iPhone shuts down for no reason and does not turn on

What to do if the iPhone does not turn on

If your iPhone suddenly stops turning on and does not respond to button presses, do not panic and run straight to the service center. Even Apple devices are not perfect and occasionally can fail, both for technical and software reasons. And it’s not always necessary to intervene in order to bring your device back to life. Your iPhone, just like any other gadget, can be reset on its own, there are many ways to do this.

There are many reasons why your iPhone does not turn on, and there is simply no single method of correcting this error. The problem may be software or technical, which is much worse.

Many owners of Apple phones, when they see that the device does not want to turn on, immediately rush to the service center. But after all the panic can be unjustified! Often a lot of causes of failure can be corrected with your own hands.

Often the phone refuses to turn on because of an elementary “deep” battery discharge. Its charge is simply not enough even to display the brand logo. The device should simply warm up and then allow it to charge at least 15-20 minutes.

If the smartphone is frozen and does not want to respond to the power button, it must be reset forcibly. It is better to do this with the power adapter turned on, because many devices forcing a reset requires at least 40% of the battery power, which at the moment may simply not exist.

But, unfortunately, there are situations in which to turn on the phone and have to go to the service. But about all this below.

Before breaking down all the existing ways in which you can help your iPhone to turn on, it is necessary to consider the main reasons why it refuses to do so.

How to Fix My iPhone won’t Turn On (iPhone dead)

What to do

The first thing is to charge the phone and leave it for 30. 60 minutes (even if it does not give any signs). Afterwards, try to turn it on in the usual way. If there is no reaction and even the backlight does not light up, then there is clearly a problem with the power. That is, the hardware. Then you should go to the service center. You can replace the battery yourself, but it’s not certain that the problem is with it. It is possible that the power controller failed and the phone simply does not recognize the battery (the controller on the battery transmits information about the current charge, the controller on the motherboard reads it and then starts the initialization process).

If the iPhone turns on and off right away while charging, that is, during the boot process (the display shows the Apple logo. The apple). It is very likely a software failure. To fix it, you need to do a complete reset of the device as follows:

  • Update your PC to the latest version of iTunes (only MacOS and Windows will work, no iTunes for Linux distributions);
  • Connect your smartphone to your computer with a USB cable (preferably to the USB 2 port).0 placed on the back of the system unit);
  • If the phone is recognized in iTunes (the iPhone display will show the image of USB-connection), you must select “Repair iPhone” in the application and following the prompts on the screen. Reset the phone, the firmware itself will be downloaded automatically;
  • If after connecting iPhone to PC nothing happens. You must press the Home and Power keys simultaneously on the smartphone and hold them for 10 seconds, then release Power, but keep the Home key pressed, waiting for the drivers installation, then select “Repair iPhone” in iTunes and wait for it to be reflashed.

Warning! Home Power combination is the entry of the phone into the so called “Recovery mode” (DFU). It is used to update the software or to reinstall it in those cases when the phone does not work properly due to a software failure.

For iPhone X and other phones that don’t have a physical Home button, entering DFU mode is done by pressing Power and Volume buttons-. Exactly the same way: hold for 10 seconds, then release the Power key and keep holding the Volume key until the computer recognizes the device (the iPhone recovery mode detection dialog box appears).

Problems with the power controller

Apple smartphones. These are devices where everything is well thought out. There is a special chip that controls the incoming voltage when charging. The battery of the phone is powered from the AC network, through a special adapter. Before reaching the battery, the voltage passes through the power controller (the same chip). It acts as a barrier that prevents damage to the battery. When the voltage meets the requirements of the battery, it charges, but when it is higher, the chip triggers, preventing the pulse from reaching the battery.

If the iPhone shuts down on its own, it could mean that the power controller is broken. In this case, the phone’s operating system tries to “protect” the battery from power surges.

Repair method

Only specialists of the service center can fix the situation. You will need to replace the faulty power controller. This process involves working on the iPhone system board, where unprofessional actions will lead to the complete uselessness of the device.

