Back Button Does Not Work On Samsung

The display of a modern phone is not in vain called the most vulnerable

The display of a modern phone is not in vain called the most vulnerable component of the gadget. According to statistics, the most common reason for repairing a mobile device is a breakdown or incorrect operation of the sensor. At the same time, many users, not understanding the true cause of the touchscreen malfunction, are trying to disassemble the smartphone into parts (which ultimately leads to disastrous results) or give a lot of money for repairs.

In our article, we will answer the question of why the phone’s sensor doesn’t work: we’ll give the main reasons and talk about how to act in each case.

Back Button Does Not Work On Samsung

The most common causes of sensor failure are:

Water entering the enclosure

Incorrectly bonded safety glass or film

Sensor mechanical damage

Sudden temperature drop

Matrix loop failure

Software violations

We will analyze each reason in order.

Reason 1. Display is dirty

If an oleophobic coating is not applied to the surface of the touch screen, over time the display becomes greasy, which interferes with the electrostatic signal from the fingers. In the best case, the sensor is triggered once, in the worst, it does not react at all to the user’s touch.


It is recommended that you wipe the screen several times a week with a soft microfiber cloth. Also, a small amount of polish for displays can be applied to it.

Reason 2. Water inside the case

If after a walk in the rain you find that the sensor does not work on the phone, most likely water has got inside the case. You can often notice that the sensor stopped responding to touch after holding the smartphone for some time in wet hands.

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Dry your smartphone, without disassembling it. The most affordable means will be a cup of rice, in which you need to put a smartphone for several hours. Read more about all methods of drying your phone in the article. “What to do if the phone falls into the water”.

Reason 3. Oxidation of contacts

If the phone’s sensor is not repaired after drying, the contacts may have oxidized due to moisture.


Neat contact cleaning will help, preferably in a repair shop.

Reason 4. Incorrectly glued screen protector

When sticking a protective glass or film, it is very important to strictly follow the instructions. Otherwise, air bubbles and dirt may accumulate under the surface of the plastic or glass panel. Because of this, the sensor loses sensitivity.


Carefully remove the film or glass from the screen and affix a new protection. We recommend using our instructions in the article. “How to stick a protective film on the phone”.

Reason 5. Mechanical damage to the sensor

Perhaps the most common cause of a sensor breakdown is cracks, scratches, or chips resulting from a smartphone crash. Also, very often the integrity of the touchscreen is violated due to the fact that the user wears a smartphone without a protective case in his pocket with keys or coins.


Before you fix the sensor on the phone, it is important to determine the nature of the damage. If the scratches are small, you can try to polish your smartphone screen yourself. If you have sufficient knowledge and skills, the user will be able to replace the touchscreen without leaving home. However, it should be remembered that any interference with the integrity of the smartphone can lead to even more serious damage.

Therefore, the simplest and most obvious solution, in this case, is repair in a service workshop.

Reason 6. Sudden temperature drop

Sometimes the phone’s sensor loses its sensitivity after a sharp change in temperature, for example, a smartphone brought from a frost into a warm room, or vice versa. After that, the touchscreen reacts to touch once and not across its entire surface.

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As a rule, rebooting the phone helps. Also, after this it is recommended to wait a few minutes for the temperature inside the gadget to return to normal.

Reason 7. Breakdown of the loop of the matrix

The screen of a smartphone, as a rule, is a kind of sandwich from several layers. The touch panel is placed on top of the matrix, which is attached by a cable to the phone board. After the gadget falls on a hard surface, very often the screen does not receive external damage, but the sensor does not work. In this case, this means that the cable has broken or gone.


With pumped technical skills and special tools, such as screwdrivers and a soldering iron, you can connect a loop to a matrix or a board. However, it is most reliable to perform this procedure in a service center.

Reason 8. Violations in the software

Even the latest version of the Android operating system is not immune to software errors. As a result of a system failure, the screen is lit, but does not respond to user touch.


If the sensor does not work on the phone due to a software error, try restarting the smartphone. If this does not help, the most reliable way to restore the functionality of the sensor is to take the smartphone to a service center. Of course, a system failure can be fixed by flashing the phone. However, it should be remembered that this procedure entails even more serious violations in the operation of the smartphone and the automatic withdrawal of the gadget from under service.

How to choose a smartphone to avoid sensor breakdowns

Of course, not a single modern gadget is safe from breaking the touchscreen. Many users almost never let their smartphone out of their hands all day. Therefore, it is not surprising that various external and internal loads can damage the sensor. But is it possible to minimize the risk of disruption of the touchscreen? Of course!

In recent years, smartphones in a metal case with built-in protective glass on the screen have become increasingly popular. And the point here is far from spectacular appearance. In this case, the reliability of the gadget comes first. The metal case can withstand more external loads, high-quality assembly helps to avoid the risk of moisture getting inside the case, and the protective glass prevents scratches, due to which the sensor stops working.

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Nevertheless, it is widely believed among users that secure metal smartphones cost a lot of money. Especially if you do not want to make a discount on low power and performance.

However, in the modern market of mobile phones, there is a brand that proves tirelessly. power, reliability, security and affordability can easily be combined in one model. Since 2003, the British company Fly has been steadily gaining user recognition through a combination of high technology, bold design solutions, quality components and affordable in each model.

An extreme bright novelty in the summer of 2017 was the Fly Selfie 1 smartphone. One of the most interesting in technical and design terms.

The thin and light metal body of the gadget is made of brushed aluminum. This material conducts heat well, so even during active load the phone’s sensor will not overheat. Bright and contrasting 5.2-inch 2.5D IPS-screen is covered with high-strength Panda Glass, so the keys, lighters, coins and drops are not afraid of the display.

In addition, Fly Selfie 1 has incorporated such high-quality components as an excellent front and rear camera. with both 13 megapixels; powerful 1.25 GHz 4-core processor, 3000 mAh high-capacity lithium-polymer battery, fingerprint scanner and 4G LTE module.

Returning to the issue of accessibility, it is important to indicate that the price of a smartphone that looks and works like a full-fledged premium flagship is only 8,990 rubles!

Now you know why the sensor does not work on the phone, what to do in each case, and how to prevent possible breakdowns. It is easy to see that the most common solution to a sensor problem is repair in a service center. It is important to indicate here Fly company guarantees high-quality after-sales service of its phones and gives a year of warranty for all models. You can find out the location of the service center in your city on the official website of the brand.