How to Bind Mail to Phone

How to Bind Mail to Phone

Quite often, active users of the Internet have a problem associated with the inconvenience of using several email services. As a result of this, the topic of organizing the binding of one electronic mailbox to another becomes relevant, regardless of the resource used.

Binding one mail to another

It is possible to connect several electronic mailboxes to mail services. Over, it is often quite possible to organize the collection of letters from several accounts in the same system.

In order to connect third-party accounts to the main mail, you need to have authorization data in each linked service. Otherwise, the connection is not possible.

It is not recommended to use multiple binding, in which each mail has a secondary connection with other services. When implementing this type of binding, some letters will not reach the main account in time, until the complete absence of forwarding.

Yandex Mail

The electronic mailbox in the Yandex system, as you know, provides many opportunities and therefore fully claims to be the main one. However, if you also have additional mailboxes in the same system or in other mail services, you will need to bind.

  1. In your preferred Internet browser, log in to Yandex.Mail.

Find the button with the image of the gear in the upper right corner and click on it to open the menu with the basic settings.

From the list of sections presented, select the speaking item “Collecting mail from other mailboxes”.

On the page that opens, in the block “Take mail from the box” Fill in the fields provided in accordance with the data for authorization from another account.

After that, the verification of the entered data will begin.

In some circumstances, you may need to additionally activate the protocols in the bound services.

If you try to use third-party domain names for Yandex, you will need to perform a more detailed configuration of the collection.

Upon the fact of a successfully established connection, the collection of letters will occur automatically after 10 minutes from the moment of connection.

Often, Yandex users encounter connection problems, which can be resolved by replacing the Internet browser or waiting for the functionality to resume functioning on the server side of the service.

If you still have questions regarding the collection of letters within the framework of the considered mail service, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with Yandex in more detail.


In the case of an email account from Mail.Ru, it is much easier to organize the collection of mail, knowing the main features of this service. At the same time, it is important to note that Mail perfectly interacts with the vast majority of similar resources, unlike Yandex.

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    Open your mailbox on the site Mail.Ru by logging in to your account.

In the upper right corner of the page, click on the E-Mail address of the mailbox.

From the presented list of sections, select the item “Mail Settings”.

On the next page, among the placed blocks, find and expand the section “Mail from other mailboxes”.

Now you need to select the mail service in which the account is registered with a plug-in email account.

Having chosen the necessary resource, fill in the line “Login” in accordance with the E-Mail address of the account to be attached.

Under the filled column use the button “Add box”.

Once on the confirmation page for access to collecting mail, confirm the permissions for the Mail.Ru application.

Upon successful activation of the collector, you will be automatically returned to the binding page, where you also need to set the parameters for automatically moving intercepted messages.

In the future, you can change or disable the collector at any time.

If you want to use an email account that does not support authorization through a secure zone, you will need to provide a password.

Remember that although Mail supports most services, there may still be exceptions.

In addition to all of the above, note that connecting to Mail.Ru mail from other services may require special data. You can get them in the section “Help”.

This is where you can end Mail.Ru with the settings for collecting mail into an electronic mailbox.


Google, the developer of the Gmail email service, is known to strive to provide maximum data synchronization capabilities. That is why a mailbox in this system can actually be the best solution for collecting letters.

Over, Gmail actively interacts with various email services, which in turn allows you to extremely quickly transfer messages to the main mailbox.

    Open the official website of the Gmail service in any convenient browser.

In the right part of the main working window, find the button with the gear image and a tooltip “Settings”, then click on it.

From the list presented, select the section “Settings”.

Using the top navigation bar in the window that opens, go to the page Accounts and Import.

Find the block with the parameters “Import mail and contacts” and use the link “Import mail and contacts”.

In a new browser window in a text box “From which account do you need to import” insert the e-mail address of the attached email account, then click on the button “Continue”.

The next step, at the request of the mail service, enter the password for the account to be linked and use the key “Continue”.

