How to Delete Deleted Photos from iPhone

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ways to transfer photos from iPhone to computer

The majority of owners prefer Apple products due to the wide and high-quality functionality of the camera. A large number of iPhone owners love capturing highlights on their device. But, unfortunately, a huge number of photos take up memory and have to be transferred to the hard drive of a personal computer.

Many users are wondering how it is possible to quickly and easily upload a photo to a computer. In this article, we will look at how you can transfer photos from iPhone to computer.

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Computer Using iCloud

In this method, we will tell you how you can transfer photos to your Windows computer using iCloud. As a reminder, iCloud is a branded cloud storage manufactured by Apple. This program is convenient in that it allows you to store iPhone backups, photos, videos, notes, calendars, etc. And also gives access to your photos, documents, etc. from any device. Each user gets 5 GB of free iCloud storage. You can access your files from any device by going to and logging in with your Apple ID.

In order to sign in to iCloud, you do not need to create a new account, for this use your Apple ID. First, we need to configure the iCloud Library settings. Follow these steps:

  • Open the iCloud program on your PC.
  • Enter Photo Options.
  • Choose iCloud Music Library.

Click on “Finish”, then “Apply”.

How to Delete Recently Deleted Photos iPhone (2020)

To download photos via iCloud to your computer, do the following:

  • Step one. Connect the device to your computer using a USB cable.
  • Step two. On your PC go to “Computer”, where the icon of your device should be displayed.
  • Step three. Right-click and select “Import. In the window that opens at the bottom, click on options.
  • Step four. In the line “Import images to” choose where to upload photos. Confirm the import by clicking “Ok” and “Next”.
  • Step five. In the window that appears, it is fashionable to manually check the boxes on those photos that you need to transfer to your PC.
  • Step six. Click Import. After that, the files are saved to the folder of your choice. After the import is complete, the folder will open again.

In this method, we will show you how to transfer photos to OC Mac.

  • Step 1: Connect iPhone to Mac first.
  • Launch Spotlight located in the upper right corner of your screen.
  • Go to Image Capture.
  • You can select photos manually by clicking the left mouse button or import all at once by clicking the “Import all” button.
  • Select the folder where the photos will be imported.
  • Before importing files, it is advised to uncheck the box next to “Delete after import”, otherwise all files on the device will be deleted after import.

How to transfer photos from iPhone to PC using “Photos” in Windows

This method is very lightweight and easy to use.

  • Step one. Connect your device via USB cable to your personal computer.
  • Step two. Unlock your device. A window will appear asking for access to your photos and videos.
  • Step three. Click “Allow”, after which you will open access to your photos and videos.
  • Step four. After that, you need to enter the internal storage of the phone. To do this, go into Windows Explorer, you will see “Internal Storage”. Double click on it, after which the internal storage of the phone will open.

Step five. After that, the DCIM folder will appear, in order to view photos and video files.

  • Step six. To complete, select the necessary photos and copy them to the desired folder on your personal computer.
  • ways to transfer photos from iPhone to computer

    Transfer photo from iPhone to computer via iTunes

    As a reminder, iTunes is a program developed by Apple that allows you to play and organize music, movies, photos, etc. The main function of the program. it is synchronization with the device, filling with media files, and backup storage of all information. In order to transfer photos from iPhone to computer, we suggest doing the following:

      Step one. Make sure you have a new version of iTunes installed on your personal computer.

    Step two. Next, we need to synchronize the device with our PC. To do this, you need to set up synchronization. First, launch iTunes, then click on the icon in the form of a smartphone.

    Step five. Wait for the sync process to complete.

    This method can be carried out using a wireless Wi-Fi network, or using a wired.

    Before transferring photos to a computer using iTunes, you need to sync via Wi-Fi.

    • Go to the “Devices” section.
    • Choose your iPhone.
    • Go to Options
    • Check the box next to “Sync this iPhone over Wi-Fi”.
    • Go to the menu in the “General” section, check “Sync iTunes over Wi-Fi”. After that, each time the device will automatically sync with the PC using Wi-Fi.

