Remove Samsung contact from phone

How to remove a subscriber’s number from the blacklist in the phone

In some cases, to get rid of unwanted calls, you should add the subscriber to the black list. But at the moment when you decided that it is worth continuing to communicate with that subscriber, you should know how to remove a number from the black list on the phone.

Otherwise, you will not be able to receive calls from the restricted number.

Instructions for Samsung and iPhone

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Some phone models, for example, iPhone or Samsung, have a built-in option to block unwanted calls. To extract numbers from this list, you should:

  • On iPhone, open the list of recent calls or the Contacts menu. If the number is entered in the phone book, then open the contact, scroll through the menu to the very end and click on “Unblock”.
  • In the event that the subscriber is not saved in the contact list, you should click on the “i” icon opposite the number, scroll the page to the very end, click on “Unblock”.
  • To remove a number from the blacklist on a Samsung phone, you need to open the device menu, go to the settings section. You need “All calls”, it is in this section that the “Blacklist” option is located.
  • Open the list of contacts, delete the numbers that you want to extract.

How to delete numbers by mobile operators

If you remove the number from the emergency, which was placed there thanks to the services of the operator, then use the following instruction:

  • Megaphone. To delete the entire blacklist, dial 1306 #. If you want to delete a specific number, then use the command 130079XXXXXXXXX #, where XXXXXXXXX is the phone number.
  • Beeline. You can disable the command of unwanted calls using the combination 110775 # and call.
  • Tele 2. To refuse to use the blacklist service in the network of this operator, use the command 2200 #.
  • MTS. To deactivate the blacklist, you need to log in to your personal account on the operator’s website, or call a specialist at 0890.

Ways to remove a number from the blacklist

Samsung smartphones, like many other smartphones, run the Android operating system. The steps to remove a number from the blacklist will differ slightly depending on the modification of your Samsung phone and also depending on the version of Android OS installed on it.

The first way is through the “Phone” application

Go to the “Phone” application, then click on the “Logs” item, then click on the menu icon. In the window that opens, select the “Call settings” section one by one, then “Call rejection”, Next “Black list”, in the list that opens, find the desired number, check the box next to it, then click on the basket and confirm removal from the black list by clicking on the line ” Delete “

How to remove a number from the blacklist in Samsung how to remove a contact from the blacklist Samsung Repair and service

New lineup

How to find blacklist on Samsung phone:

  • go to: “Phone book” (icon with a green tube on the desktop of the mobile phone);
  • go to: section “Logs”. “Additional functions”. “Call settings”;
  • in the last tab: “Call rejection”. “Emergency”.
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In all gadgets, after carrying out the specified actions, a line pops up with a proposal to add contacts to the black list.

What is a blacklist and what is it for?

Black List is a special list where mobile and home numbers can be entered. The maximum number of subscribers that can be added to the Black List depends on the specific smartphone model. But usually up to several thousand users.

You can manually remove or add a subscriber to the blacklist on Samsung. And so that you can quickly find the desired contact, all numbers are sorted by name and sorted into folders.

Blacklisted contacts will not be able to send you messages or make incoming calls.

How to blacklist a number on Samsung Galaxy using standard methods

  • Open the dialer on your phone
  • Click on the number in the magazine or in contacts
  • In the upper right corner, click on the “Menu” button, and then select the “Blocking / unblocking numbers” item If you want to block both calls and messages, then slide both switches to the on state, or only one that you need.

Method 2:

  • Open the Messages app
  • Click on the “Options” button in the upper right corner and then select “Settings”
  • Go to the “Spam filter” submenu and then to “Manage spam numbers”
  • Next, enter the number in the field, and then click the plus
  • You can also add a number to the blacklist either from inbox or from contacts.
  • Where to find Black List

    The location of the blacklist in the menu depends not only on the model of the gadget, but also on the version of Android installed on it. To find an emergency, do the following:

    • click on the “Phone” application on the main screen;
    • on the dialing page, find the ellipsis in the upper right corner and click on it;
    • “Settings” will appear. click on them to open the menu;
    • at the very top, select “Blocking numbers”;
    • a page will open with the words “Blocking Unknown Numbers”. Move the slider to the active position, and from now on unknown subscribers will no longer be able to dial up to you, including employees of banks and various companies. Right below this option is the line for adding users to the emergency.

