Do I Need An Antivirus For iOS 12

It is said that Apple completely protected its products from any virus penetration. For example, consider the most popular and popular iPad device. Is it even possible for a virus to sneak into the iPad? Do we need an antivirus for the iPad, or doesn’t we need protection for such a super modern tablet?

Ios virus history

This is the very first reported malware case for the iPad. The very first program that managed to disarm the iPad was called simply and tastefully. Fail.Trojan.

But there was only one important feature. The program only works on a hacked iPad. As all Apple product owners know, they do not allow you to download extraneous programs, but only those that are listed in the app store database. All programs are carefully scanned by the company. In fact, Steve Jobs was right when he said that antiviruses for the iPad are not needed, since it is impossible to crack.

Ipad devices are relatively new, now they are buying almost everything in a row. The iPad tablet has the same operating system, which means that an antivirus is not needed here either, since viruses can only be accessed by a hacked tablet.

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And now the fun begins. Anti-virus companies realized what piece of the pie they would lose, and they made a fuss that viruses are still possible for Apple products, they have already been created, they are just waiting in the wings for an attack.

Mr. Kaspersky himself raised the very first panic and published the famous antivirus for Mac Os. It is not known how many viruses got into the base of this project, but about five years ago there were already about forty.

Do I Need An Antivirus For iOS 12

In the meantime, you do not need to worry. The virus can be created for any device, but if your iPad is not hacked, it is unlikely to get there.

What we were provided with Integro?

Integro were able to implement their VirusBarrier X6 technologies, which is why VirusBarrier can scan any information that gets on the phone or tablet from the storage and carefully checks it for threats. Unfortunately, Apple cannot scan automatically due to the operating system. This means one thing. You must carry out the verification yourself. Plus programs. Scanning after launch is performed in background mode.

How much is this application?

The application is inexpensive, and all anti-virus databases are updated absolutely free for a whole year. When the year ends, the subscription for additional security costs only 1.99.

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There is a point that you might not like. The antivirus automatically updates all the files unless you turn off this feature on your iTunes account. Many users may be confused by the material costs at the end of the year associated with updating programs.

In any case, an application like VirusBarrier is very useful and will give positive results. After all, there is always a vile creator of the virus. And your electronic friend will help in its distribution. Therefore, the best way out is to reinsure your tablet. Download such a program and be safe.

Features of the Virus Barrier program

With it, you can scan all the files that you receive by mail, either from storage to your tablet or phone.

The program will scan for a virus for any operating system, including Windows.

What users like. The program calculates spy files, trojans, malware for your phone or tablet.

Even a password-protected archive will be scanned through!

If the file is infected, it will be sent for recovery. This is a clear plus and advantage.

If you use Safari, then all files that will come with e-mail will be automatically scanned, as well as files that this application will then forward;

The Barrier virus will scan any remote archive. From DropBox, iDisks to WebDAV;

Before entering the site, the Barrier will scan it for phishing and web threats (this is a particularly interesting property)

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The anti-virus database is updated automatically. It’s convenient, since you don’t have to constantly keep in mind that you need to urgently update the anti-virus.

Scanning is performed in the background, as already mentioned.

We remind you that subscription to this program is valid for exactly one year.

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