How to connect Bluetooth headphones Samsung to the phone. How to connect several…

How to connect wireless headphones? Let’s figure out how to connect wireless headphones to the phone (on Android). This instructions for connecting Bluetooth headphones are relevant for any models: classic Bluetooth headphones (full.sized or overhead) and TWS headphones ( and liners according to AirPods). Before connecting wireless headphones, do not forget to charge them and enable them. Connecting wireless TWS […]

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Microsoft Teams how to enable a microphone. How to register Teams?


The microphone does not work on Microsoft Teams in Windows 10 Microsoft commands offers its users fascinating high-quality video and audio calls, but problems always arise. Sometimes users report that the microphone in Teams stops working in 30-60 seconds. Other applications are not affected, the problem occurs only in Teams. See what you do when the microphone does not work […]

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