Dual Tap Unlock Huawei P20 Lite

1. Good call quality. You can safely talk in places where the Sony Xperia XA did not catch.
2. Quality blutooth work.
3. Creating personalized emoji is a pretty nice feature.

1. A little tasteless built-in applications. For example, an alarm when triggered is displayed with a rotating purple circle. Watching this zombie circle in the morning is not very pleasant.
2. Incorrect work of Google assistant. By pressing a key “home” The animation comes out from the Google voice assistant. When choosing settings “voice assistant. no”, the assistant does not turn off. I have to restart the phone. After that, the animation stops crawling out for about half a day. Then the above steps have to be repeated.
3. The screen brightness spontaneously jumps despite the fact that auto-adjustment is turned off.
4. The size is really big. In the cabin it is difficult to evaluate, but during operation it is not very comfortable. The width is even more or less, but the length is unsuccessful.

A comment:
The device gives the impression of being unfinished. As if they did a tyap to fulfill the bonus indicator by the number of new models))
Pretty flashy interface design. Probably young people under 20 will like it.

Design, the desire of the manufacturer to fit the UX to the apple, the lack of lags and brakes

Indecently overrated
Photo quality (I don’t shoot, so I can’t evaluate it)
Sound quality (both from the speaker. The melody on the alarm clock for the first time cut ears from unaccustomed, and in the headphones)
Some settings are hidden; I had to google how to change the font, for example

A comment:
details, or “everything is relative”
before that, more than a year was the galaxy a7 2017, which suited absolutely everyone. but I had to refuse it, because about six months after the purchase, after the next firmware update, it began to hang and turn up at random moments, the time of inactivity was about a minute, and so on several times a day. there were times when it was impossible to change the volume of the music in the headphones, because it hung. patience snapped, it was decided to change the handset (because in order to change the firmware on the Samsung, you need to wait a week in the recovery mode, and this is extremely inconvenient). after compiling a huge table with comparisons of characteristics, the choice fell on this “miracle”.
and now the main thing: the quality of photos and sound (both in the headphones and in the dynamics) of this “miracles” so low that now i’m looking for a new phone. because the Samsung, which came out a year earlier and cost exactly the same, these parameters are on top, despite the moisture protection (some notice that it spoils the sound of the speaker) and a single camera. plus amoled. plus the sound in the headphones is louder. even the sixth iPhone, despite the difference in characteristics, the photo is several times better than the matte 20 light. if it cost from 15 and below, I would “understood and accepted” such a device, but it is not. those. ratio “price. multimedia options” it is extremely unfair.
Summing up, I can only recommend it as a dialer or a work / spare phone, if you have extra money.

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Quality and quantity of cameras, design, screen, autonomy, price

Dual Tap Unlock Huawei P20 Lite

A comment:
Very happy with the purchase! Bought in return for the 10th of May. The camera took a test drive of the and uploaded it to YouTube https://youtu.be/GaSspVqvC-s

-Juicy screen 6.3, conveniently in the hand.
-Battery. Enough for 2 days of active use.

The camera is a little better and the speaker, but this is not the flagship, so the rules.

A comment:
Cool smartphone, everything suits.

A lot of them.

Headphones and notification tape. You just need to get used to it and everything will be ok.

Appearance, Display, Camera, the most important thing. Autonomy.
There were many phones, and the main problem was autonomy. This is enough for me confidently for a day, often more.
A camera with AI sometimes shoots worse than without it. Therefore, I prefer not to include it at all. And so, the camera is quite good.
The display is high-quality, the glass is pleasant, durable. I wear a phone without any protection. There are small scratches, but imperceptible. Still, you need to use the phone to the full, and not admire it once a month without a case.
On a sunny day, reflects glare and looks premium.
The firmware is familiar already, EMUI generally like it.

The headset in the kit could be better, after all, 21 thousand rubles per phone.
But the company is positioning this as a functional option. for talking.

A comment:
In general, there are no complaints about the device, I like it. Took black.
If you are considering a more practical device, which, you will not need to constantly wear it in a case and worry. take the Honor Play. Well, the camera is a little worse.
The rest. apparatus fire!

