Apple iPad Glass Replacement

Ipad Glass Replacement (iPad) 2

If a touch glass your his iPad 2 stopped responding, or even crashed. Don’t be upset. Wizards in our service center met with all the options for malfunction associated with the touchscreen on iPad 2

You can read more about the process of replacing the iPad 2 glass in the description.

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If the touch glass of your iPad 2 stops responding, or it crashes at all. Don’t be upset. Masters in our service center met with all the options for malfunction associated with the touchscreen on iPad 2.

All of the above malfunctions and defects are solved mainly by replacing the touch glass. This procedure is time consuming and requires high qualifications. We do not recommend making a replacement yourself, but you always have the right to try, after purchasing spare parts, consumables and tools.

If it so happened that the glass in your tablet is damaged for one reason or another. Or the whole touchscreen but does not work correctly. The only solution to this problem is to replace the touch screen with iPad 2.

Here’s how it goes glass replacement iPad 2:

  1. Turn off the device.
  2. First you need to remove the broken or broken glass. To do this, you need to heat the device with hot air in the places of gluing the sensor, around the perimeter of the device, so that the mounting tape is softened and peeled off. Glass is poured by special blades with thin ends, while supporting the heating of the device with hot air. You need to heat with an average temperature of 150-200 degrees. In this case, avoid heating the plastic parts of the case, such as the sensor frame, home button and volume buttons.
  3. Apple iPad Glass Replacement
  4. The second step is to separate the home button and the guide metal frame of the front camera from the sensor. It is also worth noting that from the bottom of the iPad 2, on the right side of the Home button, there is a Wi-Fi antenna that is firmly glued to the glass and can be easily damaged when removed. From the top of the iPad with the 3G module there are also 3G and GSM communication antennas, also tightly glued to the glass and easily come off.
  5. The third step is to remove the remnants of the old mounting tape from the iPad case and degrease the surface.
  6. The fourth point is to check the integrity of the aluminum case itself. If the glass is damaged, there is a high probability of deformation of the corners and the iPad body as a whole. The corners need to be unbent according to the size of the touch glass. For example, when falling onto a corner and breaking the sensor, the aluminum corners are bent inwards and the new touch glass will no longer tightly fit into its recess in the housing. In absolutely critical cases, the correction of the corners will not save and you need to replace the entire iPad case.
  7. Next, unscrew the display and remove it, having previously unfastened the cable connecting the iPad 2 system board and the display.
  8. The next step is to unfasten the loop of the sensor itself from the system board. Now iPad 2 touch glass can be considered removed.
  9. Next, with a soft brush, we sweep out all small parts of broken glass and debris from the body.
  10. Now paste 3M double-sided tape on the body.
  11. We connect a new touch glass on iPad 2 matching color to the connector on the board.
  12. We connect the display to the loop coming out of the system board.
  13. We remove dust and debris from the surface of the screen and touch glass.
  14. We glue the tablet.
  15. Turn on the device.
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This manual contains not complicated points about how it happens. Glass repair iPad 2. For the specialist, this procedure is simple, for the charlatan there is an additional reason to ruin the device, both aesthetically and physically, for an uninitiated person a chance to save on repairs. It’s up to you to trust an expensive device.

Nowadays, unfortunately, there are more and more cases of not qualified repair. Below we will try to list those cases that indicate poor quality work on replacing the iPad 2 touch glass:

  • Not quality glass installed (color differs from the original, with factory defects),
  • The device is not assembled correctly and there is no comfort during operation,
  • The touch glass is not glued properly and / or with non-conforming adhesive tape,
  • During dismantling, one of the antennas is damaged and, accordingly, there is no communication, communication is not stable or communication is interrupted,
  • The housing is not aligned, as a result of which the sensor does not fit snugly.
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All these factors indicate a low qualification of specialists or a desire to save on consumables, tools, equipment, conditions. The staff of the Apple YouMix service center sincerely wishes not to get to such masters.

Next, we list the conditions that are necessary for a quality repair and comfortable future use. We also want to note that our service center strictly monitors compliance with all of the following conditions, without exception.

  1. Repair parts must be of the highest quality and must be purchased from trusted suppliers.,
  2. The equipment should be designed to perform this operation and set to the desired temperature conditions.
  3. The repair surface must be soft and free from scratches.,
  4. Touch screen replacement work must be performed by a qualified professional with experience,
  5. Materials for removing the adhesive layer and cleaning the device must be of high quality,
  6. Double-sided tape must be of appropriate thickness, adhesion and temperature.

Each owner of the Apple iPad 2 decides where to go for repairs to a service center with extensive experience, such as ours. You can turn to beginning repairmen who promise fast deadlines, low and an endless warranty. And also, no one will bother you to independently carry out this rather laborious procedure by purchasing a spare part from us (touch glass for iPad 2), by clicking on this link.

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Below we give one of the manys on replacing the touch glass on the iPad 2 at home. But this instruction is very remote from the work perfectly done.