Register Mail Without Phone Number

The popular social network Vkontakte a few years ago tightened the rules for registering accounts. Now, in order to create a page, the user must indicate a valid mobile phone number, which will subsequently receive a message with a code.

Only after entering the received digital value will it be possible to create an account and use it. However, there are a number of effective ways how to register in contact without a phone number. I will talk more about them in this article.

1. How to register in VK without a phone

Vkontakte registration takes place according to a certain template, and the main step is to bind to the user’s mobile phone number. It is not possible to skip it, because otherwise the page will fail.

Register Mail Without Phone Number

But the system can be fooled, and for this there are at least two ways:

  • Virtual number application;
  • Indication of a valid Facebook page.

Each of the listed registration options provides a specific algorithm of actions, following which you can count on the quick creation of an account and access to all options of the social network “Vkontakte”.

1.1. Registration in VK using a virtual number

You can go through the registration procedure on social networks using a virtual number for receiving SMS. To do this, it is best to use the recognized international Pinger service (the official website address is

Step-by-step registration in the service is as follows:

1. Go to the site, select the “TEXTFREE” options in the upper right corner of the screen.

2. Next, select one of the proposed options: download the application on a mobile phone or use the Internet version of the service. I choose WEB:

3. We go through a simple registration procedure in the service by first pressing the virtual “Sign Up” button. In the window that appears, specify the username, password, age, gender, email address, highlighted alphabetic abbreviation (“captcha”).

4. If all the previous steps are performed correctly, click on the arrow in the lower right corner of the screen, after which a window with several phone numbers will appear. Choose the number you like.

5. After clicking the arrow, a window appears in which received messages will be displayed.

It is always possible to view the selected virtual telephone number in the “Options” tab. When registering with the VC using the method in question, enter the USA in the country selection field (the international code of this country starts with “1”). Next, enter the virtual mobile number and get a code on it with registration confirmation. Subsequently, a Pinger account may be needed if the password is lost, so do not lose access to the service.

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At the moment, creating an account using the virtual number service is considered one of the most efficient and effective methods of registration in social networks. Its main advantage over other options is anonymity, because it is impossible to track a virtual phone number or prove the fact of its use by a specific person. However, the main disadvantage of this method is the inability to restore access to the page in case of loss of access to Pinger.

If you have difficulty using Pinger, there are a huge number of services on the Internet that provide virtual phone numbers (for example, Twilio, TextNow, CountryCod.Org, etc.). A number of similar paid services are also actively developing, with a simplified registration procedure. All this allows us to argue that virtual telephony has solved for many users the problem of how to register in the VC without a number (real).

1.2. Registration in VK through Facebook

The social network “Vkontakte” is one of the most publicized Russian sites, which is in demand far beyond the borders of the Russian Federation. The desire of the owners of this resource to cooperate with other world-famous social networks, in particular Facebook, is quite justified. As a result, the owners of the page in the mentioned service have the option of simplified registration of Vkontakte. For those who do not want to “shine” their data, this is a unique chance to register in VK without a phone and trick the system.

The algorithm of actions here is quite simple and the first thing to do is use an anonymizer. It is best to go to the “Chameleon” service, since on the start page there are already links to all popular social networks or dating sites. This resource allows you to access pages in Odnoklassniki, Vkontakte, Mamba, even if they are blocked by the site administration.

Many will have a very natural question, why do I need to use anonymizers. The social network “Vkontakte” automatically recognizes which country you went to the registration page from. Here’s what the registration procedure looks like for residents of Russia and most countries of the former Soviet Union:

And in this way the same page looks, but if you go to it outside the Russian Federation:

In the lower right corner of the screen is a subtle button Sign in with Facebook. We click on it, after which the window for entering the email address and password is instantly displayed:

After filling in the fields, you will go to your own Vkontakte page, which you can subsequently edit at your discretion. To implement the presented method, you need a Facebook page, but the procedure for creating an account in it does not require you to enter a mobile phone number (only an email account). Facebook registration is one of the most understandable, as a result of which it will not cause special difficulties even for an unprepared computer user.

