) in the papers signed upon receipt of it is the easiest option. But the contract is not always at hand, and a number may be required urgently.

Through the Internet

To find out the personal account of a Gazprombank card, the easiest way is to use the personal account of the Home Bank user. After authorization, you must select the section with bank cards in the main menu and double-click on the desired one.

Through an ATM

You can view the bank account of a Gazprombank card in a virtual office via the Internet, but this method is not always available. The client must be registered in the virtual bank system and have access to the Internet. Registration is possible through an ATM or a branch of Gazprombank. If you have not registered yet, you still have to visit the office / use the Gazprombank ATM, and this is also an opportunity to get the card account number (in this case, faster).

The bank account or personal account number of Gazprombank can be found through an ATM

To find out the personal account of a Gazprombank card through an ATM:

  • Log in by entering a PIN code;
  • Go to the card information section;
  • There, find the “card details”;
  • ATM will issue a check with the details.

A list with the addresses of Gazprombank ATMs can be found on its website.

Via telephone or at the office

You can find out the personal account of the card through the phone by calling the round-the-clock support service number:

  • 8-800-100-00-89 (in the Russian Federation);
  • 7 (495) 980-4141 (from anywhere in the world);
  • 0701 (help desk for major mobile operators).

If you decide to find out the Gazprombank card account in the office, take it, a passport / identity document.


It is impossible to find out or look at the settlement account of a Gazprombank card via SMS or simply on the Internet. Details of a bank card are provided personally to the client, in contrast to the details of a financial institution.

Through SMS, the client can block / activate the card, find out the balance, but the details in SMS can not be obtained. Communicating via SMS Gazprombank will not be sure that it is the owner of the plastic that will receive the information, which means he cannot send it in this way.


We examined 5 options for how to find out the details of a Gazprombank card: via the Internet in your personal account, GPB ATM, by calling its information desk, in a branch or agreement signed upon receipt of the settlement instrument. It is impossible to find out the card account number by SMS. Gazprombank must make sure that it is the cardholder that receives information about it.