The sound does not work on the iPhone without headphones

Why does the iPhone see headphones but no sound?

There may be several reasons, but the most common are the following: the failure at the time of extracting the plug from the device. You turned off the headphones while the device performed internal operations. You used headphones or a headset of inadequate quality.

If the iPhone has a headphone mode that is not turned off in the usual way, perform the following actions:

  • Clean the connector with a toothpick
  • Blow out a dust nest
  • Reload the device with on headphones
  • Turn on the dynamics mode
  • Adjust the volume
  • Disconnect Wi-Fi.

The reasons for the occurrence of a breakdown

The essence of the malfunction is as follows: after you listened to music on the iPhone through the headset, the sound in dynamics completely disappears. At the same time on the screen:

As a result, the phone does not reproduce the notifications of the system and calls through the speakers. In this case, there is a notification that the headset is connected.

The complete absence of sound can occur for the following reasons:

sound, does, work, iphone
  • Damage to the speaker if the iPhone fell or severe pressure was exerted on it. In this situation, a faulty part cannot be dispensed with
  • Dust and dirt in the headphone jack. Most often, this problem is manifested on those smartphones that are in operation for a long time. The clogging of the connectors with dusty and mud particles leads to the fact that the sound parameters work incorrectly. To solve the problem, it is enough to clean the connector on the smartphone on which there is a sound exclusively with the headphones turned on
  • Moisture getting into the phone, as a result of which there is an oxidation of microcircuits, which monitor the inclusion and deactivation of the function of connecting the headset, as well as adjusting the volume level. In this case, the sound disappears completely. To resume it, you need to clean all the contacts affected by corrosion, or replace damaged elements
  • Use of low.Quality headphones. In this case, there is only one advice. Change them to a new original headset

Sound may also abyss if you unsuccessfully turn off the headset, for example, when the phone performs internal updating programs.

Iphone Headphones Not Working! ��[5 FIXES & TIPS!]

What to do if the sound disappears on the iPhone?

Ordinary user can hardly accurately diagnose the cause of the loss of sound. Therefore, you have to take measures aimed at eliminating all kinds of reasons. Starting with the simplest.

Make a visual examination of the gadget. The reason for the lack of sound can lie “on the surface” and consist, for example, that the speaker is closed with a film or cover.

Reload the gadget. As a result of the restart, the cache will be cleaned, temporary files will be deleted, and iOS will begin to work again. With the help of rebooting, you can eliminate such a reason as freezing the operating system. If there is still no sound after launching the iPhone, this reason should be excluded from the list of possible and move on.

Reset the settings. With this action, you will bring all the settings of the mobile device to the initial configuration. Go along the path of “settings”. “main”. “reset”, click on “reset all the settings”, then enter the password twice.

The discharge of this type will not lead to the removal of the personal data of the user, so it is not necessary to create a backup copy before this operation.

Remove the applications. Remember which of your actions preceded the loss of sound. Perhaps you installed a tweak from Cydia and then immediately discovered the problem? “Demote” applications and tweaks that have been loaded recently, reload the device again and check the sound.

Make a backup of data in any way. The next operation will lead to the removal of information on the iPhone.

Restore the gadget through DFU mode. Connect the iPhone to the PC cable, open iTunes and enter the “apple” device in DFU MODE. How to launch a DFU mode is told on our website. Когда в iTunes появится вопрос о восстановлении гаджета, ответьте на него положительно.

If none of these measures gave a result, there are no programmatic errors. The problem lies at the hardware level. Everything that the user can do in this case with his own way is to clean the headphone connector and the speaker.

This work needs to be done as accurately as possible! Metal tools (for example, needle) should not be involved, otherwise you run the risk of scratching contacts. Remove dirt from the connector in 3.5 mm can be with a toothpick or a thin stick with a cotton tower.

To remove garbage from the speaker, it is better to use a dry brush with a delicate bristle.