According to the latest rumors, the foreign analogue of Vkontakte is going to tighten the rules for using the resource, so the described method may soon become obsolete. But while “Facebook” remains an affordable way, how to register in VK through mail without a phone number. Its advantages are quite obvious. Anonymity and simplicity. It also takes a minimum of time to create a page, especially if you already have a Facebook account. The minus of the method is only one: it consists in the impossibility of restoring the data lost by the user (password for entering the account).

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1.3. Registration in VK through mail

Many users care about how to register in VK through mail. Previously, one e-mail was enough to create an account, but since 2012, the leadership of the social network introduced a mandatory rule for linking to a mobile phone. Now, before you specify an electronic mailbox, a window pops up asking you to enter a mobile number, which will receive a message with a personal code within 1-2 minutes.

Previously, many users instead of a mobile phone indicated a fixed 11-digit number, launched the “Let the robot call” function, and then created a page using the code proposed by the computer. The main advantage of this method was the ability to register Vkontakte for free and an unlimited number of times. In practice, it turned out that on the same stationary number an infinite number of pages were recorded from which spam, abusive messages or threats were sent. Due to user complaints, the administration of the social network was forced to abandon the option of creating an account via landline phones, leaving the ability to receive the code only on mobile networks.

Whoever claims Today registration in VK through the mail without a mobile phone number is unrealistic. At the same time, full access must be provided to the e-mail account, since with it an additional opportunity appears to restore the lost password or receive current news on innovations in the social network. Email may also be needed when hacking a page. By sending a corresponding request to the technical support service, a letter with instructions for restoring access will promptly come to the mailbox.

Summing up, it should be noted that the topic of how to register “Vkontakte” for free, without a real mobile phone number and entering personal information is rapidly gaining momentum. Increasingly, hundreds of programs to crack or bypass established registration rules appear on the Internet. Most of them are spam or malicious viruses that are not useful in solving the problem. The VK administration is making enormous efforts to reduce the number of fake accounts and protect its users. As a result, only the two listed methods of creating pages without specifying a personal phone number are considered effective.

If you know other options, how to register in VK without a number, write in the comments!

Simple instructions and nuances that are worth knowing.

You can sign up for a Google account without a phone number on your computer and Android device. On the iPhone and iPad, such an opportunity is most likely not. In any case, we did not succeed in any way.

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Over, even on computers and Android devices, registration without a number does not always work. In some cases, Google insists on entering the phone to make sure that you are not a robot. What it depends on is not clear. This is probably due to the IP addresses or features of specific devices. Be prepared for this.

There are also situations when a user manages to register without a number, but after a while Google still requires you to specify it. This can happen if you enter the password incorrectly several times, use a VPN, or connect many devices to your account. Perhaps there are other situations after which Google will begin to insist on entering the phone.

If these nuances do not bother you, try creating an account on your device. It only takes a couple of minutes.

How to create a Google Account without a phone number on your computer

Go to the Gmail website and click “Create Account”.

Enter the first name, last name, mailbox address, password and click “Next”.

After that, the account should be ready to work. Perhaps when you re-enter, Google will remind you that you did not enter the number, and ask if you want to continue without it. Then just click “Confirm.”

If the request for the number appears during registration, you will have to enter it or cancel the creation of the account.

In this case, try registering again later. In at least a few hours. If possible, use another computer, Android device, or provider.

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How to create a Google Account without a phone number on an Android device

When registering through a mobile browser, entering the number is required. Therefore, add an account through the Android settings.

Open the Accounts and Sync section or with a similar name. Click “Add Account” and select Google.

Then click “Create Account” → “For Yourself” and follow the on-screen prompts. In a few minutes the profile will be ready.

But if a number request appears in the process, you will have to enter it or cancel the registration. In this case, try creating an account in a few hours. If possible, use another Android device, computer, or provider.

How to protect your Google account without a phone number

An account without a verified number has flaws. For example, you cannot recover a forgotten password through a telephone. Therefore, it is necessary to add backup mail to the account settings, to which a link will be sent to reset the password.

To fully protect your new account, enable two-factor authentication. You cannot receive the code via SMS without linking the phone number. Instead, use the Google Authenticator application. It will display the one-time codes necessary to enter the profile.