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    ICloud Help

    Any iPhone owner who wants to remove everything from it can use another software. iCloud. You can also work with this program remotely, for example, if your device is stolen or lost. How to quickly erase? I note right away that erased information from the phone book and other information cannot be reanimated. Formatting is done like this:

    • you turn on the PC, it must have an Internet connection;
    • go to;
    • in the window that opens, log in using your AppleID;
    • click “Find devices”, the map comes out;
    • select the iPhone model from above;
    • in the panel that opens, press “Erase”;
    • there is a warning that the process is irreversible, again press “Erase”;
    • enter the AppleIdy password, so you can prove that you are the owner of the formatted device;
    • click “Next” and “Finish”.

    This will start the uninstallation process. Thanks to this option, you can protect yourself and delete all data remotely.

    • If there are a lot of photos, and they take up the bulk of the space, just start the “iCloud Media Library”, it automatically sends the pictures to the “Cloud” and clears the space.
    • You can clear the accumulated music cache by deactivating the “iCloud Music Library”, you need to wait for the deletion and then turn it back on, while the tracks remain, and the offline files are erased.
    • If the bulk of the space is occupied by Safari data, you can also get rid of it without dropping the device. For example, you can delete a reading list.

    Phone storage

    What to do with apps on iPhone? Some users delete them manually, it is not very convenient and takes a long time. This will require a phone storage. It can be found on all Apple products. The following steps are performed here;

    • turn on the device;
    • go to the settings, then the main ones. statistics and storage;
    • click on the program that you do not need;
    • a menu with operations will pop up;
    • click delete.

    All erased applications can only be restored by reinstalling. If your device has few programs, you can use this option. Otherwise, you need global formatting.

    After you have got rid of unnecessary software, cleaned the phone book, you can erase your browser data. There is also a sequence of steps for this:

    • download the updated Opera;
    • you clear the cache of Safari, for this you do not need to download additional software, only standard tools are used;
    • go to the Safari settings;
    • click on clear history;
    • confirm actions;
    • press clear cookie, confirm action.

    This procedure allows you to delete all information that was entered and saved in the browser. Here, too, you cannot return everything that was erased.

    How to completely delete all data from iPhone

    Hello. Did you know that iPhone stops working promptly when there is a lack of free memory? If you start to notice that the device “thinks” for a long time, freezes. it’s time to clean it. In this article, I would like to talk about how to remove everything from the iPhone correctly so that the device can continue to work more efficiently.

    Preparing to Delete Data from iPhone

    Before proceeding with the procedure itself, it is worth remembering one feature developed by Apple. This was done in order to maximize the protection of user information. Make sure your smartphone is unlocked before formatting.

    In this case, after cleaning, you will again use your device, but if the iPhone is unlocked, you need to delete the information very carefully. This happens because the unlocked device becomes an analogue of the iPad. It will be just a multifunctional device, but you will no longer be able to call from it. Do not forget about it.

    Working with the interface

    For a start, take a closer look at the interface. The iPhone has a special setting that allows you to make backups of information, as well as format it. How do I remove unnecessary items? The procedure is performed in several steps, it is better to follow the following sequence:

    • turn on your gadget;
    • wait until the operating system is fully loaded;
    • go to the main settings;
    • look for the information reset sub-item;
    • click “Erase.”;
    • if you had a protective combination on your iPhone, enter it;
    • confirm the desire to delete the data, two windows with notifications will pop up. You need to give your consent.
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    Further, when the “Find iPhone” function is enabled in iCloud, it is worth entering the Apple ID. This must be done, otherwise the device will reboot. After that, the iPhone is cleared of user-generated content.

    We use iTunes

    For the second method of cleaning the device from everything unnecessary, you will need the iTunes application. It can not only help in formatting, but also restore the operating system of the smartphone. First of all, you should select the current software version. It is downloaded to your computer. It all depends on the version of iOS installed on the iPhone. After that, you can use the sequence of actions described below:

    • enter the “iTunes” program on the PC;
    • connect your smartphone to a computer via a cable;
    • waiting for the definition of equipment in the program;
    • click on the inscription “iPhone”;
    • go to the “Information” section. “Synchronize contacts”. “Everything”;
    • from below, select the “Advanced” item;
    • put a mark next to the “Contacts” item;
    • confirm your actions.

    Thanks to this instruction, you will be able to clean your “Contacts”. You will not be able to restore deleted numbers in the “apple” device, if you have not done a backup before.

    Want to resell?