If the cleaning has not given a result, you have to come to terms with the fact that the iPhone needs professional repair.

Where to carry the iPhone on which the sound disappeared?

Gadget, the warranty period of which has not come out, it is better to take the seller. You can contact not only a specific store-store where the purchase was made, but also to any other branch of the retail network. The smartphone will first go to diagnostics, which will last a maximum of 20 days. If the diagnosis reveals a factory defect, the buyer will be offered to repair the iPhone, get a similar new device or pick up money.

Unfortunately, the loss of sound is usually a consequence of not a factory defect, but a careless user handling with a device. If the iPhone is flooded or if its speaker has broken due to mechanical exposure to the gadget (fall), there will be no warranty repair. The seller will return the broken smartphone to the buyer.

Before going to the seller and demanding a free elimination of the deficiency, the iPhone user should look into the SIM card connector. There is a humidity sensor. If it is red, then you can not count on the assistant assistance. Iphone. “drowned”, and the guarantee does not apply to it anymore.

After the seller’s refusal, you will have to carry the iPhone to the service center on your own. The plate below contains approximate for the elimination of defects that can entail the loss of sound:

What will be needed to repair the device

If during the call you feel only vibration, check the set volume level. The reason that when talking or listening to music you hear a bad sound signal, can be associated with clogging the canals with mud or dusty particles.

In order to fix the device that fell or stopped playing the sound signal from another reason, the following tools will be needed:

  • Set of screwdrivers with special tips for working with small screws and other connecting details
  • Mediators
  • Suckers
  • Scrapers

The main thing that is necessary when servicing the iPhone, the sound on which does not turn on or changes dramatically, this is the presence of a special tool and the experience of repairing electronic devices. In the case when sound works in the headphones, but without them, check the settings. This sign may indicate that the device is constantly operated in the mode of the headset. Changes can be made through the intellectual keyboard in the corresponding section of the menu.

How to Exit Stuck HeadPhone Mode on iPhone 6 & iPhone 6s & Plus

Malfunctions requiring special training

If the device is in a locked state, and the sound signal occurs periodically, it is necessary to check the integrity of the speaker that does not work normally. The indicated feature can manifest itself when playing games, watching videos.

This part of the device is damaged as a result of the following influences:

If the device has fallen or you soaked it, a microcircuit that is responsible for playing sound can fail. With its breakdown, the melody of Rington can dramatically change its amplitude. This malfunction is subject to both working devices and blocked.

Help of specialists: benefits from cooperation

If you do not have time to maintain a mobile device, order iPhone repair specialists. Qualified masters, restoring mobile devices, will quickly determine the reason why the sound signal either turns on or disappears, and you have not found a breakdown anywhere.

Advantages of cooperation with professionals:

  • Fast and high.Quality diagnostics of devices on which the sound signal partially or completely disappeared
  • Using original spare parts
  • Compliance with repair work technology

Masters will find out why the dynamic head turns off when calling how to fix the device that was dropped or wetted. If the iPhone is disappeared, order the services of YouDo performers to cheaply eliminate the breakdown.

How to fix the lack of sound when calls or video on iPhone

Check the noiseless switch.

There is no icon on the top panel or at the control center that shows whether your iPhone is in sound mode. This tiny omission for a long time annoyed iPhone users. And if you are the one who moved with Android, it infuriates you.

People transfer their iPhone into a soundless mode before meeting and forget about it. Since there is no visible symbol on the screen, the phone is unintentionally silent, without causing sound when receiving a new notice or call.

To fix this, make sure that the “Call / without sound” switch is in the upper position (call mode). If it is turned off (soundless mode), you will see an orange strip.

Check the control center and increase the volume.

While listening to songs or watching a video, click the volume increase button on the left on the iPhone. You can also open the control center and drag the volume slider up.

Make sure that the iPhone is turned off “not to disturb” and “Focus”.

