What You Can Do From Your TV

What You Can Do From Your TV

No one is immune from a TV breakdown. And when living with young children and hyperactive animals, the chances of accidentally breaking it increase significantly.

If the matrix is ​​damaged in the liquid crystal device, then in most cases it cannot be repaired, only replaced. It can cost almost as much as a new TV, if not more.

As a rule, in this case, they simply acquire new equipment. But the logical question remains. What to do with the old? Can you give her a second life? As it turned out, you can!

The lamp from the broken LCD TV

First of all, you should disassemble the TV and understand which parts are useful for its manufacture and which are not. What is definitely no longer needed is the matrix and loops from it. Speakers for the lamp are also not needed, but they can be used for other purposes. Therefore, you can disconnect them, but not discard them. The brown and green boards should be left in place, you will understand their purpose a little later.

Having got rid of excess, collect everything back and check operability, having connected to power supply. If you did everything correctly, you get a lamp controlled from the remote control. It remains only to install it in the most suitable place.

To decorate such a lamp, you can find the image you like. And then print at any copy center on a translucent adhesive film the size of the TV screen. You can do this on paper, but it transmits less light.

Gently stick it on the screen. It will turn out a device that looks like a picture in the frame during the day, and when dark turns into a beautiful lamp.

You can also not disconnect the speakers. Then get a lamp with the extra radio function.

In addition, you can not stick a sticker, but use the former TV as a lamp of uniform illumination. It can become not only a stylish part of the interior, but also a part of a job or a hobby for photographers and aquarists.

The possibility of using hotel parts of the TV

Options for further use of a faulty TV are not limited to a lamp alone. Indeed, in its composition there are many useful details that can be used.

  • You can use the radio channels as an all-wave receiver.
  • The metal rear casing perfectly conducts, distributes and dissipates heat. Therefore, it is possible to make an infrared heater economical in terms of energy consumption from it. To do this, you need to connect a carbon heating cable for the underfloor heating to it.
  • The brown board can be re-soldered and used as part of a sound amplifier.

If you are sure that you will no longer need any elements, you can sell them on the corresponding sites. In some cases, it’s possible not only to cover the costs of the TV, but even to earn money. In addition, you can sell some electrical elements even when inoperative.

If you managed to find an old TV or just did not have time to throw it away, what can be done? Creative approach to rarity, make skillful hands, turn on imagination. And a previously unnecessary item will still serve. Let’s get started?

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Treasure for a beginner amateur

Smooth smooth surface of the body can be used as plastic for crafts, design. It is not recommended to reuse the winding from the diverting system of the kinescope. When it is removed, the factory lacquer coating is violated, which will lead to a circuit in the new circuit.

  1. Protective nets from the speakers. To close openings where air exchange is important.
  2. Demagnetization loop from the tube. If you disassemble the insulation, it is easy to remove the winding wire for chokes and transformers.
  3. Main board: transistors, capacitors, resistors, microcircuits, transformers, electrolytes for different capacities and voltages.
  4. ULF with speakers.
  5. Multi-colored wires with high-quality insulation.

You can disassemble the high voltage transformer (TDKS) and remove the ferrite core. Four of these cores are enough to assemble a transformer. Some parts are highly regarded by ham radio operators, so they are easy to sell. Let’s see what else can be done from the old TV.

Exclusive interior items

If you just pull out the kinescope, insert it into the mirror housing and set the backlight on the back wall, you will get a mini-bar. We fix the mirrors with special “glass” glue, and we make the backlight from sticky spotlights on batteries. It remains only to deliver alcoholic beverages and a container with cocktail tubes.

And to make an aquarium, you need to remove the back cover, remove the electrical parts, free the inside. We leave buttons for compressor air. We insert the aquarium so that there is a place for illumination and algae.

When disassembling, be careful with the radiation tube. In addition, make a cover and attach it to the panel. Pour water into the aquarium and start the fish in three days (this time is enough to defend the water).

In the same way, the TV turns into a bed for the pet. In this case, the inside should be encased in soft material, and a mattress should be laid on the bottom. Exterior surfaces should be varnished and decorated.

The case rid of the “filling” is also suitable for storing books. Surfaces must be cleaned and pasted with sticky wallpaper. We attach loops for hanging to the back wall. If the case is large, divide it horizontally by an additional shelf.

A table from an old TV? It’s simple! It is important that the model has a flat screen.

Two or three cases, painted in different colors and set on top of each other, will serve as an original rack. It is more reasonable to fasten them together for structural strength. And screw the legs from the bottom.

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Why not make a dollhouse or a mini room? Trimming fabrics, wood bars will make you feel like a real designer. And the gift to the child will turn out magic.