    If you decide to sell your iPhone, you should prepare in advance. All remote information can be stored in backups of the operating system. So the contact with Ayklud will have to be interrupted in order to delete all the copied information. I can give you some tips to help you get rid of all the unnecessary things:

    • deactivate any connections with various devices, such as iWatch;
    • exit the iCloud program, to do this, go to the settings and the application itself, click the exit button;
    • if your OS is lower than iOS7, you need to delete the account;
    • disconnect from iTunes and AppStore, these options can also be deactivated in the device parameters.

    Deleted programs, settings and contacts cannot be restored after all these procedures, and it is quite easy to connect to an existing profile in the AppStore and other applications.

    Another option that you can take advantage of is to activate DFU mode, which allows you to perform a clean stop with ease. IPhone cleansing happens through recovery mode. Just connect your smartphone to your PC and press the Lock / Power and Home buttons. Wait ten seconds and lower the ON key, and hold “Home” for now. So iTunes will understand that the device has entered DFU and will ask you if you need to do a recovery.

    Before cleaning the gadget, you should take care of your important data, because it will not be possible to recover it. One part can then be restored from the cloud storage, and part can be saved in backups. If you value health information, call history, SMS, then you need to make a special backup through iTunes. To do this, when creating a backup on a PC, you need to check the box next to “Encrypt iPhone backup”.

    Now you know how to delete everything from iPhone, so you can use one of these methods if necessary. If you have any questions, ask in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, I will try to answer them.

    File Explorer (for Windows)

    The fact is that for users of this operating system, the iPhone will be defined as the most common device for storing information and it will be possible to erase all photos from it in the same way as from a regular folder.

    Step by step, this process looks like this:

    • When you connect the iPhone via a regular USB cable, a window will appear on the screen with a proposal for actions with it. In it you need to select the option “Open device to view files”.

    Note: If this window does not appear, go to Computer and open it manually. Although in most cases it should appear.

    • If the device still has a memory card, then when you open it, two shortcuts will appear. “Card”, that is, a card, and “Phone”, that is, the internal storage of the phone. We need to choose the second option. If there is no microSD, the smartphone’s memory will open automatically. However, you can also delete data from the memory card, but this does not make much sense, because it can be easily inserted into a new phone.
    • And then you will need to manually go through all the folders and delete the photos. This is done as in a regular folder on Windows. select the files and press the “Delete” button. You can also right-click on the selected files and select the “Delete” option in the drop-down list. Usually photos are stored in folders “Pictures”, “DCIM” and the like, but it is better to check them all.

    As you can see, in terms of ease of use, it will be much easier for Windows users to complete the task.

    Important! Folder and device names may differ, but the general deletion procedure on Windows OS remains the same for all machines.

    How to Delete All Photos from iPhone. Proven Methods

    One of the questions that most likely arises before the sale or transfer of a device to a new owner is how to delete all photos from the iPhone. The same applies to all data stored in the device’s memory, but photographs are still the most personal and confidential information. Therefore, they should be washed first. At the same time, you want to remove all the photos at once, and not do it one by one. We will look at several proven ways to do this.

    iPhoto (for Mac)

    For those who have a computer with a Mac operating system, there is a fairly easy way to batch delete photos. These users will need iPhoto. To download it, follow this link, select the latest version and download it.

    Then install, connect your smartphone to the computer via USB and follow these steps:

    • On the left panel, in the “Devices” section, select your device. This usually happens automatically, but if some kind of glitch happens, the selection procedure should be done independently.
    • In the upper right corner, click on the “Import” button. All pictures will be imported into the program window.
    • Further, after import, a request for deletion will be shown. Everything is extremely simple. We only need to confirm it, so click on the “Delete” button and wait while the process of deleting pictures takes place.

    For Windows users, everything is much easier.

    We use standard smartphone capabilities

    You don’t have to use any additional applications or use fancy methods to quickly remove images. It’s enough just to take the standard program through which you usually view photos and videos.

    And then you can use one of these options:

    • Initially, you will be taken to the “Photos” tab (you can see it below). Click on the “Select” label in the upper right corner and check all the pictures you want to delete. If you wish, you can sort all files by the date of their creation, for this you need to go to the “Years” section, then to “Collections” and “Moments”. When the photos are marked, click on the trash can icon in the lower right corner. They will be erased forever.
    • You can do the same by going to the “Albums” tab. Then you will need to do the same. click on the “Select” button (or “Edit” if you have English on the device), mark the albums by clicking on the icon in the form of a red circle with a white line and click on the delete button, which appears to the right of the album. The advantage of this option is that you delete not individual photos, but entire albums with them. so corny faster.

