What Programs to Install on a Computer

Posted by Mikhail Nepomniachtchi at 09/14/2016 09/14/2016

After buying a new computer or laptop, the question always arises of which programs to install on it in the first place. Which program is better to install for one purpose, and which. For another, which are the most popular and in demand. “Computer literacy” will help to understand this issue and suggest popular and proven solutions for most cases of life.

Antivirus. Safety first

The modern Windows 10 operating system has built-in protection in the form of a Defender application. This utility can cope with some types of threats on its own, however, for reliable protection against intruders, it is recommended to install a third-party antivirus. It can be like a paid solution from one of the recognized data protection giants, like Kaspersky Lab, Dr. Web or Eset Nod32, and one of the free counterparts.

It is impossible to conclude that this or that antivirus is the best. Each has its own pros and cons. Of the free solutions, try protection from Avast, which has recently teamed up with another software giant, AVG (which, incidentally, has its own decent antivirus). In addition, it is recommended from time to time to additionally check your computer with the free DrWeb CureIt tool, even if you have a paid antivirus installed.

In addition to the direct installation of anti-virus protection, it will not be superfluous to set up a secure Internet connection. Alternative DNS servers will help in this, more about which was previously described in Computer Literacy.

Fast browser

In fact, this item should go first. If only because all subsequent programs can then be downloaded from a convenient browser. Of course, someone will be satisfied with the standard browser from Microsoft, especially since the developers claim that Edge is the most energy-efficient online browser, which laptop owners who are accustomed to working without connecting to an outlet should especially appreciate. However, the ease of use of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox is still ahead.

What Programs to Install on a Computer

In particular, the ability to install additional extensions in the Microsoft Edge browser has appeared recently, while competitors have rich experience, which means that the applications themselves are much larger and more stable. By the way, after installing an additional browser, it will not be superfluous to install at least an ad blocker for it, for example, AdBlock Plus. Also check out our selection of useful extensions for the Google Chrome browser.

Also, along with the browser, it makes sense to install Adobe Flash Player, without which the content will not be displayed on many Internet resources. In principle, in Google Chrome, the flash player is built-in automatically and you do not need to install it additionally, but for Firefox the same Microsoft Edge Adobe Flash Player will be needed.

Office suite

It is difficult to imagine a modern computer without office applications, unless you are an avid gamer or use modern technology only to communicate with relatives. Office applications allow you to work with a variety of documents: texts, spreadsheets, presentations, and much more. The most popular paid solution is Microsoft Office. You can buy it as a separate release for a specific release year or subscribe to Office 365, which is paid annually, and always have a fresh version of the office suite, coupled with a terabyte of cloud storage and a package of minutes for chatting on Skype.

If a paid solution is too expensive or you just don’t want to pay for it, then you should pay attention to free analogues. For example, LibreOffice, which in recent years has outstripped the popularity of OpenOffice, at the same time luring leading competitors from a competitor. LibreOffice will allow you to perform most of the typical tasks with office documents, as well as provide compatibility with documents created in paid Microsoft Office (the application can save and open files in a variety of formats).

In addition, you can pay attention to cloud solutions. Google offers users of Drive Cloud Storage a solid set of tools for working with office documents. Over, you can work with them both online. Without installing additional applications on your computer, or with installation, which will allow you to use documents without connecting to the Internet. A nice feature of this solution is the ability to work together on files of a large number of users. Simultaneously via the Internet. However, such an option is also available in the Microsoft pact.


To open packaged archives downloaded from the Internet, you will almost certainly need to install a third-party archiver. In principle, the built-in functionality of Windows 10 also does a good job with zip folders, however, to work with archives of another extension, for example, rar, additional software is required. The best free solution here is 7-zip, which opens all popular formats, though it doesn’t know how to create archives in rar format, but for most users this is not essential.

The popular paid solution here is the WinRAR application. Its functionality is richer, in particular, it can work with complex archives, divided into many parts, which, when unpacking, must be assembled into a single whole.

Computer cleaner

This item is more likely a decision for the future, since the new devices at first work stably and do not need additional care. However, over time, the registry is filled with errors, a large amount of all kinds of garbage is generated on the computer, and so on. All this leads to a slowdown in the system, and sometimes to more serious consequences in the form of failure of a particular application. Therefore, a tool for servicing a computer from all kinds of garbage will be extremely useful.

An excellent paid solution in this matter is the PC TuneUp utility, released in recent years under the AVG label. The application will optimize the performance of your computer both automatically and according to your requirement. In addition, PC TuneUp will offer many recommendations, in particular on the deactivation of unused applications that daily load computers resources, startup and much more.

A free computer cleaning solution is the popular CCleaner application. Its functionality is much more modest, but the registry program eliminates errors clearly no worse.

Codec pack and player

If you plan to watch and listen to audio not only through the browser, but also through external media, such as flash drives and optical discs, or after downloading via the Internet, you will need a codec package. What it is and why you need to be described in more detail earlier. It is important that not all formats will be played on a computer without special codecs. It is recommended to install the package. K-Lite Codec, thanks to which standard Windows Media Player should cope with most tasks.

Just in case, you can install an additional player, for example, VLC Player or Gom player, which have a built-in set of codecs, and they successfully cope with the playback of most and audio formats.

