Honor 8x Turned Off And Not Turning On

In today’s article, we will help you deal with a similar problem. But most importantly, remember that in case of complex breakdowns, in any case, you will have to turn to specialists who will conduct free diagnostics for you. In the service workshops of the company Pedant, this service will be provided to you for free. The engineer will not only answer your question “why the iPhone turned off and does not turn on”, but also tells the timing and cost of services.

In the beginning, it is worth deciding what type of breakdown you have. In total, there are two types:

What are their fundamental differences? In cases where the phone freezes or turns off, the problem lies in the malfunctioning of the program. You can correct the situation yourself by connecting the device to a PC and iTunes. And you can also simply contact the specialists of the Pedant company who will perform this service in Rostov-on-Don in just 20 minutes.

Honor 8x Turned Off And Not Turning On

iPhone turned off and does not turn on. Pedant tips

Now let’s try to analyze the algorithm of actions, what should I do if the iPhone does not turn on even when charging, but the apple is burning? The cause of this ailment may be a malfunction in the power cable. You may have a malfunctioning cord that prevents the device from fully connecting. Most often, difficulties arise in the following situations:

  • the battery is completely discharged from frost;
  • the smartphone was damaged by a fall or illiterate intervention of specialists;
  • iOS program is broken.
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Reasons why the iPhone does not respond and does not turn on

What to do if the iPhone does not respond to touch? First make sure that the battery is free to charge. To check this, you need to connect the phone to the original charger and press “Power”. In such situations, it should turn on instantly. If he sat down and did not turn on, then most likely the battery went into deep discharge mode and you need to wait about half an hour. Check if the charger is warming up, if there is any dirt in the connector. Perhaps the iPhone does not start, because there is not enough amperage due to the operation of the non-original spare part. Note that in normal situations, heating the smartphone can be allowed.

Black screen iPhone? Call the Pedant.ru hotline!

If your iPhone has a black screen, what should I do in such situations? We have already considered such options and came to the conclusion that in such situations, the only right decision is to go to the workshop of the company Pedant. Engineers will perform a free device diagnosis for you, which will help identify problem areas and save you from unnecessary budget expenses. Agree, it is much cheaper to replace the defective part, instead of changing the entire device. Every day we receive tens of thousands of phone calls with various customer requests. From the question “iPhone does not load” to “display replacement”. our engineers can handle any difficulties. The company was formed in 2013, and since then we have made a powerful leap. opened 314 service centers in Russia. Now, each user, when moving to another city or traveling within the state, can be calm about the quality of the repair, because the masters of Pedant will take care of this.

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Our company carefully monitors the quality of products, so we use original parts. A similar group of parts is made taking into account Apple technology standards and is as close as possible to the original. By installing a similar detail, you will not only extend the life of your smartphone, but you will not even notice the difference.