Find iPad Icloud

Find iPad Icloud

It turns out that the iPad can make a sound in the form of a repeating monotonous squeak, by which it can be found in an apartment or in some other place.

But in order for this sound to appear on your iPad, several conditions must be met:

  1. The iPad must have “Find iPad” enabled. To enable this mode, you need the following:
  1. Installed iOS 5 system
  2. Included use of iCloud service. Most likely, you have already connected this service, but if not, you can enable it like this:
    • Go to settings,
    • Select iCloud section,
    • Enter your Apple ID and password
    • Press the enter button
    1. Go to Settings
    2. Select menu item “iCloud
    3. Enable the Find iPad option

  3. Ipad must be connected to a Wi-Fi network. At the same time, it can be in standby mode with the screen off, that is, be blocked, because when you go into standby mode, Wi-Fi does not turn off
  4. The iPad should not be completely turned off. It is completely, while paying attention. In blocking mode, the function works fine, otherwise there would simply be no use from it, because no one keeps their iPad permanently active. Even if you forget to “pay off” it, after a while it will go into standby mode automatically.
  5. You must have another device at your disposal, for example, a personal computer or laptop with Internet access. For this, a second iPad is suitable, if you have one.
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    Well, that’s probably all. If all these conditions are met, then you can directly go to the search and try to find your tablet.

    Looking for an iPad

    1. We go on the Internet (on another iPad, computer or laptop connected to the Internet) to
    2. Enter your AppleID and password. These should be exactly the values ​​to which you attached iCloud on your lost iPad. Otherwise, nothing will work.
    3. Click the “Find iPhone” shortcut. Even if you’re not looking for an iPhone, but for an iPad, we’ll still choose this shortcut
    4. After that you will see something like this

    (if geolocation mode is enabled on your iPad, I will write about it below, the picture will be slightly different. With the map and the approximate location of the iPad. In this case you need to touch the iPad in the “my devices” window and select the letter “i “, Which means” information “, then follow the steps below)

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  7. Select the option “Play sound or send message”
  8. In the window that appears, enable the “Play sound” function (if it is disabled). If you additionally write some text in this window, it will also appear on your iPad as a message in a small window.
  9. Feel free to click the “Send” button
  10. Now the most important thing!
    • Do not press the “Lock” or “Remote Erase” buttons if you do not know what they are for and how they work. In this article we will not consider them.
    • Do not expect instant results. Find iPad Feature works with a delay. Usually it is about 10-15 minutes, but it can be longer.
    • A few words about geolocation mode

      If geolocation mode is enabled on your iPad (it is enabled in the settings), then in addition you can see the approximate current location of the lost iPad on the map. In this case, by entering iCloud, you will see a map and a point. Your iPad.

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      The accuracy of determining the location can be different, it depends, apparently, on several factors.


      After the message is sent, a notification about this wonderful event will be sent to your email.

      That’s all, good luck and let your iPad never get lost.!