How To Change Icons On Huawei

The notification LED on Huawei and Honor smartphones is designed to simplify the lives of users. It allows you to determine the battery charge and helps to timely learn about received messages and calls. In addition, a light-emitting diode indicator signals important notifications and missed events pre-selected by the user. However, its use is not necessary, so phone owners are able to decide for themselves whether they need such alerts.

LED indicator colors and their decoding

The light indicator mentioned above can be of almost any color according to the choice of the owner of the smartphone, but some icons are considered basic. They are used until the user makes the appropriate changes. Such notifications include:

  • red. indicating a battery charge below 10%;
  • flashing red when the situation with the battery becomes critical (below 4%);
  • orange or yellow appear when charging and indicate that the current level is from 10 to 90%;
  • green. indicates an excess of 90%;
  • flashing green indicates a message or missed call.
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How to turn on the indicator light on Honor and Huawei?

Those who do not yet know how to turn on the indicator on Honor and Huawei should use the following instruction:

  1. You need to open the smartphone settings menu;
  2. Find on the screen a section with the mention of applications and notifications and switch to it;
  3. click on the inscription “status bar” (on different devices this inscription can be different);
  4. enable the “blink” function.
How to Change Icons On Huawei

As a result, when the function is enabled, users will be able to timely learn about important events.

How to set up the notification indicator?

To configure the operation of the event indicator on applications, you need:

  1. open a suitable widget;
  2. click on the icon with the image of 3 points to go to the program settings menu;
  3. select the item with the mention of notifications;
  4. Change the order of alerts by selecting the appropriate method and color of the light signal.
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A similar procedure will have to be repeated for each application installed on Android.

How to change the color of the indicator on Honor / Huawei?

It’s no harder to figure out how to change the color of the notification indicator on Honor / Huawei. To do this, you will need to use the procedure for setting up alerts in widgets already described above and change the settings in the settings. Users are able to choose not only standard red and green colors, but also unusual ones, including white, purple, blue and some others. It should be borne in mind that a lot depends on which model of Huawei is used.

What to do if the notification indicator does not work?

If it was not possible to turn on the status indicator, and the light does not turn on and does not blink, do the following:

  1. make sure that the function is active, through the settings menu;
  2. try changing the color of the signal;
  3. make sure the phone is working.
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Sometimes opposite situations occur: the phone does not turn on and the red indicator is on. In such cases, it is recommended to charge the device and try to turn it on later.