Communication tool Skype

In the era of social networks, special messaging messengers are used less and less. However, for work, as well as for communication, the Skype application is still often used. The program allows private and group chat conversations, messaging and direct calls. This allows you to stay in touch with people from anywhere in the world where there is an Internet connection.

In addition, Skype can be used for calls to fixed and mobile devices. Over, for calls to other countries this can be significantly more profitable than through the usual mobile operator. It is possible to pay per minute or purchase packages (in addition, as mentioned above, when you purchase an MS Office 365 license, you also receive a package of minutes for calls).

A nice feature is the ability to link your Skype account to your mobile phone. Thus, the interlocutors will see your regular number when you call them via Skype. In addition, you can configure the forwarding of incoming Skype calls to your smartphone.

Mail client

Modern online services like Gmail or Yandex.Mail allow you to check email from multiple addresses using a single interface. It is really convenient and the need to install an additional email client is not as relevant as before. However, for offline access to your mail, that is, in the absence of an Internet connection, the browser solution is not suitable. Therefore, if you need to have mail at hand offline, you need to put an additional program. An email client.

If you use the Microsoft Office 365 package, then it includes the Outlook application, which does an excellent job of collecting and storing mail from multiple addresses. Its free counterpart is a Mozilla solution called Thunderbird. In addition to working directly with mail, both services can be used as an organizer.

Reading Pdf

PDF files can theoretically be opened using a browser. However, it is much more convenient to use the special Adobe Reader application, since it is free. The PDF format itself is often used for e-books, documentation, or instructions that can be downloaded from the Internet.

Optical Media Recording

If you plan to burn CDs and DVDs, then you need to install a special application for this. An excellent free solution is Ashampoo Burning Studio FREE, which allows you to record images, audio and discs, as well as regular data discs. The program is Russified and has an intuitive interface.

Auto language change

Finally, installing the Punto Switcher app from Yandex may be useful. A small program will automatically change the language layout of the keyboard when you type. Especially useful is the solution for those who have not yet mastered the blind typing method and rarely take their eyes off the keyboard.

If you just bought a computer, or reinstalled Windows and installed all the drivers already, then you need to know what programs to install for normal computer operation. In today’s article, we will consider the basic programs that are required on each computer.

This article was updated on January 16, 2017. Programs have not changed in two years, I could add many existing programs that you may need. But I do not consider it necessary. After all, the article is written about the necessary programs on each computer, and not a list of all existing ones with a proposal to choose.

1.7-Zip. Free archiver that opens different archives and without unnecessary troubles. How many times did he set. There has never been advertising and programs in the load, it opens all types of archives and is easy to use.

2.K-lite codec pack. Without this program, you will not be able to watch on your computer, or individual formats will open. During installation, you can install an additional player to watch the.

3. Adobe flash player. Another program for watchings only already on the Internet, it will also help you launch various games in a browser. During the download, uncheck the additional offers, if you leave everything as is, download and install. Install another program into the load, which is not needed for the computer to work. In Google Chrome and Yandex browser Flash Player is built-in and you will be written that there is no need to install it.

4. The browser. By default, each version of Windows has a built-in browser Inernet Explorer, not many people use it. Edge was introduced in Windows 10, it works well and is similar to Chrome. Install on your computer the browser that you are used to using: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Yandex browser.

5. Adobe reader. A program for opening pdf files, in this format you can often find instructions, scanned documents, etc., this is the thing to do. Before downloading, uncheck the option to not install unnecessary software into the load.

6. OpenOffice. This program is free, with its help you can open office documents and edit them. You can also download regular Microsoft Office, although it costs money, but for many this is not a problem # 128578; because there are torrent trackers and everything can be found there for free.

7. UTorrent. With the help of this program you can download various films, programs, books, archives, etc. With torrent trackers and various resources. Free (although there is a paid version) and a rather convenient program, during installation it will offer to install three additional programs, they are not required to be installed!

8. Ccleaner. A program for cleaning the computer, with its help you can: remove unnecessary programs, remove unnecessary ones from startup, remove extensions from browsers, clean the context menu, fix the registry, clean the computer from junk, etc.

9. Panda Free Antivirus. One of the best free antivirus software. Installation is free, does not require updates, that is, installed and forgot. You install a program on your computer, and the main actions take place on the company’s servers, which reduces the load on your computer. Malware databases are located on the company’s remote servers in the cloud, and the antivirus client on the computer does heuristic analysis and constant scanning. Anti-Virus scans all computer files in the background if the user does not work with the computer.

Since 2017, on many PCs, it itself stopped working and starting after Windows started. Since that time he switched to Avast Free, he is also not bad at work. When installing Avast, select a custom installation and disable some of the components, as for me the antivirus should be an antivirus, not a multifunctional tool.

Next come the programs without which you can do, but at the same time they can be useful to you:

Viber. Free calls and messages worldwide.

Skype program for free communication around the world, you can just call, you can call and see the person you are talking to or send him messages.

AnyDesk. Currently a free program for remote access. With it, you can configure the ability to log in remotely to your computer at any time and from anywhere in the world, or when there are problems with the computer. Dictate the login information to your friend sys.Admin, and he will be able to help you from anywhere in the world.

Aimp. Free audio player with many functions, convenient and with the ability to select various interfaces.

Youcam. Paid program for the camera. On torrent trackers you can find “free” option, very convenient and one of the best for the camera.

These programs are enough for the computer to work if you missed something and you know some other necessary program. Write comments! Good luck to you # 128578;