    In both cases, a notification will appear stating that the selected pictures or albums will be deleted. You just have to click on the inscription “Delete”, and if you change your mind, then “Cancel”.

    This completes the erasing process. There are other, faster ways to accomplish the task.


    This is a standard program for working with Apple devices on a computer, but the procedure for deleting photos in it is rather non-standard.

    To complete the task through iTunes, you must first download this program (here is the link) and install it. You also need to connect your iPhone via a USB cable, and then follow these steps:

    delete, deleted, photos, iphone
    • In iTunes, select the connected device and go to the “Photos” section in the left panel.
    • Check the box next to “Synchronize”.
    • On your computer, create a folder with the exact same name as the one that stores your iPhone photos. For example, let’s say that there is a “PROFI Apple” folder in the iPhone memory, which contains pictures. So, on your computer you need to create a folder with this name, and then select it next to the inscription “Copy photos from:”.
    • A notification appears stating that photos that are not in the folder on your computer will be deleted. Click on the “Delete” button, and then when this window closes, “Apply”.

    The method of deleting via iTunes is based on the fact that folders are synchronized, and if one of them does not have certain pictures, they will not appear in the other. And if one of them is empty at all, so will the second, the one in the memory of the iPhone.

    How to delete deleted photos on your phone?

    We often have to clean the smartphone gallery when viewing photos, for example, when detecting blurry or duplicated frames. But, as practice shows, the standard deletion procedure does not guarantee the complete disappearance of the file. The paradox is that some users cannot recover deleted photographs, while others can completely eliminate them. An interesting situation, isn’t it? In our article, we will show you how to delete deleted photos from your phone.

    How To Permanently Delete Photos Or Videos From iPhone

    First, you need to understand why the photo is not deleted from the smartphone. Many users are convinced that the reason may be the presence of viruses on the device. We hasten to reassure you: in most cases, the problem lies in the fact that the smartphone is synchronized with the cloud storage, from where deleted pictures are transferred back to the gallery. You can turn off synchronization in the phone settings. However, it is important to remember that by abandoning this function, you may lose important files, in addition, in the future, new photos will not be automatically saved to the “cloud”.

    How can you delete photos from your smartphone: an overview of simple ways

    Let’s take a look at the basic ways to quickly delete unwanted photos. Each of the options deserves special attention.

    Standard deletion from phone gallery

    The gallery contains all the photos that the user has taken or downloaded for the entire period of use. Pictures are grouped into folders depending on where they came from in the gallery. To delete a specific photo, you need to open a specific folder and find the file. A long press on the image will bring up a context menu where you need to select the “Delete” item. If you need to eliminate several images at once, you will need to check the boxes next to each unnecessary frame.

    Deleting photos using the file manager

    You can quickly delete unnecessary saved photos not only with the help of the phone gallery. To clean the device, various file managers are actively used, which are designed to store all the files used, from images to downloaded programs.

    So, in order to clean your device in a couple of clicks, you need to download a reliable file manager, such as ES Explorer. How can I view and delete photos with it? Cleaning the device is carried out in several steps:

    • launching the downloaded application and choosing a specific section where the folder with the desired photographs is stored (this can be the phone’s memory or a memory card);
    • selection of the folder where the images are located (in most cases it is called DCIM);
    • opening the “Camera” folder and selecting the necessary images;
    • delete photo.
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    Delete synced photos from your device

    What are synced photos? These are files that are automatically recovered after being deleted on the device. This is due, as noted above, to the fact that photographs are also stored in the cloud storage with which the device is synchronized. You can turn off synchronization, or you can simply delete unnecessary photos in the “cloud” itself. To do this, you need to log in to the site, select the required folder and eliminate specific files. To be sure to say goodbye to the photo, you can additionally empty the “Basket”.

    Removing photos from your phone using a computer is not the easiest method, but it is quite reliable. Users will be required to complete several steps:

    • connect the device to a computer via USB and run the internal memory of the smartphone;
    • find the folder where unnecessary photos are located;
    • mark photographs to be removed.

    Today, a huge number of applications are presented to users that allow you to clean the device and delete not only photos from the gallery, but also already deleted files that have been saved in memory after deletion. Let’s highlight some of them:

    • Andro Shredder. The most easy-to-use program that does not require specific skills from users. To view and delete deleted photos, you need to launch the program and perform a normal device wipe or delete specific files.
    • Google Files. Multifunctional utility with which you can eliminate unnecessary files, as well as free up space on the phone, following the simple recommendations of the program.
    • iShredder. The free version of the application has rather limited functionality and only allows you to clean the device. But for our purpose this is enough.

