How To Use A Phone Holder

In the car, using the phone is much more convenient with the holder. While driving with the device, you will quickly answer an important call, check with the navigator, listen to music. To the question of how to choose a holder for the phone in the car: magnetic, on the air duct, with charging. we will answer in this article.

Next, you will get acquainted with the best gadget models, universal and specific, pluses and minuses of devices, some operating rules.

Advantages and disadvantages

The holder in the car, like any device, has its pros and cons. Let’s look at the positive aspects of the acquisition:

  • Navigator. Hardly anyone likes to overpay. If you have a phone with maps, it makes no sense to take a navigator for a few thousand. Buy an inexpensive car holder. an affordable GPS equivalent is ready.
  • Multimedia system. A phone with your collection of songs is cheaper and more convenient than a full-fledged radio.
  • Answer the call is not difficult. Do not be distracted by the search for a phone: just turn on the speakerphone and talk while driving.

The main disadvantage of the device is that for some motorists, buying a holder seems like a waste of money


There are several varieties of car holders. Each has positive and negative sides, different construction and installation method.

By structure, the holders are divided into:

Let us consider in more detail the types of mounts.

Magnetic holder for phone in the car

This is a useful fixture in your car. A magnetic holder for a phone into a car is a device usually mounted on a torpedo. Its main component is a neodymium magnet. A special ring is attached to the phone, and another part of the device, the holder itself, is placed in the car. A smartphone with a neodymium ring is attracted to a metal holder, providing tight contact.

The main advantage of the design is the ease of installation and subsequent operation. The main disadvantage is that it can not be used several times.


Silicone mount mounted on the steering wheel. Its design is very simple: two plates of black color that enter into each other and are connected by a spring, which makes the latch suitable for a wide variety of models. How to install a phone? It is mounted between two silicone rollers located on top and bottom.

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The holder itself is attached to the steering wheel with a silicone loop. At its end is a plastic pedal. Press it, and the holder will be removed from the steering wheel.

A significant minus of the device is that it limits the visibility of the dashboard. Buyers note and unpleasant motion sickness from the constant rotation of the phone. And if the phone is connected to power, the cord is often wrapped around the steering wheel.

Holder mat

Pay attention to the mat, and you will immediately see how much the bag differs from the standard latch. Do not fasten the fixture to the panel or stick. The material of manufacture is silicone, which easily adheres to the interior trim. The device comes complete with two cables: magnetic and base.

The latches are placed on the mat, and the phone itself is connected to the Lighting or micro USB connector, coming from the cable. The next step is to install the cable base in place.
The USB connector is connected to the memory.

On the suction cup

Some holders have a suction cup. This item greatly increases the installation options of the device. A noticeable drawback of such holders is the deterioration of fixation over time due to the loss of stickiness by the suction cups. This is fixable if you rinse the suction cup with warm water.

The structure of such a holder is carefully designed: buttons and ports remain available during use. Some locking options allow you to place your smartphone in any part of the windshield or dashboard.

  • Easy to install.
  • Limited number of placements in the car.

With charging

The holder for a phone in a car with charging uses a cigarette lighter or a USB connection. Usually a plastic structure mounted on a dashboard, glass or cigarette lighter.

Often in a car, holders with QI wireless charging are used, allowing the phone to be charged from the mount. Please note that not all holders have QI function!

Where can I install the holder?

Don’t want to sacrifice your road view for luxury? It does not matter. in addition to the usual installation on glass, there are other, safer methods of fixing. Basic mounting methods:

Let us consider each of them in more detail.

To the torpedo

Installation of a mobile torpedo is carried out using the holder on the suction cups. The required part in the holder is a rubber or neoprene pad. The suction cup itself is attached to it. Many manufacturers include a pad in the kit.

If you intend to mount a tablet on the holder, pay attention to the tripod. If it is, feel free to attach the tablet to the part. The ideal mounting option on the suction cup is a short, rigid tripod with an adjustable angle of rotation of the screen.

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Sometimes a tripod is mounted on an air grill. Often in similar cases, clothes pegs are used.

On the steering wheel

The steering wheel is mounted using a rubber loop. This method is suitable for all brands of cars. The main advantages of mounting on the steering wheel are low cost, ease of use, easy installation.