Removing tweeks

If you don’t want to back up your data and restore the system try to clean your phone from the latest installed tweaks or check the file system.

If iPhone does not start and the apple is lit, it may be because of the incompatibility of tweaks installed from Cydia. To test the hypothesis, try running the smartphone without tweaks. To do so:

If in this mode iPhone boots normally, you should get rid of the tweaks that were installed just before the appearance of problems with booting the system. Remove the interfering component, and the system will start functioning again without crashing.

If iPhone won’t boot without tweeks, restart it. After a few minutes try to make a call or send an SMS. If the call or message went through, it means that the system booting is interrupted at the stage when the device is trying to contact the file system. Using the iTools or iFunBox program, you should get the damaged files and replace them with working data.

If the call does not go through, or you cannot locate the files responsible for the error, you will have to perform iPhone repair to fix the problem.

Hanging on the Apple logo on the screen is one of the most common problems faced by iPhone users. Especially those who have recently bought a device of this brand, and do not yet know about all its features they can easily face the fact that the iPhone hangs on the Apple logo after hacking or restoration. Your precious device will completely turn into a “brick” and cause you a lot of problems and worries: you will not be able to call someone, write or take a picture.

How to Fix iPhone Keeps Restarting Again & Again Problem | Boot Loop FIX

Typical complaint: “iPhone hung at the Apple logo (not turning on and the apple lights up) after the latest iOS update. The phone followed the normal update procedure, but at the end it hung (I assume due to a new firmware failure) on the Apple logo. The update installation indicator has been stuck there for hours now.”.

iphone, shuts, down, reason, does

There are four methods to help fix your iPhone hanging on the screen with the Apple logo. They are applicable not only to iPhone, but also to iPad, iPod touch after updating to the latest version of iOS, hacking, water damage and much more.

Force reset iPhone Fix iPhone stuck on Apple logo without data loss (with special software) Restore iPhone to factory settings using iTunes DFU mode (restore frozen iPhone)

There are many reasons why an iPhone can get stuck on the Apple logo. This can happen during the update process, data transfer, or hacking, or your iPhone can get stuck on the Apple logo after physical damage. Identifying why your iPhone is stuck on the logo is important, so try to understand why it happened. Problems can be divided into two categories: software and hardware.

⦁ Software problems often cause your iPhone to freeze on the Apple logo

Software issues are the most common reasons why iPhone hangs on Apple logo. Something may have gone wrong during an iOS update, data transfer, hack, or iPhone recovery. And some users using an older version of iOS may also encounter this problem.

⦁ Hardware problems also cause the iPhone to freeze on the Apple logo

Hardware problems are mostly caused by physical damage. For example, you’ve accidentally dropped the phone, and that drop can cause internal damage, causing the iPhone to freeze on the Apple logo. Immersion in water can also cause damage to the hardware, resulting in a black Apple logo. So you need to be careful when taking a shower, swimming, or even just going to the bathroom. It’s best not to take your iPhone with you.

So, the iPhone is stuck on the Apple logo (the device does not turn on and the apple is lit). What to do next?

Force a reboot of the iPhone

Forced restart will not lead to loss of data, and it can help restore the functionality of the iPhone, stuck on the Apple logo. However, be sure to try this method first. Here’s what you need to do to reboot:

Iphone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone 11 or iPhone 12, iPhone 8 or iPhone SE (2nd generation): press and release two buttons: volume up and volume down button. Now, holding the side button, release it until you see the Apple logo. After that, check your iPhone and see if it starts up.

Iphone 7: Press and hold down the volume down button and the sleep/wake button at the same time. When the Apple logo appears, release both buttons.

Iphone 6s or iPhone SE (1st generation): press and hold the sleep/wake button and home button simultaneously. When the Apple logo appears, release both buttons.