    Check out our blog for helpful photo editing tips and discover the capabilities of your smartphone.

    Erasing a photo album

    If you need to delete an album with all its contents, follow these steps:

    • Launch the “Photos” application;
    • Go to the “Albums” section (in the English version of “Albums”). The link is located at the bottom of the screen;
    • Click on the “Change” link, which is located in the upper right corner;
    • Check the albums to be deleted. To do this, click on the little button next to the directory;
    • Click on the “Delete” button.

    How to Delete Photos & Videos to Free Up Storage Space on All iPhones, iPads, iPods

    To delete the entire photo album, you must confirm the operation. To do this, click “Delete Album”. Since it is not difficult to remove all photos from albums, even an inexperienced person corrects with the procedure.

    Using the file manager

    There is an opinion that it is possible to connect to the iPhone via a computer only through the iTunes program. This is not a correct judgment, since there are dozens of file managers that allow you to work with documents located on a mobile device.

    You can download a utility like iMazing. If you wish, you can use an alternative software. You can download the program from the official resource. To permanently erase images, you need:

    • Connect a mobile device to a PC via a cable;
    • Launch the iMazing program;
    • In the “Available devices” section, select the connected phone;
    • Go to the “File system” section (no need to go to Photos);
    • Open the “Media” directory;
    • Go to the “DCIM” directory;
    • Select one of the folders;
    • Highlight unwanted photos. To select certain images, you need to hold down the Ctrl button, and then click on the images;
    • Click on the trash can icon located at the bottom of the screen.

    Remember that an erased file cannot be returned. When the uninstallation procedure is complete, you can disconnect your iPhone from the PC.

    Using iTunes

    In addition to the usual ways of working with pictures, it will be useful for you to know how else you can delete photos from iPhone. In the event that an error or refusal occurs when trying to uninstall, it is recommended to use the iTunes program installed on your computer.

    In order to delete a folder with a photo, you need to follow a simple instruction:

    • Connect your mobile device to your computer via a cable;
    • Launch iTunes and then go to “Settings”;
    • Find the item “Photo”;
    • Check the box opposite the “Synchronize” field;
    • In the window that appears, click on “Delete photos”;
    • Click on the “Apply” button and then “Synchronize”.

    Through iTunes, you can even delete photos downloaded from your computer. Similar functionality is available on iPhone 4 and higher.

    Simplest way to delete all images

    On iPhone 4 and above, when you delete images from the Album, the photos remain in the Camera Roll. To get rid of files completely, you need to connect your mobile device to your computer via a USB cable. During connection, a warning message will appear. To continue you need to click on the “Trust” button.

    After about 3 seconds, the autorun form will appear. To continue working, select “Open device to view files”. This will open the iPhone memory card.

    To remove unwanted images, go to the “DCIM” folder. There will be 2 more directories inside. Select the pictures to be deleted. If you need to delete all photos, press the CtrlA key combination. When all files are selected, press Delete on your keyboard.

    Remember that a deleted file can no longer be recovered. Therefore, carefully choose the pictures so that later you do not have to contact the specialists.

    Deleting multiple photos

    If you have more than 4 photos to be deleted, it is recommended that you consider a method to delete multiple files at once. Of course, this does not mean that they cannot be deleted one by one, as in the first case, it is just inconvenient.

    So, to delete a photo from iPhone, you should launch the photo viewer. Once the program starts, select “Camera Roll”. In this mode, you can see several photos at once.

    Now you need to click on the “Select” button (upper right corner), and then one by one mark the images to be deleted. It is worth noting that, if necessary, you can mark the choice of a particular photo.

    When all unnecessary photos are marked, click on the trash can icon located in the lower right corner. Immediately after that, a message like “Delete 4 photos” will appear. To delete, you need to click on this button.

    • Launch the “Photos” application;
    • Open the snapshot to be deleted;
    • Click on the trash can icon located in the lower right corner;
    • Click on the “Delete Photo” button.

    After completing 4 points, the photo will be deleted. If you need to delete multiple photos, you should repeat the procedure.