How many interesting objects can you turn an old TV into if you connect your wit! Sometimes you need sandpaper, paint, varnish and other available tools, materials. A little effort. And a stylish accessory or useful thing is ready.

DIY home

An interesting idea is to turn the old picture tube into a window for household buildings, a country shower, and a toilet. Preparatory work begins with creating a hole to depressurize the vacuum and not provoke an explosion. Insert a screwdriver into the connection point of the high voltage contact and tap on it. When the hissing ceases, the kinescope will cease to be a danger.

Next, we cut off the upper part with a grinder. It is no longer useful, throw it away. Pry off with a screwdriver and remove the mesh. This small cell part can be used on the farm as a sieve.

The glass itself is thoroughly washed under running water and inserted like a window. From a large number of such items you can build a pavilion. Do not forget to wear glasses, gloves, a respirator when working with a grinder.

An old TV is a storehouse for using imagination. You can apply different techniques for decoration: decoupage, craquelure. Or leave the rarity in its natural form, if you like vintage.

Today, almost all homes have flat LCD (LDC, TFT) or plasma digital TVs. And the good old lamp tubes leave for the link in the country houses, move to balconies, to sheds or simply to a dump.

And only radio amateurs consider the old TV that has become unnecessary as source of radio components.

One of the key elements without which the kinescope cannot work is a line transformer.

This is the main part of the line scanner, which allows you to generate a very high voltage (about 25-30 thousand volts) on the anode of the tube.

This element looks as follows (the image is given as an example, there are various types and types of these transformers).

Fig. 1. Line transformer

Do not throw it away? With the right approach, he will be able to find his place in everyday life. In extreme cases, it is perfect for experiments with high stresses.

What can be done from the stringer

The first thing that comes to mind about the role of devices with high voltages is plasma balls (Tesla coils) and “Jacob’s stairs”.

The first ones look like this.

Fig. 2. Plasma ball

Here, a budget incandescent lamp acted as a ball.

Fig. 3. “Jacob’s stairs”

However, apart from “of toys” based on the line you can do more useful things:

1. Lighters (for household gas stoves);

2. Air ionizers;

3. Generators for igniting gas-filled lamps;

4. Welding machines (only with full rewind of transformers).

But since the latest products are wrong “spectacular”As the first, then we will consider a couple of examples with beautiful current arcs.

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Tesla coil / Plasma ball from a conventional incandescent lamp

Since the secondary winding will be finished to fit your needs, then only a horizontal transformer that has access to the windings, for example, TVS90, TVS-110, etc., is suitable for experiments. (from old Soviet TVs).

The circuit diagram is presented below.

Fig. 4. Schematic diagram

Secondary winding left “as it is”and the primary one is rewound (or wound over the existing one, if the design of the transformer allows). 5 turns are made with a thick wire with a diameter of about 2 mm (or several, but so that the total cross-sectional area is not less than the specified). It is best to use a wire in isolation.

Please note that the lamp may even be inoperative (with a broken or blown spiral). So she can actually get a second life.

The resistor from the LC filter can get pretty hot, this is normal. This element should be designed for power dissipation of approximately 1-2 watts.

Another weak element of the circuit is a field effect transistor. It must be installed on the heat sink using thermal paste (for better temperature conductivity). The heat sink area should be calculated from an indicator of 80 W received from the transistor.

Here is such a beauty in the end.

Fig. 5. Plasma ball

This is not about the film of the same name, or a staircase to the sky, but about an interesting phenomenon with electric arcs.

The fact is that during breakdown, energy (heat) is released, which is transmitted to the surrounding air. That, in turn, heating up, according to the law of convection, begins to rise up, and with it the discharges of breakdowns between the two conductors rise (after all, the resistance of warm air is less than that of cold).

Fig. 6. Schematic diagram

The line transformer itself is subject to the same “refinement”. The primary winding is done with your own hands from a thick copper wire. As “the donor” can be used, for example, TVS.110L / 6. 5 turns are wound.

The amplifier, which was discussed in the previous diagram for the ball, is already integrated into the PWM controller UC3845.

Breakdown occurs at a distance of approximately 1.5-3 cm. It is at this distance that electrodes should be installed.

At the output, such a miracle could turn out.

Fig. 7. Staircase of Jacob

At the output from the transformer, a voltage of several thousand volts with a current strength of 90 mA is obtained (this is enough for a fatal outcome under certain circumstances).

Never touch live parts, especially at the output of the horizontal transformer.

If the arcs are exposed for a long time, the glass of the lamp may melt, so do not touch it with your hands for a long time.

When you turn on the device, all actions are best done with one hand, after putting on dry shoes with rubber soles.