System Setup In iOS 13 Geolocation

While most users are happy to finally get a full dark mode and camera improvements, some users are more interested in the presented security and privacy improvements.

Geolocation services

In iOS 13, users will be able to more closely control application access to location data:

Previously, users could only globally deny access to geolocation, allow access while using the application, or allow access on an ongoing basis. Now a new temporary access option appears: “Once”.

In addition, users will occasionally receive notifications about location tracking apps. This information will force them to review the current geolocation access settings for individual applications. Depending on how often the application requests location data, notifications may be rare or very frequent, which may push users to completely deny access.

Changes to the API and new management features introduced in iOS 13 will prevent applications from accessing location data without user consent when the device uses Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless connections.

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Some applications do not request permission to access users’ locations, but use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth data to determine the location. In iOS, apps will explicitly request permission to access Wi-Fi and Bluetooth data.

In addition, when sharing photos, iOS 13 users were able to turn off the transmission of geolocation data. However, a way to make this choice permanent is not provided, so you will need to remember this. (However, users can always choose to turn off location services for the Camera app.).

Other improvements

A few months ago, Apple introduced the “Sign in with Apple” single sign-on technology, which provides simplified authorization in applications and services and allows users to hide email from developers using a mail relay.

Apple has promised not to track or profile users when using the “Sign in with Apple” feature. The company claims that the new technology is very secure because it requires the Apple ID to be secured using two-factor authentication. Apple Sign-In Single Sign-On Available on iOS 13.

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The Safari browser now warns users if they try to use a weak password when registering a new account for the site. The browsing history and list of open tabs that sync with iCloud are now protected by end-to-end encryption. In addition, cross-site tracking is enabled by default in iOS 13 in Safari.

System Setup In iOS 13 Geolocation

Finally, in the settings of the new version of iOS, the “Mute unknowns” function has appeared, which allows you to avoid annoying automatic and fraudulent calls. By default, this function is disabled, but when activated, all incoming calls from unknown numbers will be redirected to voicemail. If the call is really important for the caller, he will leave voicemail or try to contact the user in other ways (SMS, email, etc.).

Security and privacy enhancements for enterprise users

Ios 13 introduces a new user registration management mode, created specifically for registering users ’own devices, while maintaining their confidentiality.

Alex Anstett from Wandera spoke about the new feature:

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In fact, all personal data and applications of the user remain outside the managed area and are not accessible for viewing or editing by administrators. This model is great for privacy-oriented environments.

Administrators will be able to create, manage, use Apple IDs used by employees, and provide confidential content to users during automatic device registration.

In addition, Apple has released a new single sign-on extension for account providers (e.G. Okta, OneLogin, IBM Cloud Identity, Azure Active Directory) to simplify account sign-in for enterprise applications and cloud services.

Anstett commented on this improvement:

New iPad OS

Ios 13 comes preloaded with three versions of iPhone 11. Iphone 6S and newer users can also upgrade to the new version.

It is also important to note that iPad tablets will now receive a separate version of the operating system with specific functions. Ipados. Ipados 13 release expected today (September 24, 2019).