    How to Delete Photos from iPhone, iPad or iPod via iTunes

    Working with an iPhone, iPod or iPad on a computer, you have two ways to delete photos from your device at once. Below we will look at them in more detail.

    Deleting Photos via iTunes

    This method will leave only one photo in the device’s memory, but later you can easily delete it through the device itself.

    Please note that this method will only delete photos that were previously synced on a computer that is currently unavailable. If you need to delete all pictures from the device without exception, go straight to the second method.

    Create a folder on your computer with an arbitrary name and add any one photo to it.

    Connect your device to your computer, launch iTunes and click in the upper area of ​​the window on the miniature icon with the image of your device.

    In the left pane of the window, go to the “Photos” tab and check the box next to “Synchronize”.

    Next to the item “Copy photos from”, set the folder with one photo that was before. Now you just have to sync this information with iPhone by clicking on the “Apply” button.

    Deleting Photos Using Windows Explorer

    The bulk of the tasks associated with managing an Apple device on a computer is carried out through the iTunes media combine. But this does not apply to photos, so in this case iTunes can be closed.

    Open Windows Explorer under This PC. Select the disc with the name of your device.

    Navigate to the “Internal Storage”. “DCIM” folder. Another folder may be waiting for you inside.

    The screen will display all the pictures stored on your iPhone. To delete all of them without exception, press the CtrlA key combination to select all, and then right-click on the selection and go to the “Delete” item. Confirm deletion.

    How to Delete Photos from iPhone Effectively

    Have too many photos overflowing your iPhone Photos app and want to delete images in bulk to free up space on your iPhone? Or you may have to delete some photos from iPhone for a new iOS update that requires enough space. Let’s see what a user from the Apple Support Communities has to say:

    “My iPhone 6 ran out of storage space, and I think that’s because I have over 1000 photos in the iPhone Photos app. I don’t have enough space to update iOS 10. I would like to delete photos from iPhone and free up storage space. Is there an easy way to delete photos from iPhone after backing up them? “

    To free your overloaded iPhone, you really need to read this article, which provides you with several effective ways to delete photos from iPhone.Also, you can also get some tips if you accidentally deleted iPhone images and want to recover deleted photos from iPhone.

    How to Delete Photos from iPhone with FoneTrans

    You can delete what you want to delete from the iPhone Photos app on your Windows PC or Mac. And here we would like to sincerely recommend you a reliable and reliable iPhone photo manager, FoneTrans for you. Thanks to its high compatibility with any iOS device, you can massively manage and delete photos from iPhone in one click, which saves you time. over, you can also use this tool to transfer photos between iPhone to Windows / Mac / iOS PC.

    What FoneTrans can also do for you:

    Delete / Transfer iPhone / iPad / iPod / Music / Video / Ringtones / E-Book Contacts, etc. Edit and Remove Duplicate Contacts Convert audio and video formats to iOS compatible. Create iPhone / iPad / iPod playlist Edit ID3 music information

    Step 1 Connect iPhone to PC or Mac with USB cable. Launch FoneTrans.

    Step 2 Click “Photos” in the left category and you will see all the photos displayed in the right window.

    Step 3 Select the photos you want to delete from your iPhone and then click the “Delete” button on the top menu. Quickly, you can find all selected photos completely deleted from your iPhone.

    How to Delete Photos from iPhone with FoneEraser

    If you get into iPhone storage problem and want to erase all your photos from iPhone, you might consider factory resetting your iPhone.How can you safely reset iPhone and delete all photos from iPhone? Luckily, we bring you a great iOS Data Eraser, FoneEraser for you. With the program, you can erase your iPhone, update your device and free up more storage space. Just download and install it on your computer and try.

    Step 1 Launch FoneEraser and connect your iPhone to your computer. The program will soon detect your iPhone.

    Step 2 Select the erasing level (Low, Medium and High). Recommended here is “High Level”.

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    Step 3 Click the Start button and erase all iPhone data. This will completely delete photos from iPhone.

    Note: FoneEraser can be your good choice when you want to delete all important information or data in order to sell or transfer your device to others. Besides deleting photos, you can also use FoneEraser to delete other files to free up storage space right away.

    How to Delete Photos from iPhone Photos App

    You can manually delete photos from iPhone. However, it takes a long time to select iPhone photos from the small and limited iPhone screen.

    Step 1 Go to the Photos app Albums All Photos.

    Step 2 Click “Select” and select the photos you want to remove.