If you are in the iPhone control center and see that the icon of the moon is purple, not white, this means that your iPhone is in the “do not bother” mode. This disconnects calls, messages and applications notifications. To make sure that there is a sound on the iPhone, touch the crescent icon to turn off the “do not disturb” mode.

If you use IO5 15, you can see the word “work”, “dream”, “personal”, etc. D. And its icon in the control center. This means that you turned on Focus, which drowns the sound of your iPhone. To fix this, turn off Focus.

You also see the icons “Do not bother” and “Focus” on the iPhone lock screen. For your iPhone to call, you can turn it off directly from the lock screen by touching or by pressing the icon.

Check the speakers of the iPhone.

In the three above decisions, we were convinced that the problem is not created by us. Now let’s quickly test the iPhone speakers before proceeding to subsequent corrections.

Open “iPhone settings” → “Sounds and Tacticity” → drag the slider for “call and warning”. If you hear the melody of the call to the iPhone, it’s great. Dynamic worker!

Follow the following actions to eliminate the problem of lack of sound (caused by software). However, if you do not hear sound, this may mean the problem with the equipment!

In addition, you can also open Safari, YouTube, music application, Spotify or any such multimedia application and reproduce something. You hear the sound? If so, the iPhone speaker works fine. Otherwise, this is bad news!

Reload the iPhone.

This simple solution helped several people correct the problem of lack of sound on the iPhone. To restart the iPhone, first turn it off, and after a minute turn on again. As soon as this is done, the problem of lack of sound will be eliminated.

Check the third.Party application.

Despite the implementation of the above steps, if the third.Party application that you use does not send the sound, be sure to check its internal sound settings (if any). For example, if you do not hear the sound on the video on the iPhone, make sure that the volume settings in the application for streaming video are in order.

The forced exit from the application and its repeated opening also helps. In addition, if the iPhone sound does not work for this application, update it in the App Store or delete and reinstall.

Make sure the application can send sound notifications.

Ios offers powerful notifications settings. If you do not hear sound notifications from a certain application, perhaps you turned it off. This is how to fix it.

  • Open the iPhone settings and click “Notifications”.
  • Touch the name of the application.
  • Make sure the sound switch is green.

Note. Sometimes the application can intentionally send a notification without sound. Basically, such soundless notifications tell you about sentences, news, etc. D.

Clean the grates of the speakers.

You are worried about the lack of sound when calls on the iPhone? If so, then the speaker can be blocked by a body or dirt. Make sure you removed all obstacles and cleansed the upper headtings of the headphones.

In addition, be careful when cleaning the lattice of the lower speakers. Use a soft dry brush. Do not use sharp objects, such as pins. Our iPhone cleaning guide will help.

Iphone hung in headphones!

In rare cases, your iPhone mistakenly believes that wired headphones are still connected to it. Thus, he sends the sound there, which leads to the lack of sound in the dynamics of your iPhone. To solve this problem, we have a separate guide. Find out how to fix iPhone freezing in headphones mode.

Note. The same thing can happen according to Bluetooth. Open the “Settings” application, click “Bluetooth” and turn it off.

Update your iPhone.

It is always recommended to launch the latest IOS version on the iPhone. This guarantees that everything will be updated, and all third.Party applications and services will work normally.

If the sound on the iPhone does not work, download the latest IOS version by choosing “Settings” → “Basic” → “Software Update” → “Download and Install”.

Eliminate problems on our own

What can be done yourself if the sound is gone in the iPhone? Consider possible solutions to the problem.

We understand the volume control

First of all, just in case, you should check the sound settings. Perhaps its absence in dynamics is simply caused by the fact that the volume control is installed at least. Also, you need to make sure that the absence of volume is not caused by the fact that the smartphone is in sound.Free mode or in vibration signal mode.

Return the sound by rebooting

If all the settings are installed correctly, but there was no sound either, you should use the old universal programmatic repair method. Restart the device.