Headphones included nonsense, but along the way now everyone has it.
Nothing more

1. Screen. large, very good colors, sufficient brightness. Monobrow does not bother at all, immediately turned off the screen extension in the settings “ears” left and right, there is only status
2. NFC. Google Pay works perfectly, very convenient
3. BATTERY. phone is unrealistic to put in a day. Rented
in the morning (9.00-10.00) from charging, I use the Internet, watchs, Instagram, Yandex Navigator, WiFi BT is constantly on. By evening (0.00-1.00), from 20 to 30% of the charge remains.
4. Nimble, no lags and brakes anywhere.
5. Convenient shell EMUI
6. Unlock with a finger at the back. Convenient and fast when the phone is in hand. Unlocking the face only works well in good light. Not the first time in the evening.
7. Great design. I took it in blue, it looks very cool.
8. Type-C USB and fast charge.
9. 3.5 mm headphone jack.
10. GPS works quickly and accurately

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1. The most terrible flaw. There is no way to configure the screen to wake up in double tap. There are no front buttons either, i.e. if the smart is on the table, then to unlock it is necessary to press the power button, do not do it with one finger, you have to take two, and this is the same as picking up the phone. I tried to configure it with third-party applications, but it did not work. It is especially strange that in HONOR it is possible to make unlock double tap.
2. The camera here is certainly worse than in smarts with a price of 40 thousand rubles, but for me it is uncritical.
3. The supplied film could not stick without bubbles
4. The smartphone is very slippery large massive. Immediately need to purchase a cover. I bought the simplest transparent silicone, so as not to hide the blue back
5. A tray for SIM cards combined with a memory card, ie either 2 SIM or 1 SIM micro SD, but for me 64 GB of built-in is enough. All photos are automatically uploaded to Yandex.Disk.
6. Headphones from the kit. it’s a shame. But in a Bluetooth car, from a bunch of phones I have both headphones and charging with type-c, so no problem.

A comment:
Before this, 2 years I used Xiaomi MI5 332GB.
By the end of two years, the old man began to slow down very much, even in the browser, the battery held very weakly, up to a maximum of 14.00.
I bought this phone in official retail with a guarantee, the price for the stock came out at 15,770 rubles. For this money, it’s better not to find the device.
So far, I am very pleased. The screen is good, the battery holds and nothing slows down. perfect for me. In the reviews they write that smart pulls games poorly. maybe so, but over the past 5 years I have not installed a single game in smarts.

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A comment:
For a long time I chose a smartphone to replace the old one, my last smartphone was stupid so I could not wait for a purchase, and the choice fell on this particular model, honestly until the last I was in doubt since many reviews on YouTube talked about different things, but taking it in my hands I realized that it’s just a bomb, before there was no powerful smartphone, but I’m completely satisfied, it is easy in the hand, pleasant to the eye and looks great in everything, a bright and clear display that you want to watch endlessly, the picture is glossy and you can watch from any angle without stopping. powerful, launched with a dozen applications and does not slow down, everything opens quickly. Photos makes high-quality resolution possible to make posters. tried the party mode. no words, two smartphones like two speakers, if somewhere in the garage or at the cottage this solution is great for listening to music. I tried a lot of applications, everything is quickly qualitatively and there is no limit to joy, who is looking for a phone for that kind of money do not hesitate, take it I’m happy

– good screen
– 4GB of RAM (almost nothing tupit)
– 47GB (without applications and system) of internal memory
– 4.2 bluetooth
– Nfc
– nimble face unlock (funny but works on a par with the 10th iPhone)

– camera. Because of the terrible (as I already understood the non-disconnectable fully AI), the pictures are disgusting, before that I used huawei p9 lite in which the camera turned out to be better, regardless of its characteristics.
– terrible sound card (so to speak). The sound in the headphones is quiet and flat.
– bang. She just is not needed here.
– Aspect ratio of the screen. You can watch full screen only widescreens, in the rest there is a black tint around the edges)
– Glass case. You don’t want to let this device out of your hands, literally, you can’t almost put it down so that it does not fall somewhere.

A comment:
Well to summarize. The red price for this phone is 17k. I chose between him and the huawei p20 lite, was seduced by the characteristics of the camera and took this one, which happens. If you are a fan of mobile photography, then I do not recommend taking it, but in general it is a regular phone for 2018: glass, bangs, “frameless”, NSF.