    Step 3 Click on the trash can icon in the lower right corner. Confirm to delete photos from iPhone. Additionally, these selected photos will be removed from iCloud Photo Library as well as all synced devices.

    Note: It is a tedious job for you to scroll down the screen and choose which photos you want to remove from your iPhone photo library. Is there a more efficient way to bulk delete iPhone images? Continue reading part 2 to find a flexible third-party iPhone photo manager to manage and delete photos from iPhone.

    Recover Deleted Photos from iPhone

    Accidentally delete photos you don’t want to delete from your iPhone? How can you recover deleted photos or pictures from iPhone? If your iPhone is running iOS 8 or later, you can go to the Photos app Albums and look for one album named Recently Deleted. All your recently deleted photos or videos can be found there. As a reminder, the images and videos in this album have days remaining until they are completely deleted. You’re Better to Recover Deleted Photos from iPhone before Time Expiration.

    If, unfortunately, you can’t find the photos in the Recently Deleted album or you have iOS 7 or earlier installed on your iPhone, how can you recover deleted photos from iPhone. Don’t worry In this part, we show you the excellent iOS data recovery, FoneLab is for you. With the help of the software, you have the option to recover deleted photos from iPhone. Download it to try to resume deleted iPhone images.

    Step 1 Connect your iPhone to PC or Mac and launch FoneLab. Click the “Start Scan” button and the program will immediately scan your iPhone.

    Step 2 After a while, all available data on your iPhone will be categorized and displayed in the interface. For example, click “Camera Roll” in the list on the left to view deleted photos. This allows you to view detailed information about each lost photo. After selection, click “Recover” button to recover deleted photos from iPhone.

    Note: Besides iPhone data recovery, you can use this software to recover deleted contacts, photos, text messages, music, videos and other data from iTunes or iCloud backup.

    In this article, we will mainly show you how to delete photos from iPhone. Hope you can delete photos from iPhone. If you have any ideas for deleting iPhone photos, please let us know.

    Want to delete photos from iCloud and free up more iCloud storage space? You can get some tips from this article.

    This article provides guidelines for deleting iPhone bookmarks.

    How to Delete Songs from iPhone? You can learn how to delete songs from iTunes after reading this article.

    How to delete photos from iPhone and iPad synced from iTunes on your computer

    For example, to make sure that the photos have been synced from your computer, just go to the Albums tab of the standard Photo application and find the folder you are interested in. If the number of photos and the inscription “from my Mac (computer)” are indicated under its name, then we are on the right track.

    In order to delete photos you must:

    Connect iPhone, iPod touch or iPad to PC / Mac.

    In the left side menu, click on the Photos tab.

    Uncheck the Synchronize option or the selected folder with images (in this case, the entire album will be deleted).

    If you need to delete not the entire album from the iPhone or iPad, but selected photos, then you need to go to the folder with photos on your computer and delete unnecessary photos.

    If the folder with the images has already been deleted from the computer, then, as an option, you can create an empty new one with the same name as on the iPhone or iPad and sync it with your device.

    Photos on iPhone or iPad are not deleted, how to delete? Decision

    Some photos won’t be deleted from iPhone and iPad? In this article, we will tell you how to delete folders (albums) with photos on an iOS device that was synced from a PC or Mac via iTunes.

    If a folder with photos that cannot be deleted appears on your iPhone or iPad, then they were downloaded from your PC or Mac via iTunes.

    There are only two ways out of this situation.

    How to delete photos on iPhone and iPad synced from someone else’s computer’s iTunes

    If you do not have access to the computer with which the iPhone or iPad was synchronized, then during synchronization iTunes will delete ALL PHOTOS downloaded from the computer. This does not apply to photos and videos created on the iOS device itself (Camera Roll).

    In order to save photos uploaded from someone else’s computer, you will either have to copy them through the iTools, iFunBox, iMazing applications and other iTunes analogs for a computer, send them in an email, or upload them to the cloud.

    Deleting Photos via iPhone

    Last but not least, the iPhone is conceived as a device that is as easy to use as possible for a person, regardless of his advanced knowledge of Aplle devices. And therefore, most of the functions do not require special study. For example, direct deletion of images from the “Photos” folder. To do this, you just need to perform a few elementary actions:

    • Go to the “Photos” folder and select the photo you plan to delete;
    • Click on the “Trash can” icon and confirm the deletion by clicking on “Delete photo”.