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At your discretion, check the boxes to transfer any individual information from the box and click “Start import”.

Having completed all the actions recommended during the instructions, you will receive a notification that the initial data transfer has begun and may take up to 48 hours.

You can check the success of the transfer by simply returning to the folder Inbox and reading the mail list. Those messages that were imported will have a special signature in the form of a connected E-Mail, and will also be placed in a separate folder.

The previously created mailbox relationship can be expanded by connecting not one, but two or more accounts in different systems.

Following the instructions you should not have complications regarding the linking of mail services to your account in the Gmail system.


Rambler email service is not very popular and provides fewer features than previously affected resources. Over, Rambler has limited connectivity options, that is, collecting letters from a mailbox in this system is quite problematic.

Despite these comments, the site still allows you to collect mail from other systems using a basic algorithm similar to Mail.Ru.

    Log in to your account at the official Rambler Mail website.

Through the top panel with the main sections, go to the page “Settings”.

Through the next horizontal menu, go to the tab “Mail collection”.

From the list of mail services presented, select the one whose account you want to attach to Rambler.

Fill in the fields in the context window “Email” and “Password”.

If necessary, check the box “Download old letters”, so that when importing all available messages are copied.

To initialize the binding click on the button “To plug”.

Wait for the import process to complete.

Now all mail from the mailbox will be automatically moved to the folder Inbox.

In conclusion, it is important to mention that if you want to deactivate mail collection, you will have to wait a certain amount of time. This is due to the fact that this resource does not have a sufficiently high level of data processing speed.

In general, as you can see, each service has the ability to connect third-party electronic mailboxes, although not all work stably. Thus, understanding the basics of binding on one E-Mail, the rest will no longer cause previously arising questions.

They often talk about how to link a page in VK to another number, but not all methods work. A social network is a platform for profit for entrepreneurs and freelancers, so the levels of protection are growing exponentially.

Existing methods

There are three official methods for linking a VK page to a phone.

#1. Change in settings

You have the right to change your personal data, although the possibilities are limited. The described method requires waiting for the consent of the VK moderators for two weeks.

  • Go to your account settings by clicking on the avatar in the upper right.
  • Click the “Change” link next to the number. For security reasons, most of it is displayed with asterisks.
  • Enter a new value. If the phone is already in use, you will receive a warning. You will also see a message if the entered number is already used by another profile. The message displays the number of available bindings.
  • Confirm the action by code or by resetting the call.
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The application will be generated and sent to the network administrators. You will receive a response within 14 days.

After the moderators send a positive response, other users will be able to find your profile by phone number.

# 2 Account lockout

The method is effective, but, on the other hand, is dangerous. The profile of VK users who repeatedly violated the rules is frozen forever. When defrosting, you can specify a new mobile. It is confirmed by a code.

To get into the ban, show forbidden activity. Sign up, like. Leave your identifier on the likes exchanges. Post with a link to such a resource. The lock will occur in a short time.

# 3 Rebind number

To bind a phone number to a page in VK, if it is tied to another one, you will first need to untie it. You will need to confirm its legitimacy using an access code, which will come in the form of SMS. You can act through the settings or restore access to your profile.

So what to do if the phone number is linked to another page in VK:

  • Type in the address bar.
  • Click the link below the form: for those who do not remember the data and do not have access to the phone.
  • Enter the old data and specify the new mobile.
  • Confirm by code.

“What should I do if it doesn’t work out, and I can’t attach my phone number to the VKontakte page?” Is a frequent question of users. It is necessary to solve such a problem at the administrator level. The likelihood of receiving a positive answer is small, since it is necessary to give detailed and plausible explanations of the reasons.

How often can I use these methods?

Perform the above actions constantly does not work. How much you can attach the number to another VKontakte page depends on the frequency of such actions. When you register, you will be able to change your mobile in a day.

Do you know other ways how to specify a new mobile in your profile? Write in the comments!