Fix iPhone freeze on Apple logo without data loss (via software)

When iPhone doesn’t turn on and the apple is lit on the screen, most people have no idea that it can be repaired by themselves. Here’s why we highly recommend Tenorshare ReiBoot, the best iPhone software repair program. This iOS system recovery tool offers you the most effective way to fix iOS hang problems such as white apple screen, black screen of death, recovery mode, no screen response, appearance of “support.Apple.Com/iPhone/restore” much more. Download this iOS bug fixing tool for free to get acquainted with all its features.

⦁ Download and install Tenorshare ReiBoot on your computer and connect your hung iPhone to your computer with a USB cable. Click “Start”.

⦁ ReiBoot will display the corresponding firmware package that you can download. Download the IPSW file and follow the instructions to restore iOS on your device.

⦁ After restoring the system, the Apple logo will appear on your iPhone and all data on your phone will be restored.

Restore iPhone to factory settings using iTunes

This is another easy way to fix the problem of iPhone hanging on the Apple logo. All data on your device will be deleted in the process (so back it up before restoring it).

Run iTunes on your computer, connect your iPhone to your computer with a cable, click on the iPhone icon and select “Browse”.

One of the most unpleasant things that can happen to a modern person is when his smartphone stops turning on for some unknown reason. You immediately lose contact with the outside world. You cannot call or text anyone, and no one will be able to contact you either.

In the case of the iPhone, the causes of the problem may be different, and accordingly it can be solved in several ways.

Forced restart using Reiboot (no data loss) restore via iTunes (with data loss) restore in DFU mode take iPhone to a repair shop

Force Reboot

Sometimes iPhone may not turn on due to a non-critical software glitch (such as overflow or RAM errors). In this case the problem will be solved by a forced restart of the device. Hold down the power button for a few seconds until the iPhone shuts down, then turn it back on. If the problem doesn’t occur again within minutes or hours, then you have nothing to worry about. The occasional and infrequent freezes are not an indication that there’s something wrong with your iPhone.

Using Reiboot (without losing data)

Reiboot is one of the best software for resetting iPhone. Available for Windows and Mac, it can resolve issues that cause a device failure without destroying user data in the drive. All of your files (photos, videos, etc.) are preserved.), settings and installed apps and games will remain intact.

Reiboot scans the system data, detects and fixes its errors. It is compatible with all versions of iOS (including the newest iOS 15.X) and most iPhone models (including the iPhone 13 lineup). Reiboot can, among other things, fixes errors that cause your iPhone to display a black screen or get stuck in recovery mode (support error).Apple.Com/iPhone/restore).

With Reiboot, you can solve many different problems:

  • Iphone froze
  • Iphone keeps rebooting
  • Iphone does not shut down
  • Screen won’t turn on
  • Face ID does not work
  • Iphone does not charge the battery
  • Iphone stuck in headphone mode
  • The iPhone doesn’t ring
  • Iphone goes into endless reboot cycle
  • Iphone cannot be restored
  • Iphone won’t restart
  • The computer does not recognize your iPhone
  • Screen does not change orientation
  • Iphone is stuck in portrait mode
  • Iphone does not come out of airplane mode
  • Iphone does not come out of “do not disturb” mode
  • Iphone is stuck on “no service” message
  • The iPhone is stuck in the process of shutting down

Reiboot is very easy to use, it has an intuitive interface and no confusing operations. The video tutorial clearly shows how you can solve the problem of why the iPhone does not turn on in a few minutes.

iphone, shuts, down, reason, does

Why does the iPhone turn on and turn off by itself?

Yes. From a situation when the iPhone turns on and turns off by itself there is indeed a way out. It is necessary to try to eliminate the problem, the good news is that there are a sufficient number of ways to do this. But they all differ depending on what led to the bug. So first it is necessary to understand the causes and only then proceed to drastic actions.

The battery is dead

The most common reason why your phone powers down is. Of course, an iPhone owner may exclaim that the screen showed 10 or even 15% of battery power at the time of shutdown. But the fact is. Even in this case, the iPhone shuts down on its own if it has been in use for several years.

In order for the iPhone to always show the actual level of charge, it is necessary to periodically calibrate the battery.

It is also impossible to exclude that the user simply did not notice how the battery charge is reduced to a critical value. The device can not display the information on the screen, and therefore it shuts down.