Devices for mounting on the steering wheel produce Okayji, Insten, RingMas. for holders start at 200 rubles.

On glass

Auto windshield is often used to install a magnetic telephone holder. Products are mounted on a suction cup or a strip of scotch tape that comes with the kit.

The main plus of installing the holder on the glass is the windshield area is large, and choosing a good place is not difficult.

But you have to come to terms with the fact that the overview of the road is deteriorating, wherever the holder stands.

The most common and well-known among motorists are iOttie products with a gel suction cup and adjustable angle.

Fixing vary depending on the functionality. Easy View, one of the simplest devices, has a price of 950 rubles. serious models cost no less than 2000.

Holder for the phone in the car in the duct

The phone holder in the car on the air duct is installed in a few minutes. The clamp is the best accomplice in this business. The method has several disadvantages:

  1. The phone is fixed in only one place.
  2. Duct grille is always open.
  3. In winter, the device blows hot air.

The most important advantage of the method is the ease of dismantling and installation.

Popular models “Gravity Car Mount” from Baseus, “Car Holder CZZJ01RM” from Xiaomi Roidmi have a price of 890 rubles.

Into the cigarette lighter

The cigarette lighter is used today in various forms. One of the most famous uses is charging a mobile phone while traveling. Manufacturers of holders found it reasonable to combine the functions of fixing mobile gadgets and charging them in their products.

Consider the design. Typically, a cigarette lighter device consists of a retainer, a base, and a bracket. The latch is a small plate on the hinge where the phone is attached. The base is designed for fixing in the cigarette lighter, has a USB port. The bracket connects the previous part with the latch.

The device allows you to securely lock the mobile in the car and fits any brand of gadgets. Such a product will not cause any damage to the chips and microcircuits of your phone.

Attaching and detaching a gadget is simple. it is done in a few seconds.

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Is a magnetic phone holder harmful?

In this part of the article we will try to figure out whether the magnetic holder for the phone is harmful to the car.

Five to ten years ago, manufacturers introduced electromagnetic sensors into “sliders” and “clamshells”. They were used to lock the keyboard. Such phones suffered from the powerful action of a neodymium magnet, they “jammed” without the possibility of unlocking.

Is it harmful to use holders now? In modern models, such sensors are absent.

Compass in smartphones sometimes fails when exposed to a magnet. The locator is synchronized with navigation programs, receiving location data, but if you keep it near a strong magnet for a long time, errors occur.

If your latch is magnetic, do not forget to pick up the phone at night. Do not use the devices of manufacturers offering to install a magnetic ring on the phone case. There are analogues to such holders.

Some users claim that the device demagnetizes SIM cards. This is not true, because experiments have repeatedly proved that SIM cards do not suffer from a magnet.

As a result, the magnetic holder is harmless subject to the rules of use.

Which holder for the phone in the car is better: Rating TOP 3. Onetto Vent Mount Easy One Touch

The device of this model of the manufacturer from Korea is inexpensive. It is fixed on the duct. Simple and durable. The bracket rotates in a circle, the latches on the sides are adjustable. Suitable for smartphones from 55 to 89 mm. But many buyers are worried about how much the holder costs: the average price for it is from 1200 rubles.

  • rotation in a circle;
  • additional support from below;
  • rubber coating.
  • no flaws.

Kenu airframe

Minimalistic design, combined with functionality and reliability. talking characteristics of the model. Attaches to the duct. Made of plastic, steel and rubber. The average price is 1490 rubles.

  • style, quality;
  • universality;
  • ease of use;
  • one-handed fixation.
  • a large number of fakes.

Airframe was given to me by my wife. Often on the road, the phone at hand is very important. He reacted to the holder with skepticism first, then installed. Reliability is the highest class. Installation is a matter of seconds. The product withstands everything: maneuvers, speed, bumps. I recommend!

Ppyple dash-n5

Small and reliable clamp. High-quality vacuum suction cup is disconnected by a special lever. Installed on glass. The average price is 990 rubles.

How to Use a Phone Holder
  • reliability;
  • price;
  • simple installation.
  • no flaws.

The device is very compact. A suction cup is made of some kind of supergel. She stuck tightly, had not yet fallen off even once. Not shaking. The holder does not fall, there are no twists, extra bolts. I recommend!