Perhaps IOS just foamed a little. Although, of course, this is extremely rare. Reload will allow you to clean the RAM and partially cache and re.Start the operating system.

We understand the applications

Sound can be a gap as a result of installing an incorrectly working application. If any programs have been installed recently, they should be removed. After that, you need to reload the iPhone again.

Restoring and updating the firmware

If the reboot and removal of the latest installed applications did not lead to the appearance of sound, then the factory installations should be dropped. To do this, in the menu we find the item “Reset all the settings”. This operation does not delete the user’s information. All files with photos, videos and other data will be saved on the phone.

You can try to return the sound and restore the iPhone by launching the recovery mode mode. Before this action you should make sure that the device is unlocked. If the sound does not appear, you can reflash the device.

It must be remembered that in this case all information is deleted.

Before this, you need to save all the important data or make a backup copy. Iphone is connected to a computer or laptop using a cable and is transferred to DFU mode.

Sound check in headphones

After all the programmatic ways are exhausted, you can go to hardware. Need to check if there is sound in headphones. If there is, it’s good. It is likely that it has clogged or, under the influence of high humidity or direct water ingress, the headphone jack was oxidized.

Iphone constantly thinks that some sound-reproducing device is connected to it. Even when the headphones are taken out. This is evidenced by the presence of an icon with the image of the headphones in the line of the device when they are not inserted into the connector. Old phones with large connectors are especially susceptible to such trouble.

You can eliminate the malfunction by cleaning the connector. You need to do this very carefully, with a non.Metallic object, for example, a toothpick. After the cleaning is finished, you need to insert several times and remove the headphone plugs to shake off the remaining dirt. After that, the iPhone should be reloaded.

Checking the speaker

In the event that there is a sound in the headphones and cleaning the connector did not lead to the appearance of sound, you can carefully clean the dynamics holes. For this, it is best to use a soft brush. Most likely, the speaker was damaged when a phone falls or a strong shaking. Then only its replacement will help.

If there is no skill of repairing equipment, it is better to entrust the work to specialists of the service center. Replacement of the dynamics is performed quickly enough, the operation is not laborious and it is not so expensive.

Also, an audio jack can be damaged, which can also easily be replaced by repair specialists. Replacing the dynamics, depending on the model and workshop, costs from 1000 to 6000 r, audio defects. From 1000 to 3000 r.

The reason that the sound does not work in the iPhone can be both a hardware malfunction and a software failure.

In the first case, the capabilities of the user who do not have repair skills are actually limited only by cleaning the headphone connector. Here the main thing is not to overdo it and not to aggravate the breakdown.

With software problems, on the contrary, any owner can restore sound on his own.

sound, does, work, iphone

Why the iPhone speaker doesn’t work

Before eliminating problems, let’s talk about what factors can make an iPhone speaker to non.Working.

Quiet mode. If you turn on the silent mode on your phone, you will not hear the sound from your iPhone.

Volume settings. On the iPhone, it is really easy to configure the volume of the speaker using the volume buttons or in the “Settings” application. The unintentional action makes the volume too low so that you can hear something.

Stuck in headphones. When you shoot headphones and the iPhone speaker does not work, this means that your phone is stuck in headphones mode. Ios may not be as smart as you thought. When you shoot headphones, he does not understand this and is still silent.

Sound plays somewhere else. Iphone maintains communication with Apple TV and external speakers via Bluetooth or AirPlay. If you forgot to disable Bluetooth on your phone, perhaps the sound is played on other devices.

System problem. This factor is quite complicated, including an outdated system, conflicts of settings and much more.

Solutions to eliminate sound on iPhone

If you have a problem with a lack of sound on the iPhone, or you are faced with a problem, try the following solutions to solve this problem.

Disconnect the “Do not disturb” mode

The “Do not disturb” function is usually used at a meeting, at the workplace or in the cinema. If you turned on this function intentionally or by chance, there will be no sound on your iPhone at all. There are two ways to disable the “do not disturb” mode on the iPhone.