Software malfunction

Another very common case that causes the smartphone to reboot. Despite the fact that iOS is a closed system, lags happen even during its operation.

The user may accidentally download a malicious fact that will make adjustments to the operation of the device. It is likely that due to a virus, the battery calibration is thrown off. The screen may display some information, but the actual battery turns out to be low.

In addition, individual viruses behave even more cleverly. They literally make the iPhone think it is time to charge it, although there is no real need to do so. The device shuts down, not allowing the owner to continue watching videos on YouTube or play games.

Finally, the software bugs can be caused by the incomplete firmware. Yes, Apple is trying to hone the operating system to automatism. But even such a proven manufacturer has difficulties with optimization. Especially often “raw” manifests itself on new versions of iOS, which are installed on older phones.

The situation can be reversed when the owner has not updated the operating system for several months, but installs more and more new applications. Third-party software adapts to current iOS, and support for outdated modifications fades into the background. That’s why the smartphone malfunctions. As a consequence. Iphone shuts down for no apparent reason.

Other reasons

Of course, the case is not limited to the battery depletion and software malfunction. There are other causes of the problem. Here is an incomplete list of them

  • The fall of the phone;
  • Moisture entering the case;
  • Battery failure;
  • The incorrect operation of some applications;
  • Improper installation of updates.
iphone, shuts, down, reason, does

Iphones very often deactivate in freezing temperatures. Apple devices are very sensitive to cold, so they forcefully deactivate if the air temperature drops below zero.

Since the topic is still unexplored to the end, there is a possibility that the list above will be added to one or two more reasons. But even the known causes need a separate comment, because the iPhone owners do not always take them into account when using it.

First, it is worth touching the moisture protection. All Apple smartphones from iPhone 7 to later feature IP67 protection. It assumes that the device is not afraid of water or dust. But the standard does not guarantee safety in case of ingestion of aggressive liquids (juice, coffee) or hot water under pressure. In such a situation, none of the existing standards will help. And the shutdown of the smartphone is a consequence of careless use of the gadget.

Secondly, the functioning of the device is strongly affected by falls. Even the slightest bump on the iPhone can make it unstable in the future. No wonder iPhone shuts down on its own.

Finally, the problem may arise due to the expiration of the recommended period of operation (2 years) and incorrect installation of updates. The latter situation happens especially often, because during a reflash, iPhone owners ignore the recommendation to perform a factory reset. Installation occurs with errors, causing a forced shutdown in some scenarios.

To determine the exact cause of the error you need to remember how you have recently used your iPhone. It will also be important to make sure that the disconnect does not occur in a particular application, but in completely different scenarios.

Software malfunctions

Apple devices are no less prone to system failures than other phones. There can be a variety of causes:

  • Very high load on RAM because of running a large number of programs in the background mode.
  • A wrongly performed jailbreak.
  • Incorrect device firmware, etc.Д.

If a hard reset does not solve the problem, it makes sense to perform a recovery of your iPhone, backing up your data beforehand. You will need a computer with iTunes to solve the problem.

Important: During repairing process all information will be deleted from the phone, so make sure you backed up your data before flashing.

  • Connect iPhone to your computer with iTunes open.
  • Put the device into DFU mode. Hold Power and Home for 10 seconds, then release the Power button and hold Home for another 10 seconds until iTunes displays a message that your smartphone is in recovery mode.

If restoring in DFU mode does not solve the problem, there is a good chance that the cause of the problem is a hardware malfunction.

Repair iTunes (data loss)

If the solution suggested in the previous part of the article proves ineffective, then there are more serious problems with your iOS. You can fix them with Tenorshare ReiBoot’s “Deep Repair” feature, but it’s important to keep in mind that this will result in the loss of all personal data stored in the iPhone memory.

    Repeat steps.2 of the previous instruction, but this time mark the second tile and click the “Deep Repair” button.

All data and settings will be erased, so the phone will need to be set up as a new one by authorizing in your Apple ID.