Missing Play Market Huawei

Google Play stopped working on Huawei: reasons

Constantly used on a smartphone, and later encountered a connection problem and Google Play does not work on Huawei? Do not worry, this situation is completely solved. We suggest that you understand the main causes of a malfunction in order not to encounter them in the future. Key reasons Google Play might not work:

  • lack of constant updating. Play Market, like any other program, requires periodic updates. In most cases, this process occurs independently and is programmed in the phone. However, some users deliberately disable the automatic update feature so as not to fill up the memory. However, they do not realize that the older the version of the utility, the worse it will work;
  • phone crash. Perhaps the smartphone system does not withstand the load of the application. In this case, the error code will be displayed;
  • no internet connection. It only works when the Internet is on;
  • internal date and time malfunction on a Huawei model.
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What to do if Play Market does not work?

Any problem is absolutely solvable. Now detecting the error is much easier. We offer the main steps in detecting a problem and further solution:

Missing Play Market Huawei
  • system update;
  • uninstall the latest version;
  • setting up and clearing the cache;
  • GP adjustment;
  • data and cache deletion;
  • verification of the work of Google-accounts;
  • Download Manager Update
  • change of account;
  • removal of interfering programs;
  • time and date adjustment;
  • removal of the malicious hosts file;
  • full cleaning of the Android system;
  • embarrassment with Google servers.

Reboot. Reset Updates

The procedure involves resetting new updates. To do this, go to the settings of Huawei and select the category “Applications”. In the list, select Google Play and click on the “Delete Updates” button. Play Market has returned to its original state.

Reset and clear the cache. GP Services Data Correction

The algorithm of actions is the same as in the previous step. After you find, click on the “Google Play Services” section. Now select the cache clear feature.

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Clearing data and cache “Google Services Framework”

Try to solve the problem through the Google Services Framework. Search and clear the cache again. Open the service.

Checking Google Accounts

In Huawei, problems with Google Play may be in the disabled account function. Go to the “Google accounts” in the settings and click “Enable.”

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Debug boot manager

It is possible to solve the problem through the “Download Manager”. In the settings, find and clear downloads. Follow the instructions below.

Deleting and recovering a Google account

Another problem may be hiding in your Google account. To delete an old account, you need to find in the “Settings” section “Accounts” and click on the “Google” button. Now select the function “Delete account”. Next, you need to log in again. Without registration, downloading will not work. You must click on “Add Account” and select the column “Existing”. Enter your username and password.

Resolving Application Conflict

Some applications block the service. For example, those that acquire additional functions without money. Try to get rid of such dubious programs.

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Clearing the hosts file

The file is cleaned this way: turn on the ROOT Explorer program, find the “system” and “etc” folder. We remove the “hosts” file until one line with the name localhost remains there.

Set date and time

Set the date and time on your smartphone correctly. If this data is entered incorrectly, access to applications may be closed.

Reset Android (or Hard Reset)

The most radical way is to completely clear the phone to the state of initial work. They must understand that no data will be saved on the smartphone. You will have to re-download all the programs and register in them. We activate the function through the “Settings”.

Problem with Google servers

The error may be hiding with Google servers. Wait a bit, maybe a temporary problem. Now you can try opening the program again.

Will Google Play work on Huawei?. When does Play Market stop working on Huawei?. How to install Play Market on Huawei bypassing the latest sanctions?

The only way is to use a special VPN program. It allows you to download any application regardless of sanctions. In the settings, select any country. Feel free to download the service and use it freely.