    If the feature is already active on your phone, you can disable it by moving the slider to the left.

    Note! Even if a subscriber is saved in the list of your contacts without a name, the ban on making calls and sending messages will not apply to him.

    If you have a push-button phone manufactured before 2005, then you need to look for the section with the black list according to another instruction:

    • go to “Settings”;
    • select the tab with applications and open “All calls”;
    • in the list that opens, find “Emergency Situations” and in the pop-up window, click on “Activation”.

    After that, the system will offer to add changes and configure the list.

    Search Blacklist on Samsung

    Blacklist is preinstalled on many Android devices. And Samsung is no exception in this regard. To find a blacklist on Samsung, you need to:

    • Go to the phone settings. To do this, on the desktop, tap on the gear icon.
    • In the window that opens, select the “Applications” section.
    • Find the standard program “Calls” and enter its properties.
    • Click on the line “Call rejection”. It is in this place that the blacklist with all banned contacts will be posted. Here you can add or remove a contact from the blacklist, as well as customize this function as conveniently as possible.

    Blacklist management features

    The black list is the presence of a special functionality for the firmware of a telephone device that can block incoming calls and SMS messages. To do this, the phone user must add an unwanted contact to the “black list”. Emergency situations for different models of phones or smartphones function differently:

    • There are such firmwares on which the user does not even know the situation that he receives calls or SMS messages from a blocked subscriber.
    • On other firmwares there is an icon that signals in the status bar that the call was missed, but no sound is received.

    Samsung Galaxy J: how to block unwanted inbox without third-party apps. #GalaxyJ

    Recently, you can block incoming on smartphones Samsung Galaxy J last year, in particular in models J1, J2, J3, J5 and J7 (and other Galaxy with Android 6.0 MarshMallow) without third-party applications.

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    Phone spam, all sorts of unknown subscribers and other unpleasant characters who like to distract us from important matters and / or bother us during leisure hours seem to have gotten so tired that Samsung made the function of blocking unwanted incoming calls one of the standard functions in the Phone application. which equips its Galaxy J series smartphones with Android 6.0 operating system.

    In other words, if you have a new Galaxy J (for more information about them and other Samsung Galaxy smartphones with one SIM, see the link), then in order to filter out unwanted calls with high quality, you do not need to install a separate application for this.

    Your Galaxy J can create the so-called “blacklist” by itself. You just need to activate and configure the desired option. And now we will tell you how it is done.

    How to remove a number from the blacklist in Samsung?

    Some of you have probably at least once faced an unpleasant situation when someone calls a cell phone and is silent. Terrible calls are heard both day and night dozens of times. Maybe someone is joking, or maybe they deliberately annoy you.

    To get rid of annoying calls for subscribers of the cellular network, there is a “Black List” service. You just need to add the phone number to the blacklist, and calls from it simply will not reach the subscriber.

    Samsung Galaxy S8: Fix Contacts Disappeared Problem

    You can add not only mobile numbers to the blacklist, but also city, intercity and international numbers.

    That is, if a subscriber whose phone number is included in the “Black List” calls you, the caller will not be able to contact you and will hear a message about an erroneous call.

    But what if you mistakenly blacklisted the desired subscriber’s number? To remove a contact from the blacklist of a Samsung phone, go to the main menu, open settings, then applications, calls, all calls, blacklist.

    Here you will see all the numbers that you once brought here. Uncheck the box next to the number you want. The sequence of steps may differ depending on the modification of your Samsung phone.

    To remove a subscriber from the blacklist on the touchscreen phone, open the call log. Next, you should press and hold the number that you want to remove from the black list. Review the list of suggested actions that you can do with the selected number.

    Select. “remove from the blacklist”. A notification will appear stating that the number has been successfully deleted. Also on the website of your operator, you can conveniently add or remove numbers, view the numbers included in the “Black List”, connect or disconnect the service.

    Be careful when using your phone’s applications. Do not make mistakes in order not to miss an important call in the future. Carefully review the information about the services, because all applications are aimed at helping you, not confusing you.