    You can delete photos one at a time (see above), or several at once. For this:

    • Click “Select” in the upper right corner.
    • Mark all the necessary images (confirmation of the choice will be the appearance of a characteristic blue checkmark) and delete them using the “Trash can”;
    • Confirm deletion by clicking “Delete photo”.

    In addition, you can clear the galleries with entire albums. For this:

    • In the application, go to the “Albums” section and click “Change” in the upper right corner;
    • Then the delete icon (round, small red circle);
    • After that, press the “Delete” button that appears;
    • Confirm by deleting “Delete album”.

    The deletion has occurred. You can continue to load the iPhone with “junk”. But at some point, you may notice that deleting more and more new files does not help you free up space in the iPhone’s memory. After performing the operation to clear the phone from photos, you will find that the device’s memory is in the same state as before your manipulations.

    Don’t be alarmed. Everything goes according to plan. Your iPhone is not broken. And the operating system is in perfect order. The fact is that after you have installed iOS (starting with version 8), this clever girl takes care of you, carefully protecting you from accidental deletions. There is an opportunity to restore photos after such an incident, because after deletion, they are stored and stored in the “Recently Deleted” album for another whole month. As well as removing them permanently from there. For this:

    • In “Photos” select the “Albums” folder and click on “Recently Deleted”;
    • Choose a photo and, depending on your needs, choose “Delete” or “Restore”.

    In our case, “Delete”. Now the space in the iPhone memory has been freed.

    Bonding multiple Instagram videos on iPhone

    Delete photos from iPhone

    Not all the photos stored on our iPhone make you smile sweetly or cry nostalgic tears. Anyone’s iPhone contains albums that must contain trash. These can be pictures that appeared by accidentally pressing the “Home” and “Power” buttons. All-in-one images, street name signs, a poster of your favorite poet, a business card with a phone, and much more.

    Therefore, sooner or later, the folders with pictures have to be cleaned up. It seems to be a trifling operation for advanced users, it can become a real quest with thriller elements for a new iPhone user. He may face the fact that some photos are not deleted because they were synced with iTunes, or he was able to delete 1000 photos, but the free memory in “About this device” did not increase. How to delete photos from iPhone and get around these problems will be discussed in this article.

    Deleting Photos via iTunes

    There are times when you try to get rid of photos on iPhone and it refuses to do so. And he objects so strongly that even under the photo there is no “Delete” option in the form of the notorious “Trash can”.

    Do not panic. You just forgot that these images were uploaded to the gallery from your computer through iTunes. Surely you have a folder on your PC, the name of which is similar to the name of the album, where the problem photo is stored on the iPhone. Once you check it, you can easily get rid of such photos.

    delete, deleted, photos, iphone
    • First of all, connect your iPhone to your computer and enter the iTunes media player;
    • In the iTunes program in the “Settings” click on “Photos”;
    • You will see the inscription “Synchronize”. Click on the checkmark;
    • Choose “delete photos” in the pop-up window;
    • In the lower right corner, select “Apply” / “Synchronize”.

    The iPhone no longer has an album that contains images that cannot be deleted. If you want the opposite, it is enough to perform actions that are mirrored to those mentioned above. In iTunes, put a tick on “Synchronize” = In the active window “Copy photos from” select a folder on your computer = Click “Apply”.

    Remember: if you come across something in your smartphone that is not controlled in the phone, then before you start worrying, turn on iTunes and try to tinker with the problem through it. Most likely you will be able to independently figure out the question that has arisen.

    Well, for dessert! There is a way, without a doubt, the fastest, but also the most extreme. Delete all photos with one click.

    • Connect your iPhone to PC;
    • In the “Explorer” window that appears, select the “Open device to view files” folder;
    • The next file is opened;
    • In the window that opens, right-click on the only folder and select delete;
    • Confirm the deletion (there is no photo, due to the fact that the hand did not rise even to try to do it).

    All photos have now been deleted from your iPhone. If you have any questions, Комментарии и мнения владельцев or additions on this topic, please leave your Комментарии и мнения владельцев. And below, you can familiarize yourself with several videos, by watching which, you will be free to understand the issues indicated in the article.

    Do not forget to read the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, there is also a lot of useful information. If there is no answer to your question, and there is an answer to later Комментарии и мнения владельцев, then the answer to your question is contained in the article, respect someone else’s time.

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