Open the Appendix settings and choose not to disturb the option. Move the switch manually to the left to turn off this mode.

Spend up from the bottom of the screen to open the control center. Then touch the parameter “not to bother” with the icon of the moon to turn it off. After turning off the “Do not Breat” mode, you can try to play music to check this. (See what to do if “not to bother” does not work)

Try another application

If there is no sound in the iPhone Video application, try another multimedia application. Sometimes the problem of compatibility can lead to the fact that the video application or music application will not work on certain iPhone models.

Make sure you turned off the silence regime. You can find the silence key next to the volume buttons.

Try to adjust the sound volume in all musical and video applications on your iPhone. If in one application you set the sound volume to zero, this will affect other applications.

Remove headphones

Feature headphones that do not correspond to the iPhone settings do not play sound and sound. If you do not hear the sound through the headphones, you must remove them or replace them with original headphones.

If there is no sound on the iPhone 7 after removing the headphones, it may be stuck in headphones mode. You can go to the decision 7 to know how to fix the iPhone stuck in the headphones mode.

Disconnect Bluetooth

If Bluetooth is included on your iPhone, it can be connected to another device, for example, to the dynamics of Bluetooth or Apple TV, and the sound will be transmitted to this device. So, you must check and disable “Bluetooth” in the “Settings” application when there is no sound on the iPhone.

Reload the iPhone

In the case of software lock, full restart can clean everything and make the iPhone sound work as usual. The operation is simple. Hold the buttons “Food” and “Home” at the same time, until your iPhone restarts or the Apple logo appears.


This operation is a little complicated, but it can solve the problem of lack of sound on the iPhone.

sound, does, work, iphone

Step 1 make a backup copy of your data in iCloud or iTunes. Thus, all personal settings and data will be deleted, so it is better to first create a backup copy of the phone.

Step 2 Go to the Settings General Reset. And then drop all the settings.

Step 3 Camping of settings may take some time. When the process is completed, you can restore data on your iPhone.

Correct iPhone in headphones mode

When you took the headphones, you can find that there is no more sound on the iPhone, since iOS was hanging in headphones mode. And if the above solutions do not work, you can try Fonelab. IOS recovery, this can help you get rid of the headphones stuck in the mode. The key feature of this professional IOS recovery tool includes:

sound, does, work, iphone
  • One. He is able to eliminate various factors that may not cause sound on the iPhone, for example, the iPhone is stuck in headphones, the iPhone hung, the blue screen or the iPhone is blocked.
  • 2. You can restore the iPhone in recovery mode or in DFU mode depending on the situation.
  • 3. This iOS recovery tool operates on all iPhone models, including the iPhone 8/8 Plus / 7/7 Plus / 6 / 6s / 5 / 5s.
  • 4. Everyone can use iOS System Recovery on a computer, regardless of what your operating system you have. Windows or Mac OS X.
  • 5. Importantly, iOS System Recovery is safe and reliable during the repair of iPhone. He uses a USB cable for communication between iPhone and computer.
  • 6. And even newcomers can take advantage of this IPhone recovery tool, as it allows you to restore your iPhone in one click.

The program is able to fix the iPhone stuck in headphones mode.

You can watch the video to learn more about iOS System Recovery:

Based on the analysis above, you must understand various solutions so that there are no problems with the iPhone. Iphone is a packet of high technology. Despite the fact that we enjoy its better performance and excellent functions, it is difficult to determine for what reasons the sound is not played on the iPhone. Fortunately, we summed up the main symptoms of this problem. In addition, we proposed several solutions that will help you get rid of the problem. When you are faced with this problem, you can try solutions one after another to correct it. According to our study, stuck in headphones mode is an important factor leading to the lack of sound on the iPhone. So, we recommend a professional tool for restoring the iPhone, iOS System Recovery. It has a headphone mode that can recognize software errors and correct them automatically.