    You can get into the blacklist in another way:

    • From the main screen of the mobile phone, launch the preinstalled “Phone” utility.
    • Enter the “Keyboard” or “Logs” section.
    • Open the pop-up menu and click on “Call settings”.

    How to delete contacts on my Samsung Galaxy S6 Basic Tutorials

  • Go to the “Call rejection” tab.
  • Menu items may have different names depending on Samsung model and operating system version.

    However, this should not cause you any difficulties, since there will not be much difference here.

    How to remove a person’s number from the blacklist if you have Megafon

    Let’s say you checked your list and found there a subscriber number that should not be there, or it’s time to remove it from there. In order to understand how to remove a number from the black list of “Megafon”, just go to your personal account, find the “black list” service and remove the number. In the absence of the Internet, you can enter the combination 130 0, then the phone number through 7 (unsigned) and the call button. this was a way to delete one number. If you need to remove all numbers at once, the USSD command 1306 # will help you. You can also simply call the service center at 0500 and ask the operator to do it for you. True, in this case, you will have to wait a long time for the operator’s response. Sometimes it can last up to 10-20 minutes, which, you see, is not always convenient.

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    How to Add or Remove contacts From Favorite Samsung S9 S10 A10 A20s A50 S20 A50 A70

    How to remove a number from the black list of MTS

    The beauty of blocking from MTS is that the subscriber can specify in the settings at what hours and days of the week the specified number will not be able to get through. That is, if you are bored with a specific person with your calls outside of working hours, you can limit communication with him. Thus, you will receive calls from him only when it is convenient for you.

    If you asked yourself the question “how to remove a number from the blacklist?”, Just send a request 442 24 84, phone number and hash. Like all other operators, MTS also provides a personal account for its customers.

    We clear the black list of “Beeline” and “Tele2

    In the same way, the operators “Beeline” and “Tele2” provide their subscribers with access to their personal account, where you can connect, add (delete) a number or completely disable the ignorlist using your personal account. And you can also use the convenient USSD commands. In order to remove the number on the “Beeline”, you need to dial the command 110 772. phone number and #. To completely deactivate the service. 110 770 # and the “call” button, in this way you can not only disable the service, but also delete all numbers from the list at once.

    If you delete all numbers in the black list from Tele2, the service is automatically deactivated. If there are still undeleted numbers, the service can be disabled manually by command 220 0 #.

    How to remove a phone number from an emergency if you have an “iPhone”?

    Fans of iOS phones, that is, iPhones, also have such a service as blacklisting annoying people. And if you suddenly need to remove a number from this list, then there is nothing easier: first, go to the “Settings” section, then select one of the items: FaceTime, “Messages” or “Phone” and then at the very bottom you can find the item “Blocked” In the upper right corner you can see the “Change” button, when you click on it, the choice will appear: “Delete”, “Unblock”. It remains only to confirm your actions with the “Finish” button. On this question, how to remove a number from the black list of phone contacts, is exhausted.

    In principle, there is another way: just select a contact and select “Unblock” with a light gesture to the left.

    How to remove a number from the blacklist of contacts?

    What a pity that sometimes we have to put some people on the black list so that they can no longer annoy us with endless calls. It can be both people we know and annoying advertising agents, banks and even collectors. Sometimes this is a forced, temporary measure that we resort to at a certain moment, for example, so as not to interfere with the performance of a very important job or spoil a special day. After a while, you have to remove the subscriber from the black list. But not everyone remembers how to do it. Let’s figure out how to remove a number from the blacklist in specific cases.

    We remove numbers from the phone ignorlist “Android

    We figured out the operators, but what if you did not connect any options, and the person you need still cannot get through to you? It is possible that you or someone else accidentally blacklisted the number on the phone itself. This feature is found in almost all current smartphones. Let’s try to figure out how to remove a number from the blacklist in a phone with the “Android” operating system.

    So, the sequence for removing the number from the ignore is as follows: go to contacts and select the required phone number. By clicking on it, we find ourselves in the menu of this contact, then we call the menu and in the window that appears, uncheck the “Direct blocking” item. That’s all there is to it, from now on the subscriber can call you at any time.